Lesser-Whitethroat – “Catastrophic Dead 80%!” – Crash ‘1968-1969’ 2012 Now Extinct? Who Knows! – “Conservation” ? = ‘Stinks…’

Lesser-Whitethroat – “Catastrophic Dead 80%!” – Crash ‘1968-1969’ 2012 Now Extinct? Who Knows! – “Conservation” ? = ‘Stinks…’

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“Catastrophic – Dead 80%!” Population crash during 1968-1969′ winter drought? 

It’s ‘Now’ 2012! “WHY HAS NOTHING EVER – Been Done to ‘Help’ Them? Namely ONE – “Stopping” Hunters. Poachers! – ‘Who’ Helps?  2012 March 12th

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’
‘Black Market in Songbirds thrives!’

Unique – ‘Our fine pleasing diminutive.’ Little – Lesser-Whitethroat –
they migrate all round the eastern Mediterranean than the more direct Gibraltar route.”

Smaller Lesser-Whitethroat contrasts grey-brown back wing feathers, cheeks dark grey. Distinctive male ‘masked’ face. White outer tail feathers.
Autumn prominent darker male face mask highlighted by a pale eye area pinker tinge breast. Blackish bill grey-blue legs.

Song completely different from Whitethroat – Quiet deep ringing quality jointed warbles. Tacking call rattling series burst rhythmic gutsy pitched far-carrying notes. ‘Darling little Lesser-Whitethroat flitting from cover to cover.’

Need: Invertebrate’s – Insects beetles flies caterpillars. Autumn blackberries elderberries.
Help: Mature hedgerows dense bushes and more bushy thickets and taller scrubs.

“All Warblers eat up all ‘our’ creepy crawly bugs flies moths. Etc – Invertebrates.”

2002-2007 GREEN? – 2012?’ Unknown. OR – ‘Extermination.’ We have made ‘hell’ on earth for ‘our’ Garden Songbirds!

Q: Who Has ‘ever’ Helped to STOP Lesser-Whitethroat and their Disgusting AND Sickening Decline to Extinction ?

News ‘tweets’
Letter; 2010 August 2 Ham & High: 

Great overdue debate. BrewDogs adverts of a stuffed grey-squirrel with a bottle of ale in its mouth is without for once any sentiment for this killing pest.

Plus Budgens of Belsize Park, London have also seen the truth of this rat as now selling grey-squirrel meat which tastes great as its so organic.

Grey-Squirrels are predators (killing) pests they may look cute and cuddly but marauding greys are devastating and ‘eating’ thousands of songbirds.

“Ranking alongside the domestic cat as the top killer of farmland birds.”

It has an insatiable  appetite and if it comes across a chick or eggs, it gobbles them up. So come and live Mr Roberts where I do, life is not just your cosy enclave.

Prof Roy Brown, of Birkbeck University of London wrote in – 2006 – ‘In areas of high grey-squirrel density, more than 93% of small birds nests are being raided.

‘When this is combined with Sparrowhawk activity it can result in 100% of breeding failure.’

This should serve as a wakeup call to all those who do not believe or want to believe that grey-squirrels are a major ‘killer’ of Songbirds. Tragically in 2010 –
W Roberts has not learnt a thing about other peoples problems regarding the ‘predation’ of grey-squirrels or ever reads the newspapers.

Alex, Whetstone, London N 20

Lesser-Whitethroat – “Catastrophic” Crash 1968-69 – 2011? – ‘Dead 80%!’ – ‘Unique’ Migrates eastern Mediterranean than Direct Gibraltar! 2012 – Now Extinct ? WHO KNOWS – ‘Conservation’…? – Stinks !

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  1. Dommy Sonagal says:

    Poor little bird who no one cares about and no one is not giving a damn as ususal about. For humanity the facts are only if it affects us outright with a headache maybe or killing US are we going to do something. But if our food supply is infected (unseen) with bacteria that songbirds clear up withour chemicals or pesticides. WE DONT CARE AND NEVER CHANGE ANYTHING DO NOTHING?

  2. France same problem!! says:

    Outstanding website all this kowledge.I’m telling eveeryone and VOTE THIS THE BEST BLOG OF THE ”YEAR”. Thanks for that, and all YOU’VE DONE. Are doing for our remaining garden birds…Dont join the RSPB like we did.

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