Crossbill – ‘Huge Decline All Finch Family’ – “Detestably & Shamefully” Beautiful Graceful Crossbill – Ever Alive? Sob…!

Crossbill – ‘Huge Decline All Finch Family’ – “Detestably & Shamefully” Beautiful Graceful Crossbill – Ever Alive? Sob…!

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Fantastic Lovely and Colourful Singing Songster loves eating Pine Seeds.
These now ‘rarities’ mandibles (beaks) cross at the tip.

CrossbillsAre thirsty Songbirds – Doubtless on account of their diet of pine seeds.

‘Were often seen drinking at car park puddles.’

Mandibles that cross at the tip. The lower mandible may bend either to the left or right. Their tail is quite deeply forked.
Male colouring is mainly brick-red.

Its crown and rump are all the  brighter shades of reds.

Crossbills breed in every month of the year, their ability to withstand a cold climate enabling them to breed whenever there is a good cone crop.

‘Present Numbers Are Unknown…?’

Numbers Detestably And Shamefully Are Way Down. Britain Warning: – “Huge decline of the Hawfinch and all the Finch family”…

Overall ALL – Of ‘Our’ British Songbirds. WHY? Dead…! Any ‘one’ of our beautiful Crossbills ever alive… sob! – 2010 November –

“Only two things are infinite the universe and human stupidly – And I’m not too sure about the former.” Albert Einstein.

Enjoy the beauty and soundscape of songbirds. Their help we humans need in clearing up billions of aphids insects slugs bugs creepy crawlies insects moths flies pests. We don’t want.’ All without laying out tons of pellets per year or spraying out umpteen tons of chemicals. Yes. We are the loser –

“We need songbirds like we need the bees. A great distraction lifting our spirits whenever we hear their song we are the better for sharing this world with them.” – Songbirds must be able to breed. Even to have a large brood as their own and their youngster’s life is so dangerous.

Very few are left to survive even their first winter. We sadly see what has become of British ‘wildlife.’ – In Our Parks Squares Gardens Countryside.
“Unluckily with these fantastic resources and only open sp
aces a multitude of predators and scavengers have been allowed to breed.
And also to take over in our countryside. ‘Forever predators and scavengers and all in uncontrolled numbers.’

We used to applaud praise London and many UK Cities – Parks squares gardens but all that changed over 30 years ago. Ever since they just breed magpies, grey-squirrels, sparrowhawks, herring-gulls, red-kites, all hawks, crows, jays, pigeons, fox. Etc. And – ‘Parakeets’ Displace. By Their Size And Presence.

We also do need ‘Garden Songbirds’ in our lives. Not just deckchairs, decking, flower baskets and pretty displays.

“Tragically Sparrows and garden Songbirds do not stand a chance in all our towns and cities as British ‘wildlife’ has been allowed to become only ‘Predators and Scavengers’ – which is ‘all’ we ever do see.”

Hear screeching, squawking, shrilling, screaming, cawing, cackling dins.

All this would take and needs is some care – concern and thought!

Do people bother to think what all these extra – ‘Predators and Scavengers’ – pester and eat? – “IT’S SONGBIRDS…

‘For all the good that Songbirds and Sparrows do for us – Gardener’s, plantsmen and farmers biodiversity re using less and fewer chemicals…’

To get everyone to stop ‘spraying’ out so many poisons and – TO STOP USEING SLUG PELLETS – IN ALL Our Parks Squares Gardens and our Countryside.

That then kill Garden Songbirds and when feeding their chicks eating those same ‘poisoned’ slugs bugs flies moths spiders insects that bothered us so!

“Were in this depleted world of NO Garden Songbirds and Sparrows. And With so many species utterly unable to adapt cope or compete to sustain their numbers!”

Crossbill – “Detestably Shamefully Numbers Way Down!” ‘Huge Decline All Finch Family’ – Beautiful Graceful Crossbill ever alive?… sob!

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