Seas Ability To Clean Up – GOING ‘2011’ Carbon Emissions Hit Record WORLD CO2 – “Should Not Have Been Reached Until 2020…!”

Seas Ability To Clean Up – GOING ‘2011’ Carbon Emissions Hit Record WORLD CO2 – “Should Not Have Been Reached Until 2020…!”

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Carbon Emissions Hit Record – News 2011 May 31 –

WORLD CO2 Emissions Soared To Their Highest Level In History Last Year – It Was Revealed Yesterday.

After a dip in 2009 caused by the global financial crisis emissions jumped by five per cent from the latest record year in 2008.

India and China account for most of the rise as their economic growth accelerated though emissions have also grown in developed countries according to the International Energy Agency.

‘This significant increase in CO2 emissions’ represents ‘a serious setback in our hopes of limiting the global rise in temperature to no more than 2C said Fatih Birol chief economist at the IEA.

‘Our latest estimates are another wake-up call.’


He added – “The World Has Edged Incredibly Close To The Level Of Emissions That – Should Not Be Reached Until 2020.” 

Photos: Crested Tit = ‘Very distinctive facial markings along with their lovely upstanding little crest.’

“Darling teeny Crested tits may not be as colourful as their cousins but more than make up for it with their unusual head crests and sweet pretty faces.”
Loves to feed from insects in the bark of pine trees stays around pine forests.
Also feeding from garden bird feeders and tables.

Singing with a soft warble ‘trill.’ Present Numbers Unknown…?

2011 May 10: And Finally…
Toffee the tortoise found herself in a sticky situation when she was carried off by a crow. But the pet was found alive five weeks later in a cemetery over walls and across a busy main road from her home. She had scratch marks on her shell.

‘We had all but given up hope.’ Said owner Lucy Hiscock from Isle of Wight.

2011 May – SEA CHANGE:
The oceans act as a giant mop to absorb our airborne carbon emissions. But climate change is reducing the ability of our seas to clean up CO2 as warmer water cannot hold as much of the element, a study of the North Atlantic shows.

US and French researches worked with nearly three decades of data to identify underlying trends and provide some of the first evidence that changing climate caused by atmospheric pollution is affecting the ocean carbon sink.

Seas Ability To Clean Up – GOING ‘2011’ Carbon Emissions Hit Record WORLD CO2…! “Should Not Be Reached Until 2020…” 
“Reduced Ability of Seas to Clean Up!” – Carbon Emissions Hit Record  – “WORLD CO2…” – 2011 May News-

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