“Kill All Songbirds !” Mao Dictated – ‘save-our-seed-grain stocks’ Pestilence AND Fungus Took Over – ‘All Yields…!’

“Kill All Songbirds !” Mao Dictated – ‘save-our-seed-grain stocks’ Pestilence AND Fungus Took Over – ‘All Yields…!’

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Time IS – Running Out For Songbirds. From The End Of August I Didn’t See Anything Again Of ‘my’ Blackbirds. Our backyard is just plagued by magpies as well as street pigeons. Wood pigeons are now getting as common. With cawing crows plus hawks flying overhead.

“Magpies cackling witches rattling all over Westminster and the City of London.” UGH – Our 2011 British ‘wildlife!’ –
Are just ALL ‘predators and scavengers…!’ – 2011 January 16th.

“Along with Parks Squares and any open spaces having British ‘wildlife’ nowadays of ‘only’ crows, gulls, magpies, hawks, stalking over our buildings.”

This is all we ever do see and hear the discordant clamour resonance of jangling screeching wailing shrilling screaming whining cawing squawking squealing. With large twiggy crow and magpie nests in the trees along London streets and around the City of London’s Guildhall.

Towns Cities. In all of our Parks Squares any open spaces. NOT ‘ONE’ SONGBIRD SEEN! Odious obnoxious stinking outrage ‘RSPB ?’

Photos: Skylark

One of Britain’s most famous songbirds singing while ‘hanging’ high in the air.

Numbers tragically crashed by 90%! So this ‘declining’ nightmare goes on and on –
For whats left of our Songbirds. WHY IS IT Death – 90% ?

A flock of parakeets shrieking noisily flew down from Marble Arch then settled on our roofs squabbling none-stop. Having also now taken over Hyde Park!

Having landed on the rooftops they made the magpies move away as parakeets beaks can kill them. But there’s no meat on magpies – they are ‘just killing machines.’

What are they ALL displacing killing and ‘eating’… Songbirds.

For Gods Sake RSPB – Get off your perch and see what were ALL Daily ‘Seeing.’
“Or go to hell with your billions still in the Bank.”

2011 January: Just too much IS against songbirds.
WHY IS ‘Nothing’ ever
done to help ‘Them’ ?

‘In early December and just by chance I saw Wanda ‘my’ female Blackbird hiding alone in the ivy.’ With heavy snow everywhere I’ve kept the ice broken on their water in the upturned dustbin lid just in case they returned. They do need to drink every day. The compost heap on the ground gets shovelled over rapidly on seeing her. Compost warms up very quickly inside attracting bugs worms slugs beetles.

Wanda kept busy pecking scratching away for weeks on end getting out all manner of grubs leather jackets larvae as songbirds know best what they really need to eat. “This large pile of compost on the ground
really does seem to have saved her life quite honestly this winter.” Along with what I feed her.

Skylark photos: “Glorious Skylarks mimic finches warblers even waders for an impressive nearly all year display.”

Skylarks amazing song – flight feat of stamina and strength while flapping so hard to lift vertically hundreds of feet up into the air singing continuously loudly. ‘A wild powerful resonant mellifluous medley.’

An extended outpouring 15 minutes non-stop without drawing breathe of chirruping warbles and whistling with an irresistible energy to it that ‘lifts the heart.’ This delightful singing is all pouring forth from a dark speck way up high in the sky. Hardly larger than a sparrow.

‘With an undulating flight call which is distinctive rolling and bubbly unlike any other British bird.’ Stripy head crest. Females do sing quietly.
Ground shallow nest. “But – Now another mostly lost of our greatest of singers.”
Brood; 1. 2?

‘Numbers Plummeted 1970s’ – Villainous Vile! – NO ACTION – Nothing To HELP them. EVER AGAIN… Why?

Help Skylarks: Need cereal seeds. Insects. Undisturbed areas in grassland and crops are now more difficult for Skylarks to find for their nests.
Late-sown crops become too tall to nest in. Pesticides kill their insect ‘food.’ Predation killing by all hawks, grey-squirrels, magpies, badgers, foxes; Etc!

View: Your Lost Birds – & RSPB – and – ‘Why Less Songbirds’ –

Cont: All top layers of our frozen snowed in plants were also broken up with Wanda setting to digging away for grubs sending snow and dirt flying out in all directions. Wonderful. Great exercise for me to tidy up and sweep the yard after her exhausting work to find food. They don’t always want what we put out for them. It may contain the wrong nutrients especially in hard weather or more severe times.

‘Songbirds need sources of live protein food like mealworms waxworms all year round.’ – These are vital IF-You do have tree sparrows or house sparrows as their chicks do not feed on seed. And so valuable at times of stress such as breeding, moulting or during extreme weather when natural food supplies are scarce.

Easy to make ‘bird cake.’ Use Suet or any good fat warm up and mix in a seed mixture with dried fruit broken nuts. Feed garden birds any chopped-up very-small – chicken, fatty meat, bacon, cheese, croissants, raw or cooked pastry, cooked unsalted rice, just make sure its all moist. So dont throw away but think of our Garden Songbirds. Bread may seem a good idea but can harm as quickly goes mouldy.
Mould can give breathing problems as stale food breeds bacteria and also poisons birds.

