House Martin – “Amazing strength character flying treacherous routes” From Africa’s South Sahara!

House Martin – “Amazing strength character flying treacherous routes” From Africa’s South Sahara!

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House Martin=

“They build nests entirely constructed of mud which are plastered to the walls under the eaves of house. Any suitable shed or barn.”

Glossy metallic blue-black upper parts pure-white neck chest underparts distinctive white rump patch.

‘With shorter forked tail and white feathered feet with tiny legs.’

‘House Martins rarely come to ground only for nesting material and to drink will they touch down.’

Their time is all spent all on the wing collecting aerial insects.

‘Their Present Numbers Unknown…?’

“Mud-cup nest mixed with grass and feathers under eaves of bridges and church roofs and frequently used for several years.”

Protecting Nesting Songbirds – Main purpose of a nest is to protect its contents. Fragile eggs need protection from breakage and warmth to develop properly.
Hidden as best as they can from predators and bad weather. Nests vary enormously in the complexity of their construction and range of sites selected.

‘Building a nest appears to be an instinctive activity. It is powerful urge which is brought on by raised levels of blood hormones in response to increasing day length in spring.’ Catch a glimpse of these beautiful flyers soaring through the skies while you can.

“Rasping chattering song twitters similar to swallow continuous on the wing with conversational undertones after settling into roost.”

“An amazing amount of strength and character flying long treacherous routes from – Africa’s South Sahara Desert – To Britain and then back home again.”

‘‘This is what the House Martin accomplishes every summer throughout their short life.”

‘Extinction ?’ Think of it. If ALL dogs OR even cats or any species that – ‘Attracts us.’ Were ‘All killed off’ by other aggressive birds or animals there would be an – Almighty ‘Uproar Outrage and roar.’ So why; Just why this dreadful apathy regarding Songbirds? It – Really does puzzle many of us.

Ashley Montagu – “The indifference, callousness and contempt that so many people exhibit toward animals is evil. First because it results in great suffering in animals, and second because it results in an incalculably great impoverishment of the human spirit.”

The Sun: 2011 October 5 : Wildlife ‘expert’ Chris Packham has ‘at last’ woken up to ‘predation’ – Killing of our Garden Songbirds – ‘In 2011!’

Regarding all the far too many stronger species that have been allowed to breed unmolested taking over in our parks squares open areas wiping out –
‘Those species lesser able to adapt cope or compete.’

Against the more dominant over abundant aggressive species! –

‘Agreeing the only option left is for culling.’

Maybe then (at last) he can also stop criticizing the likes of us daily seeing and with our own eyes the rapid decline of our Songbirds from all of our towns cities and countryside.

“Always we were branded as wrong or ‘misinformed’ in referring to the dire situation for – ‘Our’ Songbirds.” And in saying the truth. Dont forget – ‘Speaking the truth.

In saying for over 40+ years the ‘b’ obvious about predation! So. What is left now of the RSPBs killing ‘judgment’ on our now tragically lost – Dead Songbirds…?”

Oscar Wilde – “The world is divided into two classes those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable.”

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