‘10’ British Charities have 2008 – ‘£35billion Held In Reserve’! NOTHING – “To SAVE British GARDEN SONGBIRDS?”

‘10’ British Charities have 2008 – ‘£35billion Held In Reserve’! NOTHING – “To SAVE British GARDEN SONGBIRDS?”

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HELP ‘SAVE-SONGBIRDS.’ Twitter tweet for those Songbirds and Sparrows that are hanging on. To get their depressing ‘plight’ heard. Were all in the sway of the media. We need celebs and everyone to help Save Garden Songbirds before there are ‘none…!’ NOTHING left – for future generations!

Protest and ask the RSPB to start ‘Saving Songbirds.’ To stop protecting just ‘their’ sparrowhawks. That’s what their members have paid them to do.
Isn’t it? – ‘To SAVE ‘our’ GARDEN SONGBIRDS ?’ – PROTEST
  31st July 2010

Photos: Wren=
Irresistible shy captivating dinky Wrens weigh same as £1 coin. Rich russet plumage mottled many shades of brown. Cream stripe over eyes.
Fine flicked toy cocked tail.
Wrens tremble as they put everything into their ‘round the clock’ hearty buzzy – tuneful clear song – ending in a ‘trill.’

“One of Britains smallest songbirds but what they lack in size make up for in energy and noise; Swivelling bobbing singing their tiny little hearts out.”

Male constructs several globe-shaped nests of grass leaves moss in holes, walls, trees. Uses nest boxes. Female then chooses ‘her’ nest and lines with her feathers.

Help Wrens: Short delicate bills eat beetles flies spiders. Ground feeders risk killing by cats magpies sparrowhawks rats grey-squirrels and all the too many other predators about – Use ‘steep-sided worm-feeders.’ Feed mealworms fruit soft bill mixes containing insects cereals.

“Retain dense bramble patches and bushes for ‘resting and hiding.’ For ALL – ‘Of our Songbirds’ – From Predators!”
Habit of cocking up their little toy tail –
But – Wrens? ‘What Are Their Present Day Numbers?’ Terribly their Numbers are Depressingly Down.

View Topics: Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Cont: Enjoy the beauty and soundscape of songbirds. They consume billions of our unwanted slugs snails creepy crawly leather jacket insects bugs beetles aphids gnats caterpillars spiders pests. ‘Their help we humans need.’ In eating and clearing up all ‘our’ unwanted pests moths flies and a myriad of creepy crawlies we dont want all without pellets or reverting to spraying out chemicals.

“Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses.” Try not to be too lazy and do something to ‘Help them.’ Please.

We need Songbirds like we need the Bees. Effective loud email messages letters send to the RSPB & Newspapers. “If enough people protest nowadays.
It will soon enough get heard and
acted upon by the media.

Everyone we know, speak to all lament the obvious loss of our taken for granted songbirds that they have gone from everywhere. Send tweets protests to everyone to help ensure we can achieve some hope for a future for ‘our’ songbirds.

Why re-release and protect every raptor ‘hawk.’ “Predator – !”
But ‘NEVER’ – Any Protection for Songbirds?

2004 Defra: Report Issued 56 pages. ‘Decline Loss into Sparrow and Starling Numbers.’ Down 75%. Verdict ‘few survive one season to next.’
Citing disease, lack of food, severe winters.

They left until last ‘predation’ by hawks, grey-squirrels.
Their killing of songbirds.
Leaving out cats, crows. Etc…

2005 Defra: 10 February Announced –
“The removal of house sparrows, starlings from general licenses to kill or take so called pest species of birds from off their register.”

‘So how is it that we were writing to the RSPB (along with thousands) having noticed the rapid decline of these and other bird species from all our urban and countrywide areas for over 25 years prior to – 2005?’

“Showing the RSPB hadn’t done any one thing to ‘save sparrows’ OR – Objected to this license to – kill them. Even In 2005’…!”

MP Ian Duncan Smith Review 2008 April: The Top 10 Largest Charities in Britain. “Whose main spend is on lobbying government; staff and headquarters.” “Too big charities don’t help the cause – Service providers councils do that and deliver on the ground.”

The Top 10 Charities have in reserve £35 billion – 2008. “They are able to squeeze out smaller grass root charities.”

As I’d chanced upon this ‘Review’ purely by chance at least I expected news about it. Nothing ever mentioned. Nothing in the media TV or newspapers…

The RSPB dictate their policies at the highest level. They have 1.5 million members. Their accounts 2006 had £100 million of concerned member’s money for – songbirds? “They should be truly ashamed of every one of our Songbirds and Sparrows tragic Loss – Death.”

“Add untold millions it receives in donations, legacies (etc) annually. Only adding to songbird’s plight and burden with the RSPB love protection of – Raptors ‘hawks’ along with ill thought out re-releases of raptors all over Britain. When are we going to wake up!”

