Marsh Warbler – “Navigate huge distances detecting earths magnetic field” – ‘15 breeding pairs by 2010!’ Vile Carnage…!

Marsh Warbler – “Navigate huge distances detecting earths magnetic field” – ‘15 breeding pairs by 2010!’ Vile Carnage…!

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Marsh Warbler

“Few now hear this master singing continuously for up to an hour mimicking the musical songs of Songbirds from its breeding and wintering range.”

‘UK Biodiversity Action Plan 1998 revised – 2006!’

Increase to – ‘15 breeding pairs’ – By 2010…! Vile – Carnage!

Precariously Rare – ‘Silenced’ – In Britain. Dredged Up – Dead RED!

Migration: Pocket-sized Warblers and Garden Birds weighing only a few grams –

How do they manage to navigate such huge distances. Being able to detect earths magnetic field?

“Somehow experiencing different sensation when facing north or south. To find their way along a compass bearing direction.”

‘Even when the tiny Songbirds reach their destination they rely only on memory of visual landmarks to guild them.’

“Songbirds unrecognised abilities and complex aspects of migration. We have to appreciate them and their behaviour ever more.”

“Awe-inspiring and mysterious even to our own human understanding…”

It doesn’t pay anyone to keep ever increasing predator scavenger numbers down. Forever their killing of all other species.
That their own numbers desperately need to be culled. To accept anything else as normal and ‘nature’ is delusional.

British ‘wildlife’ has been permanently allowed to become only predators and scavengers!”
– “We are in dire need of Songbirds they eat billions of our insects bug slug snail aphid pests. Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses”

Sensible’ culling of the far too many predators and scavengers which are all catching killing eating our Songbirds from magpies cats grey-squirrels sparrowhawks herring-gulls crows parakeets jays rats fox, etc…

Stop ‘wildlife’ centres releasing back forever more healthy predators scavengers. This against their more dead delicate songbirds. Because of our folly were protecting only the able! – What about species unable to adapt cope or compete.’ Because of our choice – To become EXTINCT?

‘The Twilight of ‘our’ Songbirds!’ – WHY?

MP’s: Write asking for – ‘Legislation to make Councils keep down scavenger and predator numbers.’

Cite Recent’ – 2010 Independent research proving RSPB legislation on raptors has to change. When? Protest… It’s our Sparrows and our Garden Songbirds –
Which need their – ‘protection.’

Get in touch joining only grass root charities doing recent’ –
2010 ‘Scientific Research’ –

Garden Songbirds and Sparrows and ‘our’ only hope left…

Little Richard“I think people who don’t believe in God are crazy. How can you say there is no God when you hear the Songbirds singing these beautiful songs –
That you didn’t make?”

Click on ‘Footage’ to witness the savagery to which these beautiful songbirds become victims. The videos are alarming. Many may find them disturbing. But hopefully they will spur you on to take action.

Marsh Warbler – Few now hear this master singing mimicking all other bird songs – “Increase to 15 breeding pairs by 2011?” Red Carnage!  Weighing Only grams – “They navigate huge distances being able to detect earths magnetic field…!”

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