Bearded Tit – EVER MORE “At times reduced to a mere ‘handful” ! – TRUTH? Extinction…

Bearded Tit – EVER MORE “At times reduced to a mere ‘handful” ! – TRUTH? Extinction…

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Bearded Tit=

Lively colourful characters performing as reedbed clowns acrobats with crazy Zapata moustaches eye tufts and long trailing tails.

Gorgous looking so glamourous our lovely Bearded Tit.
Breeds and winters in reedbeds flying rapidly over. Sociable with high ‘ping’ calls.

Vulnerable to severe winters and their populations have ‘Scandalously’ –

“At times reduced to a mere – Handful.” Bearded Tit – Any Hope OR Future?
‘Help by joining only grass root charities.’

Our tragic – LOSS – WHY… Ask the – RSPB ?

Wretchedly Amber-List! Oh give us strength WHO Could believe this ‘Amber’ Nonsence!

2011 April 03: Note Songbird Numbers and ‘RECENT’ Data? The Majority Is So Old… And –
‘Utterly Out of Date?’

Ayn Rand – “Man’s unique reward is that while animals survive by adjusting themselves to their background, man survives by adjusting his background to himself.”

Many adults today have never seen a Songbird let alone their children and really do not know always asking – “what is a songbird”…!
Maybe you know them as ‘Garden Birds.’

‘Then the aim of this website is to make a wider range of people aware of the dwindling numbers of Songbirds and Sparrows due to predation (killing) from more dominant aggressive species.’

“Songbirds such as larks blackbirds linnets finches thrushes pipits wrens redstarts tits warblers wagtails skylarks woodlarks are just some of over a hundred different species that were once a beautiful part of nature.” – Adding to nature’s and our own wonderful soundscape.

Protecting Nesting Songbirds: The – Main purpose of a nest is to protect its contents – fragile eggs need protection from breakage. Warmth to develope properly. And – Hidden as best they can from predators, bad weather.
‘Nests vary enormously in the complexity of their construction and range of sites selected.’

Building a nest appears to be an instinctive activity – Its a powerful urge which is brought on by raised levels of blood hormones in response to increasing day length in spring – Its illegal in the UK to knowingly disturb nesting birds so its best to keep away from nests in the breeding season.

“Even if the adult in not sitting do not attempt a close look as your presence may well alert predators (and humans) to the existence of the nest.”

“A great distraction lifting our spirits we are the better for sharing this world with ‘them’ – Songbirds.”

Bearded Tit – “At times reduced to a mere – Handful” – Give Us Strength! “Sadly tearfully declined” – Any future or – Just Another ‘Extinction’…?

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