Humanity Encroaches ON Habitats ‘1,000 TIMES Natural Rate’ – ‘Species Extinction’ – “Birth Of Our Planets ‘SEVENTH’ Billionth Person…”

Humanity Encroaches ON Habitats ‘1,000 TIMES Natural Rate’ – ‘Species Extinction’ – “Birth Of Our Planets ‘SEVENTH’ Billionth Person…”

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‘Climate Change is Happening’ – “Adversely Affecting Biodiversity, Our Agriculture – And Our Water Supplies.”
Lost Biodiversity – Lost – Our Vanishing Plants And Every One Thing That Has Made Up ‘nature.’ – For Mankind.” – Written 2011 August 12th.

Poachers have slaughtered male elephants to the brink of annihilation, a report revealed on 12th January 2013. Only five remained at the last count following a 14-year study of the population in the Samburu region.
Save The Elephants blamed illegal killing and the rising price of ivory for the ‘alarming’ death rate across the country.; Kenya’s ‘male elephants’ – This Disgusting Major Disaster.” Only  warranted the Metro newspaper to place it as an inner ‘insert.’ Amounting to 1.5 Inches… Does ‘humanity’ give a damn or even ‘care…?’

Cont: ‘There Is Little Awareness – Only 1%.’ – “That The World Population Currently Grows By ’70-80′ Million A Year.” Indicating The Current Lack Of Discussion Of The Issue…? Our Impact On The Environment Is – The Combined Effect Of How Much We Each Consume.
Even Where In The World It’s Safe To Live.’

2011: Will See The Birth Of The Planets Seven Billionth Person. ‘Species Are Becoming Extinct’ – “At 1,000 Times The Natural Rate” – “As Humanity Encroaches On To All Their Habitats.”

Photo 2006: Different Long-Tailed Tit families chicks. Songbirds living together as a flock for safety against (their) so many predators. 

Population Matters: Sir David Attenborough – “I’ve never seen a problem that wouldn’t be easier to solve with fewer people, or harder and ultimately impossible with more. On a finite planet nothing physical can grow indefinitely.” – Read further below.

For 40 Years We’ve Learnt –The human impact of our consumption issues on the world.’ Studies of carbon impact of our population growth.
The cost-effectiveness of reducing emissions
of our greenhouse gases. We see our individual future collective impact on the planet to the resources available. Matching our quality of life with taking the environment into account.

‘‘We need to prioritize development and use of sustainable technologies regarding growth of the human population.’’ Four out of five – 84% thought world population was too high. 53% Over half said it was much too high; to consider that our children grandchildren have a decent life.

Kofi Annan – ex Secretary-General of the UN; ‘‘…reproductive health (is) one of the key tools in the wider battle against poverty.”

Population Matters: ‘$7’ Developing world cost to promote family planning in order to abate 1 tonne of CO2 – ‘Contrasting with $24 to create enough wind-power to save same amount of CO2.’ – $92 for plug-in hybrid vehicles. To $131 promoting electric vehicles. Cont –

Photos: Linnet

Little Exquisite – Sonorous Glamourous Linnet Finches.
Males attractively marked grey head crimson forehead chest.
Chestnut mantle streaking white throat and underparts.

Resonant rich singing twittering as they fly.
Nest a cup of grass moss twigs lined with hair and wool.

Once ‘we’ used as cage birds because of their heavenly melodious song.

Help Linnets: Small seeds-dandelion oil-rape especially summer insects.
Bushes hedges.

Piteously – ‘Threatened Endangered British Species.’

Yes extermination. From the human race. Our sublime ‘folly’ and the RSPB?

Morosely – Linnet Yet ‘another’ On damn this – Always DEAD ? ‘RSPB Red List’ !

Cont: ‘In the UK we continue to lose wildlife rare plants and unspoilt countryside to development.’ This is a tragedy for the species concerned while biodiversity is also essential to sustain the ecosystems on which ‘we’ depend. With the UN estimating the annual cost of biodiversity loss at – £1-3 trillion.

