Wren – “Wrens tremble as they put everything into their ‘round the clock’ hearty buzzy clear song – ending in a ‘trill”

Wren – “Wrens tremble as they put everything into their ‘round the clock’ hearty buzzy clear song – ending in a ‘trill”

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB


Irresistible shy captivating dinky Wrens weigh same as £1 coin. Rich russet plumage mottled many shades of brown. Cream stripe over eyes. Fine flicked toy cocked tail.

“One of Britains smallest songbirds but what they lack in size make up for in energy and noise –  Swivelling bobbing singing their tiny little hearts out.”

Male constructs several globe-shaped nests of grass leaves moss in holes, walls, trees.
Female then chooses nest and lines with her feathers. Habit of cocking up their litle tail.
Photo left – Taken 1950!’ Uses nest boxes.

Wrens tremble as they put everything into their ‘round the clock’ hearty buzzy –
tuneful clear song – ending in a ‘trill.’

Help Wrens: Short delicate bills eat beetles flies spiders. Use ‘steep-sided worm-feeders.’ Ground feeders risk killing by cats magpies grey-squirrels hawks gulls so many predators!

Feed Wrens – Mealworms fruit soft bill mixes containing insects cereals.

‘Retain dense bramble patches and bushes for resting and hiding’ –

For ALL – ‘Of our Songbirds’ – From Predators!

Magpie: Latin meaning – ‘An appetite for substances unfit as food –
Eating anything’ –
Perfect reference for Predator magpies –
‘Being razor beaked dagger clawed’ – Killing machines.

Rarely they ‘eat’ that which they KILL – Magpies ARE JUST A – KILLING MACHINE Of – ‘Our’ Oh SO Depleted Songbirds!
“British ‘wildlife’ has been allowed to become” – Only predators and scavengers – “That nothing else can survive!”

“What Are Wrens Present Numbers – Numbers Depressingly Down. Who knows exactly – Who cares or knows about true facts of Predation?”

Field Birds At Record Low – ‘The UK’s farmland bird populations have fallen to a record low official figures showed.’

2011 January: “In England alone numbers of 19 species which rely on farmland for food and breeding have sadly dropped. By nearly three quarters since 1970!”
Tree sparrows, yellow wagtails, corn buntings, grey partridges, turtle doves, starlings are among the hardest hit.

The number of woodland birds has fallen by over a third since 1970. “With Blackbirds, bullfinches and song thrushes declined with willow tits, spotted flycatchers, tree pipits, and lesser spotted woodpeckers down by more than 75 per cent.”

George Orwell‘Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.’

Songbirds-Slaughter – ‘Magpies and Sparrowhawks’ – ALONE – “Killed the last Garden Songbirds hanging on in our area over ‘nine’ 9 years ago!”…


If – ‘Given Help’ – YOU RSPB – “Now could turn things around. Extermination Only Is Your Present Conceit and Policy!”

“Wrens tremble – As they put everything into their ‘round the clock’ hearty buzzing tuneful clear song ending in a ‘trill” –

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