“The Year that Drastically Saw Loss ‘2011’ – Of Ever More” – ‘ALL’ OUR British Garden Songbirds…!

“The Year that Drastically Saw Loss ‘2011’ – Of Ever More” – ‘ALL’ OUR British Garden Songbirds…!

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“The Year ‘2011’ That Drastically Saw Ever More The – Loss Of All Our British Garden Songbirds.” Yet ever again ‘my’ pair of Blackbirds – That mate for life – Have For Four Years Been Trying To Raise – A ‘family.’ Tragically – All ‘chicks’ Killed by magpies.

“All Without Success” -WIPED OUT EVER MORE ! In our backyards ivy. 

“Having had such a very hard time of it.”12th January 2012

“That I haven’t felt able or even been in the mood to talk least of all been able to write about it.” As the misery of it causes me and many other people real pain and sadness. 

“For Our Garden Songbirds. What they have to endure and so innocently put up with.”
It really is hard to
accept to see ‘Songbirds’ – Go the Same Way As All ‘Our’ Lost – Dead Sparrows. So – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” 

Destined to become exterminated? Before too long at this rate of Annihilation – BY MAGPIES AND SPARROWHAWKS!’ ETC…!

‘My’ Blackbirds. Are The ONLY Pair Of Songbirds Left In The Whole Area.
Thank-god not yet ‘WERE’ – BUT For How Much Longer…?

Photo main: Meadow PipitUnluckily Cuckoo Host Species. Feeding a ‘baby’ cuckoo ! See: Second Cuckoo ‘Frightful’ Image; Below –

‘We have nothing else left from over 9 years ago.’ Nothing to see or hear! Prior to that for over eight years just dead empty.

‘NO’ SONGBIRDS – ASK RSPB…?  – ‘NO’ SONGBIRDS – ASK Britain’s RSPB…?  Contact – http://elgeeco.co.uk/contact.html

After magpies had wiped us out of our last pair of Blackbirds with sparrowhawks killing the last single Sparrow in our yard. Forever years before of – NOTHING! Wiping the area out stone dead.For the same reasons I’ve also given up trying to keep a diary on my pair of Blackbirds.

“As it’s forever the same old story of sparrowhawks and magpies persecution and killing.” The magpies ARE – “Killing and Raiding” –
Each and every single time the Blackbirds are nesting trying to breed.
Or extinction.

These same two ‘bullies’ that have wiped them out for NOW YES – ‘4’ – Four Years! Each and every single nest that the Blackbirds have laboured over – Utterly Wiped out – Killing the baby’s and chicks – “NOW FOR FOUR YEARS !” – Garden Songbirds – That Do So Much ‘for us!’ Extinction.

‘Wanda’ the female and ‘Wuffy’ the male Blackbird had not been seen for over four months until gosh (I hadn’t kept notes but she had) arrived back in our yard exactly the same time that she’d returned in early December this time last year. Sitting motionless on the soil under the ivy or in her second favourite spot hidden between two plant pots.
The female with dark brown feathers hardly visible against the soil which is of cause her best protection from predators. The males having all black plumage he’s there for his mates year round protection and round the clock help at feeding time for their new family of baby blackbirds. (IF ONLY)…

Wanda never looking straight at me but always being so aware leaning her head to one side always listening. Being so trusting ‘tame’ to let me approach the ‘compost’ pile of earth on the ground near to where her chosen spot to rest and hide was. I shovel the pile over for her to go through for any bug’s worms creepy crawly pests.

‘Though having a good supply of worms bugs creepy crawly pests in the compost is always dependent on having enough vegetable matter added to the pile to attract them all inside where it gets nicely hot for them to eat and for compost to decompose and break down.’

‘She sits so very serene quietly never moving trying to be almost half hidden amongst the foliage being relaxed enough to have a yawn while I’m around.’ – Well they are always –

The first songbirds up in the dark well before dawn and last to bed at night as I’ve seen them still working hard to make their nest or to feed chicks well past 10 – 11 pm.

Then a week later Wuffy arrived flying hesitantly onto the side wall along with a quick dart into the backyard. We haven’t seen him for over 4 months Blackbirds do mate for life but like humans spend some time in the day away doing what one has to do or get up to.

“To watch Songbirds brings a smile to every ones face as each is a real character in their own right to watch and get used to.” Blackbirds don’t migrate they stay around only their own patch – ‘They have NO other place to go.’

“Their just so delicate so quiet and trusting. We Owe Them A Duty of Care – AND ATTENTION – JUST FOR THE MARVEL THAT IS A – Songbird!”

Photos: Greenfinch= ‘Present Numbers Unknown…?’

