Meadow Pipit ‘Dead 65%’ 1970-2005 – Nests “Parasitized-By-Cuckoo !” “No Meadow Pipit” – No Cuckoo…!

Meadow Pipit ‘Dead 65%’ 1970-2005 – Nests “Parasitized-By-Cuckoo !” “No Meadow Pipit” – No Cuckoo…!

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Meadow Pipit=

Meadow Pipit – Their Nests ‘Parasitized – By-Cuckoo.’ –
No Meadow Pipit – ‘No’ Cuckoo…!

Breeding season ‘parachute’ aerial display flight. Fluttering rising ascent then Parachuting – Descending downwards –
On half spread wings showing white outer tail feathers.

“Song Rises With Powerful High Notes AND Piping Calls Decelerating With A Prestigious Trill To Finish.” – 2012 June 8th

Gregarious small winter gathering typical jerky flight suddenly flying high. White eye-stripe and wing bars. On – Ground nesting.

Photo: Meadow Pipit – Unluckily Cuckoo Host Species…
Feeding ‘baby’ cuckoo!

‘This tragic time Meadow Pipits spend feeding ‘Round the Clock’ a ‘baby’ cuckoo being tricked into believing she is the bird’s mother.’

Cuckoos Have No Maternal Instincts – The Mother Laid Her Eggs Into The Birds Nest To Fool Her Into Believing – They Were Her Offspring.
“The baby cuckoo then hatched and disposed of the Meadow Pipits real offspring by kicking her eggs out of the nest.”

It will then rely on its foster ‘mum’ for around 25 days. “THIS ‘IS’ FAR LONGER – OVER TWICE AS LONG – As The Bird’s Actual Young Chicks Would TAKE…!

Help Meadow Pipits: Invertebrates – Insects, Flies, Beetles, Moths, Spiders. Autumn seeds.
‘Less rough winter grazing areas’ – Blamed
For Decline – ‘Early 1970s’ – ? 

‘Between 1970 – 2005 – Dead By 65%!’ ‘‘Of-Conservation Concern’’ UGH… 2004 Amber ! – 2011 ‘AMBER!’ Help ‘OUR’ Sanity WITH – Ever More Lies Given To ‘Us’ – 

Photo: Meadow Pipit – “Twilight Of ‘OUR’ Songbirds.” 

Songbirds such as larks, blackbirds, linnets, finches, thrushes, pipits, wrens, redstarts, tits, warblers, wagtails, skylarks, woodlarks, are just some of over a hundred different species that were once a beautiful part of nature.

“We’ need Garden Songbirds like we need ‘bees’ one pair of blue tits alone take and need 15 thousand insects grubs bugs spiders a season.”

Slug pellets Poison sprays: Kill ’our’ unwanted insect slug bug beetles and a myriad of creepy crawlies then songbirds eat these and to feed their chicks. 
Yet more garden songbirds dead wiped out this time by us.

Remember: If insect bugs have been sprayed or slug pellets used to eradicate slugs snails aphids spiders leather jackets plus all manner of nature’s biodiversity ‘our pests’ those poison sprays pellets will then kill off the whole blackbird robin wren or any other songbird family!

“Garden birds cannot fight back! Destined to become extinct.” Is that what the RSPB – want?

Predation ‘killing’ is tragically a major problem for Songbirds in Britain. Throughout the world. Far too many countries are ‘Catching Killing Eating’ –
Just – Far ‘too many’ of our ‘own’ Garden Songbirds!

From – Predators such as cats, magpies, sparrow-hawks, grey-squirrel infestation. All hawks crows jays herring-gulls falcons red-kites owls woodpeckers rats fox. Etc.
The – List Seems Endless – “From Photographic Proof.”

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

Meadow Pipit – 1970-2005 *65% DEAD…! – Meadow Pipit Nests – “Parasitized-By-Cuckoo” –  *No Meadow Pipit No Cuckoo…

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