Aquatic Warbler – “GLOBALLY THREATENED” Warblers ‘12-15’ Species 1996-2001 ‘Rare!’ – Tragic Outrage? – NONE… TYPICAL!

Aquatic Warbler – “GLOBALLY THREATENED” Warblers ‘12-15’ Species 1996-2001 ‘Rare!’ – Tragic Outrage? – NONE… TYPICAL!

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Aquatic Warbler


‘Dependence on vulnerable breeding habitat’ – Trotted out as to reasons?

Aquatic Warbler – ‘All 12-14 Warbler Species’ – “Rare at Risk.”

ALL Extinct – “When…?”

Cetti’s Warbler + Dartford Warbler + Garden Warbler + Grasshopper Warbler +
Leaf Warbler +
Reed Warbler +
Savi’s Warbler + Sedge Warbler +
Willow Warbler + Wood Warbler.

“Globally threatened declining species 1996-2001.” Heading For Extinction.

‘Criminally Songbirds are all going down in number!’ Disgusting Apathy…

Never again experience – ‘The Dawn Chorus’ –  When we could spend time at sunrise – In parks squares woodland and all open areas hearing –

“A Phenomenal Fantastic Soundscape of Natural Beauty.”

Springtime when everyone heard and experienced one of the marvels – Of the natural world.

“First one and then another Songbird would start to sing and gradually more and more – Songbirds would all join in until the air was filled with a cacophony of sound.” Tragically mostly ‘lost.’

Most birds do not sing in the winter time. They concentrate their energies on the daily battle to find enough food in the day to fuel them the following night then they will survive. ‘If not then they will starve before dawn.’

Aquatic Warbler: Utter Outrage Rare’ In Britain – Do you care? – Guess what – OH Yes “Extreme” – Dead RED! – Tragic Outrage… From who?

Gandhi wrote – “The morality of a country is judged by the way it treats its animals.” Then we should think carefully about the way we are treating ours…
Our wildlife and especially our wildlife that is just hanging on.

All species of our Garden Songbirds have to contend with – Killing from more aggressive dominant birds and animals – ‘Predators Scavengers.’ Mankind –

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year!
Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

“Nature and ‘leave it to nature’ has never existed.

“THEIR delectable song and fast chatter” Mankind has interfered and dictated for all time. Now we must continue – TO CORRECT –

All that we have thrown at and used up from – Nature. Having created this chronic – ‘Imbalance’ –

“Against those species unable to adapt cope or compete and tragically to even be allowed to survive for much longer.”

Species Becoming Extinct 1,000 times Natural rate  World Population 2billion 1960: – 6.8billion 2010: – 10.9billion by 2050! – Heaven or Hell on Earth?

Aquatic Warbler – “Globally threatened declining species” – ‘1996 – 2001′ Rare – !


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