80 Euros ‘2011’ BUYS You Songbird ‘Snack’ restaurants 50-Million Euros Year ! ‘Black Market Thrives’ – “Bloody Handed Trappers” – ARE – Pushing “Our Songbirds Closer to Extinction…”

80 Euros ‘2011’ BUYS You Songbird ‘Snack’ restaurants 50-Million Euros Year ! ‘Black Market Thrives’ – “Bloody Handed Trappers” – ARE – Pushing “Our Songbirds Closer to Extinction…”

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“Native Songbirds Are Being Driven To The Point Of Extinction By Europe’s Trappers Because Their Melodic Calls Make Them Prized Pets.” Linnets which are
high on the list of collectors ‘wanted’ wild birds are becoming increasingly scarce in their natural farmland habitats. – Written – 2011 March 2nd.

Because of its attractive appearance and endearing sweet song the male Linnet is highly valued to poachers as a cage bird. Goldfinches, Redpolls, Bullfinches are also prized because of their striking spectacular plumage. Tragically It Is –
Mostly ALL of Britain’s and Europe’s Garden and Countryside ‘Songbirds’ – Which Are Being Targeted.  – NO’ SONGBIRDS – ASK UK’s RSPB…?

Experts fear that if the black market in songbirds continues to thrive it will help push some species – Particularly those already battling against predation (killing) from other species and habitat loss – Over the edge. To ‘Extermination.’ And – From the human race…

2009 March: “Migratory Songbirds Served In Cypriot Restaurants.”BirdLife denounced that in 2008 over 1.4 million Songbirds were slaughtered illegally by trappers eager to feed a lucrative demand for banned Warbler ‘delicacies.’  – ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…”

They are also to be bought ‘privately’ in shops and restaurants pickled and can also be found tinned.

2011 BBC: “Restaurants Selling Songbird ‘meals’ ALONE – ‘Is Worth 50 Million Euros A Year!’ – 1 Million’ Trapped Songbirds This Year – 2011 October !”

Silent Spring’: Songbirds Are Being Decimated For Fun And Profit – And In Open Defiance Of Law. To meet the restaurant demand where – 80 Euros’ buys you a Songbird ‘snack!’

“Killing Of Other Species Is Enormous.” – Rare shrikes and all songbird species. Along with warblers. Larger birds cuckoos, golden orioles, owls.
Honey-buzzards. Etc.

Lime-stick glue trapping had been augmented by large-scale netting operations. Cont.

Photos: Linnet – Little Exquisite Linnet Finches.
Males attractively marked grey head crimson forehead chest.

Chestnut mantle streaking white throat and underparts.
Resonant rich singing and twittering as they fly.

Nest a cup of grass moss twigs lined with hair, wool. Once, ‘we’ in Britain used as cage birds because of their heavenly melodious song. With our pubs holding song contests.

Help Linnets: Small seed-dandelion oil-rape especially summer insects. Bushes hedges. 

Piteously ‘threatened endangered British species.’ Yes Extermination. From the human race! Our ‘folly’ and Britain’s RSPB…?

Morosely – Linnet Yet EVER ‘another’ ON Damn ‘RSPB Red Dead’ List – !

Cont: MALTA: – “Most Savagely Songbird-Hostile Place In Europe.” Shooting ‘anything’ bee-eaters golden orioles shearwaters hoopoes swans storks herons. Maltese hunters argue that the country is too small to make a meaningful dent in European bird populations and fiercely resent interference to this “tradition.” Earnings ‘underestimate’ – Ten thousand euros each to add to this their – ‘traditional,’ pastime.

CYPRUS: Member of the E.U – All forms of Songbird trapping have been criminal offenses since 1974. By the mid-nineties over ten million songbirds a year were being killed in Cyprus! – Mostly all ‘illegal’ catching and trapping of Songbirds is carried out at night.

“The governments are failing to observe, enforce requirements of the European Union’s Wild Birds Directive.” – – NO’ SONGBIRDS – ASK Britain’s RSPB…?
And are openly flouting them! – “It’s an unacceptable toll a depressing trend which ever way you look at it.”

Because these birds migrate in numbers at predictable times of year at predictable sites hunters are waiting with guns, nets, traps, glue lime-sticks stuck on trees. Things are worse than ever. The Blackcap – Europe’s most ‘eaten’ warbler!
Song Thrushes, Blackcaps targeted while trapping methods are so indiscriminate that over 100 species of songbird are captured. While decision makers don’t want to know! Government utterly disagree with the true facts. “Blind eye turned to it.”