Between 2008-2033 – ‘The UK will grow by 10 million people. Equivalent to ten Birmingham’s. – With all the pressure on housing, resources, amenities and services that this entails. An increasing number of people will find it impossible to achieve a decent quality of life.

View – ‘‘Sustainable Populations” – Email

2012 May 21 – Wet Debt: The biggest cause of rising sea levels is… us. Pumping water from the ground and storing it in reservoirs.
And the shrinking of the Aral Sea accounted for more than 40 per cent of the rise between 1961 and 2003 – mainly through evaporation and runoff.

The effects are larger than thought previously, say Japanese scientists.

“Most People – ‘Still Do Not’ – Connect Issues Of Land, Food, Water And Climate Change – ‘With’ Overpopulation…!”

Consequence’s can be conflict and migration. By tackling population we help to address today’s big issues. To achieve a long-term sustainable future we have to reduce our pressure on the environment. Population growth along with lifestyle choices and how technology is used to make goods, services we enjoy.
Global demand for resources to no more than – Environmental capacity.

How many of us there are contributes to resource depletion climate change and worsening quality of life. Biodiversity loss to ‘our’ one planet. – “A density of population implies a severe struggle for existence.” – Disraeli. Novel: Sybil – 1845.’

‘The more of us there are. Fewer resources there are for each of us.’ The wellbeing of future generations depends not only on limiting individual consumption. In using natural resources more efficiently but also stabilizing our numbers at a sustainable level. ‘Quality of life matters.’

Kofi Annan – ex Secretary-General of the UN;  ‘‘…reproductive health (is) one of the key tools in the wider battle against poverty.”

65 million years ago – The end of ‘Cretaceous.’ Extinction as 50 per cent of all species die out along with the dinosaurs.
73,000 years ago – 10,000– Massive volcanic eruption reduces total human population of Earth to just 10,000 individuals.
1340-1350 – Black death. Between 30 and 60 per cent of Europe’s population dies.
1918-1919 – Spanish flu epidemic kills up to 100 million people.
1939-1945 – Second World War. Between 40 million and 72 million people die.

2011 June – By 2050: Between Eight and Eleven Billion People.’
In 2060: One person in eight aged 80 or more.

With half the world population now living in towns and cities the life experience of many is overcrowded and insanitary slums. Even in the UK we are experiencing a deteriorating quality if life as congestion increases and amenities are lost.

“Living within our planet’s means requires a radical change in outlook. We need to stabilize our numbers to a sustainable population level that consumes resources at a rate that the earth can continue to support.”

2011: ‘Around one million people are malnourished as food prices approach record levels. Along with the worlds fish stocks failing.’

“Perils Of Population Growth Are Still ‘Not Discussed’ Sufficiently – Is This Misguided Perception Of An Increasing Need For More Youngsters To Generate Wealth.”

2020: – ‘UN estimates half of humanity will live in water stressed countries. Oil production on which so much depends is near its peak while alternative energy sources are inadequate.’ Particularly for transport and agriculture.
‘Farmland is being lost through development and overuse.’

Sir David Attenborough 2012 May 18th: Evening Standard Interview extract.
‘The Biggest Change is to the Landscape.’

“In vast areas of forest which I once knew and walked amongst with Dayak hunters looking at things with blowpipes there is square mile after square mile of uniform oil palm. Which is very depressing. I mean, there are bits of Borneo left. But an awful lot of it has gone.”When asked the single biggest single change he has witnessed he does not pause.

“The Size Of The Human Population. No Question. There are three times as many people on earth as when I made television programmes.  Three times as many. – ‘It’s The Root Of Nearly All Our Problems.’

What can be done about it? “Indeed so: nothing. Well. The one thing – it’s a very slight thing to grasp on to – but the fact remains that wherever women are in charge of their destiny, where they have education, political freedom, choice, medical facilities and when they’re literate the birth rate falls.”