RSPB are they worth joining to ‘save’ songbirds do they listen to members viewpoint? As ex-members NO – ‘We were wrong to even question them!’
Obviously they don’t want to upset their fluffy pretty brigade to cull aggressive predators and scavengers.

So members do let them know your thoughts on predation. Killing by predators when no one keeps ‘their explosive numbers down.

View – Garden Bird tweets: RSPB Admits ‘No Research Predation!’ – ‘Conservationists’ taboo… Colossal Killing of Garden Birds!

Which is all British Wildlife has been allowed to become! All to our own tragic shame. Many members of the RSPB feel betrayed. All those thousands who supplied money for their outdated surveys. By blaming modern farming methods for nearly all of wildlife ‘ills’ became far too easy to evade positive action.

Lord Barber of Tilbury ex chairman of the RSPB – “Elsewhere in many civilized countries limited sensitive culling of particular predators is regarded as an act of ‘conservation’ rather than in the eyes of the RSPB an intolerable outrage.”

Restoring a balance of species though population control has thus been made unthinkable, despite the fact that it would be sound conservational practice to do so. We’ve taken away any balance of nature we have to continue the balance of man.
The long wait for sense to prevail for – ‘conservation’ – in the UK?

‘£35-Billion’ – Held By 10 British Charities – ‘In Reserve’ – 2008!

2012 May 10: BBC radio journalist researching donations given to charities. Replied – “The Devon Donkey Sanctuary, in Devon received £2,000 per donkey compared to £1,000 for each prisoner re an advice service charity.”

Photos: Wren. Retain dense bramble patches bushes for resting and hiding For ALL ‘Of our Songbirds.’

We once supported Les Stocker of the Wildlife Hospital but his re-releases of all predators scavengers back healthily into the wild. Then red kites. ‘Belatedly we saw the light!’

“This against those species lesser able to adapt cope or compete and dieing off!”

Eight years ago he was so proudly re-releasing red kites in Aylesbury which are now all over the place also at Hampstead and Hackney with an 6′ wing span…!
Surprise tell us. What Do they ALL – EAT?  Yes – It’s Sparrows and our Songbirds…!!

Saying that ‘hawks are a mans thing.’ Men don’t find songbirds sexy ‘Like Hawks’…
Give ‘us’ strength. Songbirds future we all agree is bleak!

Stop ‘wildlife’ centres releasing back ‘forever more’ healthy predators scavengers. This against their more dead delicate songbirds.
Because of our consequence and sublime folly were protecting only the able!  What about species unable to adapt cope or compete. Because of ‘our’ choice – To become EXTINCT?”

Decline of coppicing, woodland management. Increased Grazing – From introduced species – Deer-fallow muntjack sika chinese water deer have reduced density of shrubs and woodland.

That Nightingales and Songbirds inhabited! Note: Munrjack, etc – Breed all year likewise are advancing at – 1 km a Year!
Inevitable effect on ground nesting birds and woodlands trees flower species. Etc…

Bill Oddy ‘loves magpies’ also say Nature Watch is filmed at private estates. Not from our streets, back gardens, parks and squares. Not having any songbirds left there with our and umpteen others knowledge after magpies sparrowhawks grey-squirrels cats killed all past songbirds and sparrows.

Elbert Hubbard – “Genius may have its limits but stupidity is not thus capped.”

Pretence is one thing many of us prefer the truth of songbirds dire present day situation as their numbers plummet.
DO ‘THEY’ – CARE? See the facts join the best grass roots charitywww.songbird-survival.org.uk

We are in dire need of songbirds they eat billions of our slugs insects bugs creepy crawly pests. Were obligated to help them in their plight like the bees.

There are so many predators scavengers that all prey on killing our resident songbirds. ‘As ex-members of the RSPB they cared more about money and protection of raptors (hawks) than what their members thought.’

Deer are victim of their own success establishing high population levels which then have to be ‘managed.’ This supported by several bird and wood organisations. This benefits woodland birds.

“Exactly this same ‘common sense’ must apply to sparrowhawk and over abundant predators then that are killing off our sparrows and songbirds!”

Why have ‘we’ all allowed this to happen along with the obvious loss of just far too many habitats?

10 British Charities Have 2008 – ‘£35billion – Held In Reserve! “To SAVE Our – British GARDEN SONGBIRDS?” – NOTHING!

 ©TPL April.10  Copyright © 2011 Songbirds Slaughter

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  14. Johnny from SCB says:

    I bumped into a lady this morning who gave me the site details. I agree that all the songbirds are in decline and despair as to the remedy to bring back the numbers. Keep up the good work

    Hello and Thank-you SO MUCH for caring so much and as much as we ALL do here… I’m afraid the RSPB hold all the reigns re Sparrowhawks Magpies and all other predators that KILL just for Killings sake ALL our So Lovely Harmless AND so Innocent SONGBIRDS!!
    Make sure you only give your money in the future to Grass Roots charities like Songbird-Survival.org.uk
    Our Best to you

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