Black Redstart – FEWER THAN “100” BREEDING PAIRS – Never Again Experience “The Dawn Chorus…” – ‘ONE HUNDRED,’ When Was This? CONCERN? STINKS…! – AND YOU ??

Black Redstart – FEWER THAN “100” BREEDING PAIRS – Never Again Experience “The Dawn Chorus…” – ‘ONE HUNDRED,’ When Was This? CONCERN? STINKS…! – AND YOU ??

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Black Redstart

Small Little Grey-Black Males WITH THEIR Smart Red Tail. Tiny Black Faces – Grey-Black Wings and Plumage .
With an orange rump, chest and showing up a quivering ‘orange- underside’ red tail.

Delightful Glorious – With their ‘Bobbing Robin-like Manner’ –
2012 February 12th

“With Fewer Than 100′ Breeding Pairs In The UK…!”

Black Redstart – ‘Europe Decline‘ ? – UTTERLY INEPT. And – “TRULY MONSTOUS…”

Outrage and Of – Conservation Concern.’ Really?
More Like – “Stinking Incompetence BY ALL!”

Birds of Conservation Concern. ‘On Amber List.’ (Ever Again Really!) Ugh…?
Don’t Believe ‘IT’. Immoral ‘Amber’ lists. Read More like “RED – Dead” Lists.

Help Black & Red Redstarts: Another – One OF Our Most Fantastic Of Songsters.BUT, WHERE ARE THEY…”
Rich Soil For – worms, insects, spiders, seeds, plants, scrubs, and different types of rich plump berries.

“RSPB ‘garden bird’ Polls Are Invalid.”
In one day say – One blue tit flies all round an area. Then (say) 50 people in that area each ‘count’ this one bird as ‘in’ their garden…

“False Figures Are Used And Relied Upon.” By – the RSPB.

Species Becoming Extinct 1,000 times Natural rate World Population 2billion 1960: – 6.8billion 2010: – 10.9billion by 2050! – Heaven or Hell on Earth?

Albert Einstein “Our Task Must Be To Free Ourselves… By Widening Our Circle Of Compassion ‘To Embrace All Living Creatures.’
‘To Embrace All Living Creatures’ And The Whole Of Nature And – Its Beauty.”

Heart-Breaking – What all of our species of Garden Songbirds have to contend with and enjure – Killing from more aggressive dominant birds and animals – EVER MORE – ‘Predators and Scavengers’.

Mankind: View – 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

Songbirds“A Great Distraction Lifting Our Spirits ‘We’ Are The Better For Sharing This World With Them.” BUT, Mostly – ALL Have Tragically ‘declined…


“Nature and ‘leave it to nature’ has never existed.” Mankind has interfered and dictated for all time. Now we must continue –

TO CORRECT all that we have thrown at and used up from – Nature.
Having created this chronic – ‘Imbalance’ –

“Against those species unable to adapt cope or compete and tragically to even be allowed to survive for much longer.”

Or never experience again – ‘The Dawn Chorus’ – When we could spend time at sunrise in parks squares woodland and all open areas.

Springtime When Everyone Heard – And Experienced –
One Of The – ‘Marvels Of The Natural World’ –

“First one and then another bird would start to sing and gradually more and more Songbirds would all join in until the air was filled with a cacophony of sound.” To be denied future generations to marvel at and experience.

A Phenomenal Fantastic Soundscape of Natural Beauty.

Most Songbirds Do Not Sing In The Winter Time; Though Robins and some others do sing nearly all year. – ‘They concentrate their energies on the daily battle to find enough food in the day to fuel them the following night then it will survive.’

“If not then they will starve before dawn.”

Black Redstart – FEWER THAN “100” BREEDING PAIRS – “Experience Never Again The Dawn Chorus…” – ‘ONE HUNDRED’ – JUST WHEN WAS THIS? CONCERN? STINKS…! – AND YOU ?  –

Black Redstart – Concern Stinks… !’ – “Fewer than 100 breeding pairs!” – You Will Never Experience Again – ‘The Dawn Chorus’… CRY.

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  1. Charlie G- says:

    I think we could learn a lot from your writing style plus of cause your content. I’m going to show my friends this article, taking time some actual effort to create a very good article thanks again.
    Thank you Songbirds – Yours is a prime example of informative writing.

  2. Peter mills says:

    Saw my first black redstart today in my back garden.
    Location Rottingdean near Brighton.

    Songbirds-Slaughter = Hello Peter,thank you so much as no one else has seen any black redstart’s for some years now or nearer to London…
    Good wishes =

  3. Matthew Marsh says:

    Amazing view today. Saw a black redstart today for first time. Very keen bird watcher. Get all types of Finch’s , tits and woodpeckers. Even sparrow hawks. But this is a first for me. Seen alot more nature since lockdown. So every cloud and all that

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