“Bird trapping is coming back to haunt in a big way the reason is the same as it has always been. There is a lot of money to be made out of it. It will continue as long as restaurants are allowed to break the law.” – ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…”

BBC 2011: Stated – ‘Oganised Crime And Drug Gangs Are Involved.’

CYPRUS 2011: ‘Banned Bird ‘Delicacies’ Remain Widely Available.’ – “In 2008 Only ‘9’ Restaurateurs In Cyprus Were Charged For Serving Songbirds.”

Under European Legislation: Number of active trapping sites is rising mist netting activities has considerably increased trapping has reached highest levels. 90% of migratory birds which fly over Cyprus each year are – ‘Protected…!’
Many in Cyprus are against this ‘Songbirds-Slaughter’ and challenge Songbird trapping operations. But it has all along forever freely continued…

Bird Poaching in Italy: In 2008 Italy passed laws to liberalize use of decoys expand times places in which hunting is permitted.’ It is impossible to know how many birds are shot in Italy. It is a crucial migratory flyway. Restrictive hunting laws passed IN 1992.’

Further “Banded birds have been recovered from every country in Europe from thirty-eight countries in Africa. Six in Asia.” A former big-game hunter who founded WWF. Italy – Now considers ‘Hunting’ – “A Mania.” – NO’ SONGBIRDS – ASK RSPB…?

2011: Officials Made A Gruesome Discovery At The Border Of Romania – “Over ‘10,000′ Recently Killed Songbirds Were Seized – From A Romanian Truck.”

This illegal haul was headed to restaurants in Italy. “Trade in Skylarks and other songbirds is a multimillion business in Italy costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of songbirds every year.”

Italian police annually seize thousands of illegally acquired wild birds in restaurants and butchers shops which always include deliveries of migrant birds smuggled in from the Balkans.

Majority of birds in this haul included skylarks, larks, red throated pipits, bluethroats, goldfinches, fieldfares, mistle thrushes, reed buntings and white wagtails!

Songbird Threats: Who IS Going to STOP this Annual Decimation of migratory birds?
By these Hunters. Poachers. And ‘Gangs ?’ –

Scientists are only just beginning to understand the numerous threats posed to migratory Songbirds. Many are fighting a Slaughtering ‘tradition’ of – Eating ‘delicacy’ Songbirds! – Greed and Money.

Migratory Songbirds may ‘seem’ widespread. But are highly vulnerable to changes in the wider landscape including agricultural intensification, desertification, deforestation and climate change. In addition many songbirds migrate on broad fronts flying straight across the Mediterranean.
Exposing them to gangs of targeted trapping – And hunting.– ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…”

Population declines are evident. Too many long-distance migrant Songbirds having ‘dramatically high losses.’
The threats to Songbirds proves that their ‘conservation’ can only be achieved by addressing underlying causes.

‘Human dependency on fossil fuels of environmental degradation such as unsustainable agricultural and forestry policies.’ –
Hunting of Songbirds IS – “Tragically for Songbirds future existence a disgraceful and criminal problem on the European side of the Mediterranean.”

“Trappers Push Songbirds Closer to Extinction” – In Far Too Many Countries. “Black Market In Songbirds – Continues To Thrive” –

2006 March‘80 Euros Buys A Songbird ‘Snack!’ – “Trappers Push our Garden Birds Closer to Extinction”  –

2008 – “Black Market in Songbirds Thrives” – ! – NO’ SONGBIRDS IN BRITAIN – Then – ASK Britain’s RSPB…? 

2011: BBC – “Restaurants Selling Songbird ‘Meals’ To Eat – Is Worth 50 Million Euros A Year.”

– ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk


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  2. ally says:

    Nature will backfire in humans faces. Our birds of ONLY – the garden songbird types do just SO much for US. WE never spare them a glance OR thought. Carelessly adding forever more chemicals and pesticides to our own diet by eating all this sprayed and contaminated junk. Wake up people? NO Natural Garden Sonbirds Left on this one Planet Means MORE forever Were Chemical Jerks. Killing Off Nature. For How MUCH LONGER?
    Disregard at our Peril.

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