“Cats ‘Kill’ 100 Million Songbirds A Year” 2010 ! ‘Speeding At 30/40 mph’ – “Same As, White Rhino, Racehorse Bear, Deer…!”

“Cats ‘Kill’ 100 Million Songbirds A Year” 2010 ! ‘Speeding At 30/40 mph’ – “Same As, White Rhino, Racehorse Bear, Deer…!”

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Oh-Joy A Juvenile Robin Without Yet His Red Breast Came By Last Week; First And Last Time A Robin Was Seen Around Here Was In 1998…! They then made a nest in the ivy opposite the nesting blackbirds. 
“On TV they always show Robins ‘territory antics’ but, when they cannot find anywhere to nest it is peace.” 

No one ever saw any problems or aggression happening between them (as portrayed), even when I put food out in to their ‘bird’ shed to help them survive some dreadful and difficult weather. “Later Magpies Raided Both The Robin And Blackbird Nests.” – Only one robin survived the chaos !

The spreading dead ivy has some large pretty moths now hovering; ‘only two small types eat our clothes.’ I even saw a butterfly…!  – 16 July 2010 – ‘Cannot humans and wildlife live together; they were here first.  

Then Wanda ‘my’ Blackbird flew down while I was reading the paper in the yard. Making low calling tweets to let me know she was there with her mate as they know we don’t always see or hear them. Then going over to the water in the dustbin lid showing she wanted a bath. 

I moved my seat away to show I wasn’t a threat. Then while wings outstretched she started rapidly flapping water out in all directions, dunking her head as she flapped, stopping every so often to see if all was well and to look at me. ‘Being very brave as songbirds are so wary of people.’
Then drying off with lots more flapping, head bobbing, and preening out her glossy brown feathers.

“Then gosh, she was in their old nest in the ivy the male Wuffy flying to sit protectively on an outside branch. For ages noisy scratching rustling going on then out she came and Wuffy went in for a short while and then she popped back in to continue.”

Then much later taking small amounts of wet mud from the compost pile flying umpteen times backwards and forwards loudly hammering it into the ivy. Selecting also from around the compost pile bits and pieces of twigs and lots of small strands of grass flying back and forth to rebuild their destroyed nest.
‘I thought ‘we’ could at long last have some blackbird chicks this year.’

Photos: Robin

Perky inquisitive Robin red breast 1960 crowned UK’s National Songbird.
Endearing sociable Christmas favourite.

‘Male and female sing identical round the clock melodious powerful sweet warbling songs to declare their area stopping only when rearing their chicks.’

Help Robins: Slim small bills need beetles bugs flies berries smaller seeds chopped up nuts. Spring Summer protein rich mealworms for them and their chicks.

One of our best loved songbirds who sings almost throughout the year.
Numbers – Despondently down in Britain…

Cont: ‘Wuffy was singing loudly away on top of next doors aerial later going to a much lower slower tone. This went on for hours until well past 10pm.’
They work so hard.

Blackbirds always the first up before daybreak last songbirds to bed after dusk.

“Intelligent Songbirds Have No Choice But To Have Me Around As ‘Protection’ Against All Their Predators. This should not be the case – ‘No one can call that natural’ !”

‘Being So Close To Garden Songbirds Really Does Gladden The Heart And Of Their Sheer Trust.’ Hearing and seeing songbirds research proves, that it really does make us feel more relaxed and content – ‘By 78%…’ Putting our own troubles into a far better prospective and feeling they are of lesser importance.

And as many people say – “Hearing Songbirds Singing Really Does Make Them Feel Happy.”

I’ve been very aware of songbirds since the age of about three when we had ‘loads’ of sparrows and songbirds in our north London garden. Mum always emptied the tablecloth out each and every day from our kitchen window for the sparrows and songbirds and with her kitchen scissors spent ages carefully cutting up into small pieces any soft bacon, sausage or meat and any fat suitable for them and for everyone’s ‘garden songbird’s.

“And then one day finding a male blackbird with a broken leg she put a matchstick splint on for a very short time, keeping him cared for in our old back garden shed which had a lot of shelves benches and pots for him to perch on.”

“Yes, ‘Joey’ went on to live to a very ripe good old age of over ‘eleven’ years still singing his heart out in our back garden to thank her.” So I really do think that blackbirds could live “WITHOUT PREDATION” (SOME HOPE) to well into fourteen or fifteen years.

