Sparrow Disaster UK – ASK RSPB? THEIR SHAMED BY LOSS-Every Single “Sparrow & Songbird…” Save “British Garden Birds!” – NOT Needed Ever More – ‘Killing Hawks & Cats !’

Sparrow Disaster UK – ASK RSPB? THEIR SHAMED BY LOSS-Every Single “Sparrow & Songbird…” Save “British Garden Birds!” – NOT Needed Ever More – ‘Killing Hawks & Cats !’

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2010: House Sparrow Grey crown – “Numbers Dead 90%…!” Bustling Perky Gregarious jolly little House Sparrows. From 1840 Taken All Over USA Boston New York and ‘Around the World.’ Photos.

‘They’ All Manage – To Retain British Sparrows! – Cheerful chirpy song Cockney chirrups.

Not killing them all off? Maybe ‘they’ just kill offKeep down their ‘own’ predator species!
View: YouTube footage – Below…

Help House Sparrows: Allow some patches of weeds and unmown grass to attract seeds insects. Feed –
Sunflower seeds millet well cut up fruit and kitchen scraps.
Avoid chemicals killing soft-bodied bugs that young House Sparrows eat. Have some really dense scrub for them to forage roost and hide in from predators.

“House Sparrows struggling to survive alone here – In Britain!”

2010: Numbers Dead 90%! Monstrous. Slayed Britain. On guess what – Damn forever this –
Death ‘Red-List.’

Q: WHY This Sparrow Disaster UK? SO ASK the RSPB! “THEY SHOULD BE Truly ASHAMED Of The Loss of Every One Of ‘Our’ Sparrow And Songbird Numbers!” – THE RSPB JUST DO NOT CARE — “AND ARE UTTERLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION.”

Sparrows arrived here towards the end of the last ice age nesting in caves cliffs. “We’ve lived side by side with the Sparrow since man first emerged.”

“OUR OWN ‘Life,’ Could NOT  ‘WOULD NOT,’ Be EVER – The Same Without The Sparrow…!”

‘Every morning at dawn chorus time all across the country they used to form the massed choir.’ Humble Sparrow is increasingly now not even alive.
House Sparrow: Between 1972 and 1996 – Estimates are that 9.6million – House Sparrows had ‘disappeared’ – A loss of 65%.

1990 – There were eight sparrows for every garden. 2000 – Only Four – 2010 – DEAD 90%!
2000: House Sparrow –
Already extinct in Glasgow Birmingham Manchester Edinburgh Bradford Newcastle Southampton. Etc…

‘Age Span Of Cats In The Last 40 Years Is Up From 8 to 22+ Years.’ Cats Kill 45% Of OUR Songbirds.

Photo: 1 of 5 Dead baby Blackbirds. Catastrophically All killed by ‘one’ Magpie April 2010!

View: Magpies ‘Again’ RSPB! ‘One’ wiped us out Killing – 5 baby Blackbirds – Every Year The Same!

Cats speed 30-40mph same as racehorse deer bear white rhino! Killing 110 million garden birds small mammals every year. That’s without ‘wild’ cat numbers!

Few cat owners care that the small bird taken by their cat translates into an immense number when multiplied by the national cat population of 14Million; 2010 – London alone has 1.5Million Cats.

In an area their numbers hugely exceed that which could be supported naturally. Responsible owner awareness desperately needed as cat predation on songbirds must be addressed.

“For many owners it’s outright denial!”

It’s true provide toys give cats more attention it helps reduce boredom. Prevent cats hunting songbirds this is never for food but purely recreational. Fit SonicAlert cat collars; Add bells!

2005: USA “Spent several billions every year on cat food (more than on baby food) doubling every decade.”

Here is just ‘One’ YouTube footage showing the brutality ‘British Garden Songbirds’ are subjected to Daily by Cats! Worldwide this detestably daily goes on happening. Along with ‘our’ Songbirds being caught in nets traps by Hunters and Poachers in far too many countries being eaten by humans.

View: ‘80 Euros’ buys You songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50million euros Year!’ Trappers Push Songbirds Closer to Extinction –
‘Black Market IN OUR Songbirds thrives!’

SAVE – ‘OUR’ Garden Birds! Not Needed – Ever More – ‘Predatory’ Killing Cats!

Sparrow Disaster UK – ASK RSPB? THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED – Of LOSS OFEvery Single Sparrow & Songbird…” Save “British Garden Birds!” – NOT Needed Ever More – ‘Hawks & Cats Killing !’

In this unnerving video you can witness a Cat chasing catching then killing and eating a live Songbird.

Note: This video is alarming contains graphic images and some may even find it upsetting.

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  1. Runugus says:

    I’ve recently started a site and find the information you offer on this website has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & hard work.

    • Steve Beary says:

      Just came across this. Many ill-informed assumptions. The Main cause of House sparrow decline is Diesel emissions. (see work by Dr. Lorna Shaw and out of Interest Birds of London by Bill Nicholson). Cat and hawk fatalities are not material. Modern Farming, habitat loss and inappropriate development are the bigger issues. This kind of article damages the good work of conservation bodies around the world.

  2. Brok says:

    The plunge in Songbird populations can be put squarely at the farmers’ doors. They ignore the rule regarding hedge trimming. Farmers and landowners are prevented from trimming hedges during six months, between 1 March and 1 September to protect nesting birds as part of EU legislation.

    Needless to say, they ignore these rules so nesting habitat is disturbed and destroyed. Hedges are cut down to below five feet tall and birds can neither nest or roost because there is no safety from predators.
    Hedges are cut by contractors and to avoid paying too many times. farmers order their hedges to be slashed to a low level.
    Perhaps the law should be changed to make the minimum height of a hedge 2 metres (6ft 8in) this would give our wild birds a chance to recover their numbers. If this does not happen birds that were common ten years ago will be extinct within the next five.Today bird food rots in the feeders, what a sad heritage for our children.

    From :
    Thank you for sending us your well deserved passionate views about this long and continuing problem regarding just “Where DO Songbirds find a nesting place? AND Along with some peace –
    All of our thoughts WORDS go out to Councils to HELP and with ALL of ‘US to’ – “TOO MAKE MORE AWARE OF HELPING OUT in SAVING MORE OF OUR SONGBIRDS?
    With some thought we can and SHOULD All be Contributing.

    “HERE – HERE” Though NOT ALL ‘farmers’ and their doors are BAD. To you 3 BIG Cheers and THANK-‘YOUS’- for CARING.

    EVERYONE PLEASE Do far more as without Our Hue and CRY! NOTHING Ever Gets or will GET DONE…!

    With our Best wishes FROM Ava –

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