Goldcrest –  5g “Tiniest Songbird in Europe” – ‘Present Numbers ?’ – ! “High-frequency call above that we can perceive” –

Goldcrest – 5g “Tiniest Songbird in Europe” – ‘Present Numbers ?’ – ! “High-frequency call above that we can perceive” –

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Captivating Minuscule Precious Flitting Goldcrest – Restlessly Hanging Upside Down From Branches – Our Charming Petite Little Goldcrest. 

‘Female yellow crest male has an orange one.Tiny needle-like bill.
Tiniest Songbird In Europe. Weigh 5g – 20 pence.

Goldcrest twittering ends with a flourish and their high-pitched frequency group call is above that which we can perceive.


Builds suspended nest compact type cup-shaped rounded hammock.
Of moss lichen spiders webs in forks of twigs at the end of a conifer branch.

Help Goldcrests and Firecrests: Grow bushes plants ivy –
For small insects grubs caterpillars, etc. – 2012 March 6.

Many adults today have never seen a Songbird let alone children and really do not know always asking – “What is a Songbird…!”
Maybe then you know them as ‘Garden Birds.’ The aim of this website is to make a wider range of people aware of the Dwindling numbers of Songbirds due to predation (killing) from more dominant aggressive birds and animals.

‘We are in dire need of Garden Songbirds – They consume billions of our unwanted slugs snails creepy crawly leather jacket insects bugs beetles aphids gnats caterpillars spiders pests.’
Eating and clearing up all ‘our’ unwanted pests moths flies and a myriad of creepy crawlies.

“Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses.” – ‘SONGBIRDS SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…’

Gandhi Wrote “The Morality Of A Country Is Judged By The Way It Treats Its Animals” – Then we should think carefully about the way we are treating ours. Our wildlife and especially our wildlife that is just hanging on.

“To Be Able To Survive – To Have A Future Without ‘Predation’…?”

For – All those species unable to adapt cope or compete’ –

“Were obligated to help them in this ‘our’ senseless folly ‘our’ plight NOW just like the bees. Songbirds do so much for ‘us’ – Just like the Bees.
Think care – do something?

Albert Einstein “Only Two Things Are Infinite The Universe And Human Stupidly And – I’m Not Too Sure About The Former…”

‘Songbirds such as larks, blackbirds, linnets, finches, thrushes, pipits, wrens, redstarts, tits, warblers, wagtails, skylarks, woodlarks.

Are just some of over a hundred different species that were once a beautiful part of nature. As they are adding to nature’s and our own wonderful soundscape.

“Europe’s Tiniest Songbird Flitting Flying Restlessly Around The Trees – Hanging Upside Down From Branches.” – Present Day? ‘Their Numbers Unknown…!’ – “Also Try And Remember – That Songbirds Are (‘were’) Cleaning Our Soil Of All Trash Viruses.” 

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