So, years of studying the natural world has turned him into a feminist? He seems unamused. “I don’t know whether it’s a question of being a feminist so much as being aware that the Western world has had a privileged position for a long time. Perhaps the time has come that we should take less of the share. It is enough for me to say at my age, but nonetheless it’s true.”

The future of the planet is something that Attenborough has become more willing to speak up about. Its suggested that all his films come down to sex and death, in the end – but he gives me pause. “Oh no. The study of the natural world isn’t the study of death. The study of the natural worlds is life. The continuity of life; – And the irrelevance of the individual.  

2010-2060 Eurostat: EU27 population is projected to increase from 501 million on 1 January 2010 to 525 million in 2035.
2010: Three billion people are under 25 years of age.
2050: UN projects world population will be between eight and eleven billion.

“The UK itself faces major issues of energy supply future food security and water scarcity in the south east.”

2011 May: YouGov – Survey of 3,538 adults showed four out of five thought UK population was too high. Half said it was much too high.

Britain: Two out of three thought ideal population size would be 50 million or fewer – “Compared with current population of 62 million.”

Majority view Most were well aware that UK and global populations were too high. Population growth has contributed to a wide range of negative outcomes.

‘‘UK would be a better place to live in if it had fewer people and almost half thought that their personal quality of life would be better if their area had fewer people.”

By 2033: Projected population of UK – 72 million.
By 2050: Food demand expected to rise by 70%.

70% – Thought Population Growth Contributed To Unemployment, Transport, Congestion And Lack Of Affordable Housing.

63% – Social conflict loss of amenities and green spaces.

55% – Damage to the natural environment biodiversity poorer quality of life and concerns over
water supplies.

“There Is Little Awareness 1% – That The World Population Currently Grows By ’70-80′ Million A Year. Indicating The Current Lack Of Discussion Of The Issue…?”

Four out of ten said they did not know.One in three thought it was ten million or less. Growth of Human Population Issues – Have Never Been More Important To Bring it Further Up The Agenda.

“Significant environmental issues have population at their core. The state of our oceans connected to the damage done to the environment and growth of human population from greater over-fishing.” – ‘The use of fertilizers whose run-off causes dead zones in major oceanic areas.

Increasing density of plastic waste in our oceans of metals and chemical substance. Etc…

“Matching our individual collective consumption to the resources available. A need to prioritize development and use of sustainable technologies to limit our collective impact on the planet.” Most still don’t connect issues of land, food, water, climate change – with – overpopulation…!

Opinion leaders are failing to make the environmental case that a smaller family is a sustainable family.
This is true for all levels of society as responsible exceptional human beings.

2011: Britain Is The Third Most Crowded Populated Country On The Planet Without The Land Mass Of The Other Two…
Britain Today IN 2011 ‘IS’ – The Most Densely Crowded Out Country To Have To – Survive – ‘To Live In’…

Question: Isn’t That Against MINE, OUR – ‘Human Rights?’ Do we really enjoy or want this cheek by jowl ‘living…’ This is now. Think – tomorrow.
Why do ‘we’ today have to be the most packed out western country above all others? Population has got to be addressed. So – Do – Inform your  MP’s.

“Overpopulation Will One Day – Soon – Become A Major ‘Voting Issue’ !

As Its Never – “A Vote-Catching Issue” – Until we make it so. Population ‘maybe’ at last; Is starting to be ‘Discussed…?’

“The Issues Have Never Been More Important To ‘OUR’ Only – One Planet” – ‘2013’ — Help To Bring ‘Population’ – Further Up The Agenda.”

View – ‘‘Sustainable Populations” – Email –

‘Birth of Planets Seventh Billionth Person’ – “Species Becoming Extinct AT ‘1,000’ Times The Natural Rate” – AS HUMANITY ENCROACHES ON HABITATS!

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