Grey Squirrels Are Pests – KNOWN “Killing Thousands Of Songbirds” ‘Ranking Alongside Cats’ – Songbirds Main Killers! 2010 News

Grey Squirrels Are Pests – KNOWN “Killing Thousands Of Songbirds” ‘Ranking Alongside Cats’ – Songbirds Main Killers! 2010 News

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“Grey Squirrels, Great Overdue Debate.” – 2010 August 2nd: Ham & High

BrewDogs Adverts Of A Stuffed Grey Squirrel – Along With A Bottle Of Ale In Its Mouth Is Without (For Once) Any Sentiment. For This Too Prevalent Garden AND Countrywide Pest ‘Grey Squirrels Which ARE Well Known For The Killing Of Our Garden Birds.’
Grey Squirrels are at last being recognized for what they are. 
Plus thankfully Budgens the supermarket have also seen the truth of this tree ‘rat as they are selling grey squirrel meat which tastes great as its so organic.

Grey Squirrel PESTS – May Look Cute And Cuddly But ‘I AM AFRAID’ Marauding GREY SQUIRREL’S ARE DEVASATING ‘THOUSANDS OF OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS’ – And Ranks Alongside The Domestic Cat – AS The ‘top killer’ OF FARMLAND SONGBIRDS.
It HAS An Insatiable Appetite And If It Comes Across A Chick Or Eggs, It Gobbles Them Up.

So Come And Live Mr Roberts Where I Do – Life Is Not Just Your Cozy Enclave.

Prof Roy Brown, of Birkbeck University of London said in 2006 ‘In areas of high grey squirrel density, more than 93% of small birds nests are being raided.
When this is combined with Sparrow hawk activity it can result in 100% of bird breeding failure.’

This should serve as a wake up call to all those who do not believe or want to believe that squirrels are a major problem.’
Tragically in 2010 – W Roberts hasn’t learnt a thing about other peoples problems regarding the ‘antics’ of grey squirrels or reads the newspapers.
Alex, Whetstone N 20

Photo: Bearded Tit=

Lively colourful characters performing as reed-bed clowns acrobats with crazy Zapata moustachs eye tufts and long trailing tails. Breeds winters in reed-beds flying rapidly over.
Very sociable along with singing out high ‘ping’ calls.

“Vulnerable to severe winters their populations have immorally declined.”
At times reduced to a mere – ‘Handful…!’

Bearded Tit – AMBER? Oh give ‘us’ strength. IF ONLY! Wretched Britain –
Were being lied to! The ‘myth’ of ‘Amber Lists. More like ‘Red’ Dead;

“Bearded Tit= Extinct When…?”

2011 May: Note Songbird Numbers and – RECENT Data? Question – The Majority Is So Old!
And So – ‘Utterly Out of Date?’

‘Water Meters For All to Save Rivers.’ 2010 August 12:

‘Conservationists say all homes in England and Wales should have water meters to relieve pressure on rivers.’

WWF-UK: Warns that a third of rivers are facing damage from over-extraction which can lead them to dry out killing fish and other wildlife.

About a third of households have the meters which cut water use by average of 10 to 15 per cent. The wildlife charity wants the government to bring in universal metering by 2020.

Stuffed Tiger Toys Conceal Live Cub ! 2010 August 27 Metro:

Customs officials at Bangkock airport found a two-month-old tiger inside a bag filled with stuffed tiger toys. The cub which had been sedated with antidepressants was hidden in a suitcase bound for Iran.
A 31-year old woman said she was carrying it for someone else.

There is a thriving black market trade in tigers, mainly for their skins.

Grey Squirrels Are Pests – “Devastating Thousands Garden Birds” – ‘Ranking Alongside Cats’ – As Songbirds Main Killers ! From 2010 News

Seagulls Aren’t Sweet They ARE Scavengers “Killing Our Garden Songbirds.”
August 26 H & H:

‘Who is the RSPB London Communications Manager fooling?’

Not me for one. “Yes I agree gulls are certainly ‘intelligent and resourceful’ having learned to take advantage.”

But to promote the attitude to just leave gulls to their own devices is wrong. They do not suffer predation from other species unlike our garden songbirds.

Predators cull everything else that their own numbers need to be culled.

To accept anything else as normal ‘nature’ is truly barmy we are all being hood-winked. The RSPB admit the gulls get all the advantage of tons of waste food.

‘Yet fails to reason this is giving non aggressive and non predator species any hope or help.’

What, RSPB, is ‘natural’ about that…?
They expound to be using ‘non-lethal’ methods. I do not know anyone who is aware of what exactly these methods are? Please explain ‘TO US’ – RSPB.

But obviously, I opine that these ‘methods’ do not work !
I have not seen any proof that the RSPB are saving any one of ‘MY’ Garden Songbirds…? Least of all my long dead garden Sparrows.

A Risonne, London E 14

Forest Death 2010 August 6:

Nearly 80 per cent of the animal and plant species in the world’s rainforests may be extinct in 90 years research suggests.
Wildlife will have to adapt or die in the face of deforestation and climate change –and just 18 per cent could remain by 2100 said US ecologists.
‘Land managers should focus on reducing deforestation and helping species adjust,’ said Dr Greg Asner at the Carnegie Institution.

GM Escape 2010 August 6:

Genetically modified plants have been discovered in the wild for the first time, researchers claim today. Some 86 per cent of canola plants found by the side of 5,400km (3,355 miles) of roads in North Dakota in July had their genetic structure altered to be tolerant to two pesticides.
It is not yet known how the plants seeds ‘escaped’ from regulated crops said Meredith Schafer of the University of Arkansas.
Canola is a yellow cultivar of rapeseed.

Grey Squirrels Are Pests – “Devastating Thousands Garden Birds” – ‘Ranking Alongside Cats’ – As Songbirds Main Killers ! From 2010 News

‘Grey Squirrel Are Killers’ – “Devastating Thousands OF- OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS” – Ranking Alongside Cats…!

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