Blackbird Wanda even wants to have a bath in the freezing weather. I can always know when they’ve had a good bath leaving a large pool of water. Then she left. Miraculously returning when I was once again shovelling over their compost. Still no sign of Wuffy the male (they mate for life). Surrey friends say their pair have been together all winter. Hopefully I pray his managing alright? When Wanda and Wuffy first appeared I was over the moon. They could be descended from earlier blackbirds born in our yard.

Note: Think of it. – ‘If’ ALL dogs OR even cats or any species that – ‘attracts us.’ Were All Killed Off By – other aggressive birds or animals.

There would be an – Almighty ‘Uproar And Outrage’… So why. Just why this dreadful apathy regarding Songbirds?

It really does amaze us – For All the Good They Do For – ‘US!’

“We are in dire need of songbirds they eat billions of our insect slug bug pests. Were the loser.”

Obligated to help them in their plight now just like the bees!


And to those that care we say ‘do’ something; Or – ‘None.’ NO Garden Birds will be left for future generations.

Do plant dense scrubs, bushes, dense trees, they NEED bushes with berries pyracanthus rowan trees, etc. These giving protection and cover for all songbird species unable to adapt or compete along with many small mammals.

To be ‘wiped out’ of Songbirds has happened to mankind and to our dire detriment. In China Chairman Mao dictated all songbirds ‘to be killed.’
To save their seed and grain stocks. “Everyone complied keeping songbirds aloft flying until they all fell to earth dead with exhaustion. Pestilence and fungus rapidly took over all their yields.”
Stocks of wheat grain and seed were drastically depleted with far less food available for the human population. Their domestic and farmed animals.
We must pay attention to this tragic disgraceful loss of songbirds and heed this warning. ‘Tell the RSPB’...

We need and request the freedom from pollution. The right to enjoy the diversity of nature. Not just hearing continual screeching cawing cackling screeching dins from Predators-Scavengers!  Where Did the ‘Dawn Chorus’ – go?

Talking with an elderly chap thinking he knew his Songbirds I couldn’t understand his insistence that Forest Gate was overrun with blackbirds! Black with yellow beak yes, only when I asked how large it dawned on me, he meant ‘crows.’ Gosh!

Just So Many Today – Dont even know what we – Songbirds Slaughter are talking about! ‘Garden – Birds…’

Trichomonosis is yet another nightmare affecting songbirds. It’s well known in ‘wood pigeons.’ Whose own numbers have exploded. They leave the parasite which then spreads from dirty unhygienic feeders bird tables. It survives in water for a few days so also water infected bird baths.
Hygiene has to be a priority so wash them every week. The disease lives in the upper digestive tract spreading when birds feed each other making their throats swell. Songbirds along with other species are dying of this. If the bird is caught in time this disease is treatable.

‘Magpies sparrowhawks wiped us out of songbirds in our area years ago!’

NO! Not one of them was ‘maimed or injured.’ B Oddy states that old chestnut. Predators kill. Their never selective asking their victim if it’s poorly.
Nothing since nothing for anyone to see or hear and for all the good they do for ‘us!’ My two songbirds are the only ones left in the whole area.

Give the killing predator ‘victims’ a chance. When? Do the RSPB really care? What hope can there be for anyone to encourage future Songbirds?

“Predators cull everything else that their own numbers need to be culled. To accept anything else as normal ‘nature’ is – 2011 Delusional.”

St Tiggywinkles is calling grey squirrels – ‘garden squirrels and Nutkins & friends.’ – NOTE: ‘The Red Squirrel is nearly extinct!’
View: Garden Bird tweets; Red Squirrels Will Adopt – ‘Orphaned’ – Related pups 2001…Grey Squirrels the – Imported Enemy Within!

RSPB admits gulls get all the advantage of tons of waste food. Yet fails to reason this is giving ‘non predator or aggressive species’ any hope or help.

What RSPB is ‘natural’ about that? They expound to be using ‘non-lethal’ methods to keep Seagull Numbers down. Obviously then these DO NOT WORK!

Like RSPB ‘garden bird’ polls are invalid. In one day – One blue tit say flies all round an area. 25 people in that area ‘count’ this one bird as – ‘In their garden.’ False figures are used – relied upon.

“Songbirds can or will only start returning if some predator control IS introduced.” NOW…

2010: British Partridge ground bird’ down’ – Dead 80%! Killed by Sparrowhawks 90%. ‘We’ all need songbirds in our life not just for the work they do for us but to appreciate their beauty their help and song. Just why does the RSPB have to have the last word?
They do not accept that raptors (hawks) are to blame for anything. Blaming everyone everything but themselves. Its time policy makers at RSPB needed to accept that new forms of control are now vital. AND QUICKLY… WHEN?

“History is littered with the mistakes of so called experts be they scientific political medical or just well meant.”
‘This is how the RSPB will be judged with its love and protection of hawks.’

“British ‘Wildlife’ has been allowed ‘By them’- To become only the more aggressive dominant present day scavenger predator species.”

Everywhere all over the UK They never starve! OUR SONGBIRDS CANNOT FIGHT BACK – ALONE ONLY WE CAN!

2011: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1351054/Crows-magpies-trapped-killed-cull-protect-songbirds.html

All – Songbirds-Killed!’ – Mao China Dictated ‘save-seed-grain stocks’ “Pestilence and Fungus Took Over” – All their Yields!

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