Wheatear – ‘Flying Thousands of Miles to Winter Back In Central Africa’  “This Little ‘tiny’ Songbird Speck Of Charm & Beauty…”

Wheatear – ‘Flying Thousands of Miles to Winter Back In Central Africa’ “This Little ‘tiny’ Songbird Speck Of Charm & Beauty…”

Written by songbirdsuk

Topics: Your Lost Birds – & RSPB


Hopping or running delightful little Wheatear.

Black cheeks white eye stripes.
Blue-grey black wings pure white under with an orange breast flush.

“Or – Just beautiful… to see them.”

Photos: Wheatear Female leftMale right.

Stunning small Wheatear – In flight showing white rump black ‘T’ shape tail.

Mainly ground – dwelling.
‘Nests hole in the ground.’ – 2011 June 6th.

“Summer visitor flying the thousands of dangerous miles to then winter back in central Africa.”
Yes: This Tiny Little Songbird Speck – Of ‘charm and beauty.’

Need: Insects and larvae and also all our other ‘pests’ we dont want or need (and spray). Plus all other invertebrates. Certain fruits needing berries.
2002 – 2007: – We dont believe – ‘Green’ ? – It’s ‘Now’ 2011 – Truely What? – RED…!

Albert Einstein – ‘Our task must be to free ourselves…’ –
“By widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

Predation – ‘Killing’ is tragically a major problem for Songbirds in Britain. And – ‘Throughout the world’ –

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

“Nature and ‘leave it to nature’ has never existed.” – Mankind has interfered and dictated for all time. Now we must continue – AND TO CORRECT –
All that we have thrown at and used up from – Nature. Having created this chronic – ‘Imbalance.’ And created – ‘The Twilight of ‘our’ Songbirds.’

“Against those species unable to adapt cope or compete and tragically to even be allowed to survive for much longer…”

Doug Coupland ‘Birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being which we may strive to attain.’

Migration: Tiny Songbirds and Warblers weighing only a few grams – How do they manage to navigate such huge distances –
To find their way along a compass bearing direction. Being able to detect earths magnetic field?

“Somehow experiencing different sensation when facing north or south. Even when the tiny songbirds reach their destination they rely only on memory of visual landmarks to guild them. Songbirds unrecognised abilities and complex aspects of migration.

We have to appreciate them – ‘Songbirds’ and their behaviour ever more –
“Awe-inspiring mysterious even to our human understanding.”

Wheatear – “Flying Thousands Of Dangerous Miles – Winter Back Central Africa” – 2002-2007 ‘Green !’ – Now What in 2011 – ‘Truly ?’ – RED – Nearly ‘extinct’ – Dead…?

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