Tree-sparrows, Song-thrushes, yellow-wagtails, corn-buntings, starlings, Blackbirds, Willow-tits, bullfinches, spotted-flycatchers, Tree-pipits – “DEAD 75% ! – SINCE 1970…”

Tree-sparrows, Song-thrushes, yellow-wagtails, corn-buntings, starlings, Blackbirds, Willow-tits, bullfinches, spotted-flycatchers, Tree-pipits – “DEAD 75% ! – SINCE 1970…”

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FIELD BIRDS AT RECORD LOW… The Sun: 2011 January 2nd –

The UK’s farmland bird populations have fallen to a record low official figures showed yesterday.

“In England alone the numbers of 19 species which rely on farmland for food and breeding have ‘dropped’ by more than half since 1970.” 

Tree sparrows, yellow wagtails, corn buntings, grey partridges, turtle doves, starlings are among the hardest hit.

The Environmental Dept also said the number of woodland birds has fallen by a quarter since – 1970.’

Photos: Blackbird taken 1985

“Blackbirds, bullfinches and song thrushes declined with willow tits, spotted flycatchers, tree pipits and lesser spotted woodpeckers.
Dead by more than 75 per cent.”

The RSPB said the fall in some farmland birds was linked to decades of habitat change which meant a lack of suitable nesting sites and shortage of food.
It urged greater use of new schemes to pay farmers to manage their land in a wildlife-friendly way.

‘‘ Read below for more reasons we obviously all do see and with our own eyes...”

Songbirds Slaughter: ‘Magpies & Sparrowhawks’ ALONE Killed the Last Garden Songbirds hanging on in our area over ‘nine’ 9 years ago!

Sparrowhawks Kill ‘eat’ Sparrows and wiped us out of our – Last Sparrows over 14 years ago!’ – NOTHING Since At all – But silence.

RSPB Arrogance – TAKE OFF PROTECTION OF ‘YOUR’ sparrowhawks? Your Legal Protection Policy Since 1954!’ – RSPB YOUR ONLY –

“ADDING TO EXTERMINATION OF ‘OUR’ – Sparrows and Our Songbirds…” – DO YOU CARE ?”

If – Given Help? YOU RSPB – Could turn things around. ‘Extermination Only Is Your Present Conceit on Killing BY Your sparrowhawks.’

Photos: Blackbird female left. Male taken ‘1985′
BTO 2010 – ‘‘Huge falls have been recorded for our graceful bewitching – Blackbirds!”

Females creamy throat slightly streaked brown chest who do sing but very quietly to themselves.

‘They nest in ivy low hedges and bushes so start planting to help increase their numbers.’ View: ‘Songbirds & RSPB!’

Songbirds-Slaughter – We Support: ‘New Corvid Research Project’2011 January –

Blackbirds a true – ‘All-year-round’ British Garden Songbird with the greatest of songs. ‘Red’ Dead List – ‘Since’ 2001… Lamentable.

“THE Male WITH HIS Deep Black Glossy Plumage WITH HIS Striking Yellow-gold bill and EYE RING. SINGING On high like a welcome melodic ‘angel’ in your garden.”

‘Superb rich long splendour of high and low phrases of fluting and endlessly varied ‘kisses’ and whistles.’ They mate for life.

Blackbirds – COULD ‘Live’ To 7 Plus Years…!

HELP Blackbirds: Compost add old fruit veg garden waste to soil pile. They forage for slugs worms bugs beetles spiders – ALL ‘our’ creepy crawlies.

Berries cherries leave windfall pears apples. Feed mealworms fatty meat, chips, sausage, bacon, chicken, grapes, cherries which they LOVE. BUT – ‘ALL  VERY MOIST and WELL Chopped up’.

Britain’s Pitiable Blackbird – DEAD Stinking ‘Red’ Dead List – ‘Since’ 2001…

“Magpies and Sparrowhawks killed last Garden Songbirds hanging on in our area over nine YES – 9 Years Ago!”

Sparrows our LAST ‘over 14 years ago!’ Nothing ever since…

2010 BTO: “Nightingale – Biggest fall in numbers since records began of any bird still – Breeding in Britain.”

2010 BTO: “Apart from Second the Tree Sparrow – Whose numbers have been decimated By – 93%…”


DEAD 75% ! – “Tree-Sparrows, Yellow-Wagtails, Corn-Buntings, Song-Thrushes, Willow-Tits,  Bullfinches, Spotted-Flycatchers, Starlings, Blackbirds, Tree-pipits…” – “Since 1970 ! Death.” – Yes RSPB – ‘Your’ – 75%. ALL DEAD…!

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