Singing like a canary two quite different ravishing quality songs a great deal of twittering tinkling to long descending notes perched on high trees.
Thick powerful bill is adapted to opening larger nuts. Brood 1; 2. ‘Nest in dense branches near trunk of tree hedges scrub.’

Once formed large flocks on farmland often nesting with 4-6 pairs. Farming changes put a stop to this. Garden feeding is now crucial.
Help Greenfinches: Summer invertebrates Insects Seed-cones from alder trees.
Grow plants thistles and teasels.

Hanging feeders with small nyger seeds and sunflower hearts. Inspect not dusty-mouldy. Supply fresh water for drinking and bathing.

Cont: ‘Also along came a very fat bee buzzing amongst the ivy on New Year’s Day.’ I’ve broken up many an egg shell in the past to deter slugs from eating plants and our many unknown things but never worked. – ‘Only the Songbirds can and do the job without ANY slug pellets or spraying chemicals about.’

Sights sounds only of magpies today which everywhere are as ‘COMMON’ as muck each and Every Single Day! Around here and with those we know in Central Greater London the UK! Along most days with wood and street pigeons. Gulls crows etc, forever all more scavengers and predators…

Wanda returns and one can see shes letting him know ‘not now’ as he makes a swift exit. I finish cleaning up the yard and stuffing more handfuls of soil and greenery about behind and into things when I spy him back in the bird shed seeing whats on offer. We’ve always referred to male blackbirds in the yard as Wuffy like females are called Wanda. ‘Having this pair of blackbirds around for over four years we know their own individual ways and behaviour like observing knowing any good old friend.’

The ivy whenever it gets cut or trimmed is rolled up into small clutches winding it around then stuffing it with leaves twigs some soil into ivy or behind things on hooks or anywhere available then you can add more leaves along with bits of plants and some more soil. Then stuffing balls of it high up in any tree in the ivy or branch so that with the winters rain things can then start to grow there. With then new ‘greenery’ hanging down from high or from the walls all from different places to be a home for spiders bugs and moths caterpillars etc. Somewhere for ‘pests’ to hibernate in and then to be some future ‘food’ for Garden Birds.

Even old wood stuffed behind or under things attracts bugs creepy crawlies to make a home there. Mostly I’ve never known what my plants are as most have been retrieved from the street over the years with people leaving them stuck by the ‘big black bins’ thrown out but they all seem to carry on growing after they have ‘expired.’

‘In over around our back yard forever wood and street pigeons getting the food I’d put into the Blackbirds bird shed before I’d got around to putting up the old wire netted –
‘Bird Screen’ across the open shed door.’
Weighed down with bricks

Over the years a pile of soil has been kept on the ground to which were added always peelings from fruit, vegetable matter and anything else suitable like leaves dead plants the vacuum contents and just about everything else to make a home for insects beetles bugs and we hope some worms which all seem to be in short supply for Songbirds.

If it hasn’t rained or in hot weather keep compost moist if you’re lucky enough to have any Garden Songbirds.

Add kept rain or washing up water left over tea coffee even urine which is full of good stuff for soil, it has no smell soaked into soil grass or hay. Everything biodegrades soon enough.

“Don’t be squeamish, as its been found that many farmyard smells and of manure hinder allergies and are in fact beneficial which help to boost immunity.”

I’m shoveling over the compost pile which is getting quite large by now as forgot to spread it out over the few raised beds in the yard along with the plant pots at the end of the year. ‘Though make sure first that your garden birds have finished feeding their young.’ Garden Songbirds have acute hearing being able to hear their worms and bugs moving about in the soil being able to tread the soil making the ‘sound’ of rain to bring the worms to the surface.

‘Soil and dirt pecked flicked about everywhere out of plants pots lasts about four days this always seems to be when Wuffy has shown up at this time of year.’ All great exercise to clear up for us all mostly in need ‘of exercise.’ When I hear him giving out this long pining high pitch.

‘Sound similar not as high to when their nest gets raided by magpies when they have only dead babies torn up chicks spread out discarded all around.’

I look quickly around his even in Wanda’s spot looking at me opening his beak giving out this long plaintive high pitched cry. Oh dear my mind races to think what can does it mean what can I do. Wanda isn’t to be seen. They like croissants so I arrive back with some to hear Wuffy is ‘singing’ oh so quietly its hard to hear him. Its also starting to get dark so cutting up the croissants very small for them ‘they do not have teeth’ I clean out their old baking tray.

When there he is – Wuffy starting to sing sounding far off I’m searching around in the darkening sky and low and behold he’s sitting on next doors aerial as he was 21st April 2010 when I first started writing about them and their torment. For this website – ‘though then he was dumb numb and silent.’

– ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” – http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk –

View: Magpies ‘Again’ RSPB! ‘One’ wiped us out Killing – 5 baby Blackbirds – Every Year the Same !

Subdued soft singing slowly starting to increase in volume his song is rising higher with descending bubbles hoyas burr’s yawls fantastic whistles ekes flutes babbles I can even feel his strength. I have to go out of the shed to listen and start to write again about them for the sheer joy I felt along with him.

I could just make out Wuffy against the late evening sky he seemed to be trying out his whole repertoire having the power to compete with the noise of background traffic and a roaring motor bike going by. ‘Alone singing a feat of sadness of over two hours.’

Bringing tears rolling down my face as to their – ‘Future’ remembering them – Blackbirds from my earliest years singing their hearts out in our local parks if only I’d known then not to later waste my money joining and giving to the – RSPB! Cont –

Photos: Meadow Pipit – Unluckily Cuckoo Host Species. Feeding ‘baby’ cuckoo!

This tragic time Meadow Pipits spend feeding ‘Round the Clock’ a ‘baby’ cuckoo being tricked into believing she is the bird’s mother.’ Along with tiny Reed Warblers, and others.

Cuckoos have no maternal instincts the mother laid her eggs into the birds nest to fool her into believing they were her offspring. The baby cuckoo then hatched disposed of Meadow Pipits real offspring by kicking her eggs out of the nest.

It will then rely on its foster ‘mother’ for around – 25 days!’
‘Over Twice as long as the Meadow Pipits actual young chicks would!’

View: “Meadow Pipit – ‘1970 – 2005 Dead 65%!’ – Nests “Parasitized-By-Cuckoo!”
No Meadow Pipit – No Cuckoo!”

Cont: Damn I Wish All Their One – Half Million Members Could And Would All Do More, NOT Throw Money At Them Until the RSPB – “Saved Our Remaining Garden Songbirds…?”

And “NOT RSPB – ALL THE ‘HAWKS AND SPARROWHAWKS’ THAT – Eat them!” AS HAS Happened to our long Dead ‘Sparrows!’

Wuffy wouldn’t have been singing since their last nest of 2011 was ever again wiped out by magpies… Bringing this time their whole nest off the wall.
Their beautifully made nest which has taken the female over three weeks to make. Torn to shreds along with their babies and fuller grown chicks for the
fourth year running… I’ll write about this another time.

Listening in the darkness barely seeing him move about the aerial still singing non-stop then wood pigeons land near him and he goes. But when they fly off he returns to sing again at the end of next doors extension. ‘Superb rich long high and low phrases of fluting endlessly varied ‘kisses’ and whistles. Singing on high like a welcome melodic ‘angel’ in your garden.’ But we have only a yard for them.

Next day Wuffy is back in the yard he appears whenever Wanda’s flown away. He hides behind a shovel large plant or pot if she returns. It makes one smile they bicker though Wanda seems to be in charge. If I appear she will now pop off but Wuffy feels content about that and he can get to into the bird shed for food or sit quietly. – ‘NO’ SONGBIRDS – ASK RSPB…?  – ‘NO’ SONGBIRDS – ASK ‘Britain’s’ RSPB…? 

“Today he was on the steps and I kept looking at him to move but he had his back to me and didn’t want to so holding two buckets I stood and looked down at this little ball of black ‘magic’ delight and thought I was honoured that he could thrust me so much.”

‘And I had to thank him for his hours of singing.’ So waited until he wanted to forage around under another plant pot. Neither Blackbird jumps or takes any notice any more when I’m banging things or a sharp clap of hands to ‘scare off’ the predators and scavengers… Some hope!

I always remember this elderly lady many moons ago when maybe Songbirds were ‘common’ which seems a left over ‘word’ from the Latin bird names. I was going on about the loss of garden songbirds and sparrows (even then) and got rebuked that some ‘Thrush had pecked about her soil and her bulbs had been turned out.’ So had to remind her – “How lucky she’d been.”
“As in Central and all over Greater London also then include most of Britain’s Cities that we – ‘All Never Had Even One Or None’. NO Garden Songbirds! Nothing left!” – Even then!

“We must all remember that her Thrush had eaten and removed the junk bugs,  slugs, soil viruses and soil pests. With nature it has to be give and take as humans have always taken.” From – The Planet And All Wildlife

“The Year ‘2011’ That Drastically Saw The Loss – Of ALL ‘OUR’ – British Garden Songbirds !” – ‘SONGBIRDS’ – Ever More “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” –http://elgeeco.co.uk/contact.html

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