‘HELP’ Please

‘HELP’ Please

Robin – Perky Inquisitive Robin red breast – In 1960 Crowned – Britain’s National Songbird.’ Our – “Endearing Sociable Christmas Favourite.”

Male & Female sing identical round the clock’ melodious powerful warbling beautiful high sweet songs to declare their area.
Stopping only when rearing their chicks. Our – Friendly trusting little robins.

Help Robins: Slim small bills need moths flies all good for them – Juicy bugs spiders beetles berries smaller seeds chopped up nuts. In Spring – Summer they need a rich protein diet so get wonderful ‘mealworms’ for their chicks.

William Wordsworth 1770 – 1850; “Art thou the bird whom Man loves best,
The pious bird with the scarlet breast, Our little English Robin,
The bird that comes about our doors, When Autumn winds are sobbing.”

If you would like to contact the makers of this site about what –
You can do to – Help Save – Garden Songbirds in your area.

‘Or have positive comment’ – To Help – ‘Songbirds.’

Please fill in the contact form and ‘Have Your Say’ or ‘moan.’

Write: To the RSPB &, their patron the Queen. Your MPs. All Your Councils To HELP – Save what’s left of ‘our’ British Garden Songbirds

Send & Into us: Data – All Your ‘Songbird’ Information; Along with your ‘Area’ – location.

Send Into us: RSPB & ‘Wildlife’ Centre stories – http://www.songbirds-slaughter.org.uk

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