Garden Birds – Witness Sparrowhawk Killing ‘to bits’ – ‘Live’ Starling! Alive for Entire First half of Video – Abysmal…!

Garden Birds – Witness Sparrowhawk Killing ‘to bits’ – ‘Live’ Starling! Alive for Entire First half of Video – Abysmal…!

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Starling. “An – Endangered Threatened Species!” Shocking Fiasco in Britain – ‘Your’ Dead Red-List.
2010 BTO: Starling Serious 75% Decline…
Of “High Conservation Concern !”

2011: “Starling – Serious 80% Decline…”

Photo: Starling –

Numbers ‘down’ – ‘DEAD’ 80%. Dreadfully forlornly –
In Britain their Numbers detrimentally – Have got ‘scarce.’

White speckled winter plumage from spring iridescent shine. Squeaky creaky sliding whistle ‘songs’ gurgling long babble and odd rattling sounds.

Brighton Palace Pier built 1863-66: Starlings started using the furthest end of West Pier huge metal skeleton deserted dilapidated ‘bird cage’ Concert Hall soon after the ‘Great Storm of 1987.’ –

‘That had bought down tons upon tons of trees bushes and roofs all over Britain.’ When 18 people died.

Thousands of Starlings flying in from all directions from over 20 miles away arriving to roost for the night. “Gathering in enormous ‘murmurations’ above their roosting sites sometimes numbering hundreds of thousands.”

To roost over water all held closely together giving them in their numbers – ‘Protection from predators.’ –

“A cacophony of sound giving us amazing winter flock aerial spectacles of flying hanging patterns twisting turning into a sculpture of coordination.”

Thousands of birds rocketing through out of sky a theatrical beat into a white noise soup of flying starlings floating in sky performance until they settled down for the night around 10pm. Before dawn the whole roost leaving in waves of breathing clouds of deep black Starlings.

Palace West Pier – Now like a ghost of an empty white beached metal whale. Starlings flock aerial spectacles wickedly tragically have passed into history.”

2011: “Who could have ever believed our bustling strut noisy old gang ‘pest’ would ever be classed as NOW” – ‘Doomed!’ Brood 1: 2?

Help Starlings: Feed cut up scraps nut fatballs fruit seeds berries insect larvae. Fill up birdbaths level dustbin lids for bathing.
“It was great fun to watch them all squabbling while having a bath with them sounding so happy…” Used nest boxes.

2010 BTO: Starling serious 80% decline! High conservation concern.
An – ‘Endangered threatened species.’ Shocking substantially montrous ‘carry on’ UK! – ‘Your’ Red-List!

View Below: In this explicit ‘YouTube’ video – The ‘sparrowhawk’ caught Starling is alive for the entire first half of this video.

Photo: Corn Bunting 2010: Numbers DEAD – 90%!

Britains largest Bunting – WAS!
Very cordial lyrical distinctive high pitched endearing jangling song.
Dark captivating specklings bright yellow patches and streaks –

Red! – ‘Threatened Endangered In the UK?’

Loathsome Outrage ‘RED-DEAD!’ Instead… Help.

NOTE: Along with just – Far Too Many other once ‘common’ British –
‘Garden Songbirds!’ –

Songbirds Slaughter: View – Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Red UK! Say the Truth RSPB – If ‘You’ Care. How many left?

Albert Einstein – “Only two things are infinite the universe and human stupidly and – I’m not too sure about the former.”

‘Threatened Endangered in the UK…!’ Next Extinction…

Extinction? Think of it. ‘If All our dogs OR even cats or any species that’ – ‘Attracts us.’ Were ‘All killed off’ – By the Many Aggressive Scavengers Predators

There would be an almighty – ‘Uproar and Outrage.’ So why; Just why this dreadful apathy regarding ‘Garden Songbirds…?

‘It puzzles ‘us!’ Far too many countries are ‘Catching Killing Eating’ many of our ‘own’ garden Songbirds! HELP. DO SOMETHING. We carn’t do it alone –
View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

Corn Bunting – DEAD 90%! “Apathy EXTINCT!” If – dogs cats Were ‘ALL Killed Off’ by Aggressive birds animals – There Would Be – ‘Uproar Outrage!’ HELP

In this explicit YouTube video: You can witness a sparrowhawk brutally ‘capturing’ picking apart an adult innocent starling.

Sparrowhawk Killing ‘to bits’ – “British Garden Birds!” – Witness ‘one’ – ‘Live’ Starling – Abysmal!
You may notice –  The caught starling is alive for the entire first half of this video.

Please Note: Original Video Changed. ‘Sparrowhawk ‘now’ Kills – A Live Wood Pigeon.’
This video is alarming contains graphic images and some may find it upsetting.

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  1. With the whole thing which appears to be building throughout this subject material, your perspectives tend to be rather refreshing. However, I beg your pardon, but I can not subscribe to your entire theory, all be it radical none the less. It looks to me that your commentary are not completely rationalized and in simple fact you are yourself not really totally certain of the argument. In any event I did take pleasure in reading through it.

  2. holly says:

    I loved what you really have performed right here. The page layout is tasteful, your written subject material laided out elegantly. Down with the RSPB or save what is left of our sonbgirds!!

  3. DD says:

    Cats ( a non-native species) and current farming methods are to blame for songbird decline. Its not nice to see a Sparrowhawk killl birds but its happened for thousands of years. Its only when humans get involved (like the first two instances) when nature is in trouble.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Great to see I’m not on my and your own that its convinced me to keep using this method and fighting to save songbirds. It’s ALL at all exactly the same here in Most of Asia. The natives probably view it as of NO care or otherwise would help. I always want to look for an Western girl’s and men’s mindset.

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