“Few cat owners appreciate that the small bird taken by their cat translates into an immense number when multiplied by the national cat population of 14 million. London alone has 1.5 million ! In the last 40 years the age span of cats has increased from 8 to 22 years plus…”

2008: Cats accounted for 45% of songbirds killed. 2010: ‘Domestic cats kill 100 million garden birds small mammals every year.’ That’s without adding wild cat numbers catching killing our songbirds!
Cats speed at 30-40mph same as a racehorse, white rhino, bear and deer! Cats being kept as pets allow the population in an area to hugely exceed the number that could be supported naturally. Responsible owner awareness desperately needed. Cat predation on songbirds must be addressed.
For many owners it’s outright denial.

Cats Kill 100 Million Songbirds a Year in the UK – Cats Kill 100 Million Songbirds Year in Britain – 2008 – !

Fitting Sonic Alert cat collars in 1999 trials brought 65% fewer bird kills. Add as many bells as possible! And Provide toys cat owners – Its true play helps reduce boredom and giving cats more attention. Prevent cats hunting songbirds as this is never for food but purely recreational.

2005 USA: ‘Spent Several Billions Every Year On Cat Food (more than on baby food) Doubling Every Decade.’

A Charity Started Over Ten Years Ago – From RSPB And Ex-Members Of RSPB (like  -myself) IS –
Songbird-Survival. – 
“It Is The ‘Only’ Grass-Roots Charity Speaking The Truth Of The Present Day Dire Situation Of The Impact Of Predation – On Our Own Garden Songbirds.”

See The Truth Of The Situation At Their Website And In Their Newsletters.

“Which we along with too many thousands have seen for far too long and are witness to.”

‘Sponsorship urgently required.’ – Hampton Court Flower Show for one week COSTS thousands of pounds with no concessions. Songbird Survival were ‘allowed’ for three years to have a stand with grass roots impact making umpteen new members.

2010: Not Obtained? Big guns RSPB are there every year… This ‘selection’ IS Throttling OUT ANY OTHER Charities – Why?

SBS’ alone have the most up to date research carried out ‘by anyone’ on Songbird numbers by predation’ – ‘Killing’ By Other ‘Birds’ and Animals.

“Why Then IS This Truth – Being Denied…?” JOIN http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk

Helping out at a past stand we heard every single day OF just so much anguish and passion. Everyone from Britain the USA Turkey New Zealand and all the world crying out and to us – Their same sad torment (as us) – ”Why Isn’t Anyone Doing Anything” ? – Alone the only reply was ‘Ask The’ – RSPB –
Ask Then ‘Only’ the “Royal Society for the Protection of Birds…” Which gave their legal protection to sparrowhawks in “1954” !

“Only Do-Gooders oppose ‘common sense’ regarding predation which means all the ‘killing’ by other birds and animals upon small mammals and all our Garden Songbirds.” The “Charity Songbird-Survival is our only hope left to what can be done and is to be done by all of us that really do care.”

Deliberate denial from the RSPB forever evading the truth of predation by sparrowhawks, all hawks, falcons, red kites, owls, badgers, woodpeckers, herring-gulls, magpies, grey-squirrel infestation, cats, rats, fox. Etc, etc. The list seems endless from photographic proof.

Where Are The Councils In All This? And their obligation to keep ‘pests’ down? But. “It does not pay anyone to keep ever increasing predator scavenger numbers down.” And Certainly No Votes In It (yet)…

RSPB Legislation On Raptors (hawks) Has To Change. BUT WHEN? Always ‘we’ Only Notice ‘LOSS’ When Its ALL – Too Damn Late!

And the RSPB? All letters of concern as members from ‘1983’ on-wards to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds? ALL about the demise of Sparrows and all our Garden Songbirds show nothing has changed in their stubborn Conceit AND Thinking and OF THEIR Continuing Arrogance – ?

AND STILL TODAY (May 2016) THEY the RSPB MAINTAIN THEIR OUTDATED sparrowhawk ‘PROTECTION’. WHY – WHEN ‘WE’ HAVE HARDLY ANY ONE SPARROW LEFT IN “ANY” CITY IN THE UK? –  the RSPB Who gave their legal protection to sparrowhawks in “1954” !

“Today Their Stance Is Ever More Tragic – RSPB Should Be Truly Ashamed Of The Present Day Loss Of Every One Of Our Sparrow AND Songbird Numbers !”   
“Killed ‘100’ Million Songbirds Year !” – BY CATS In ‘2010’ – Speeding At 30 / 40 mph – Same As Racehorse, Deer, Bear And Even the  White Rhino…!

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  1. CNAN says:

    GET SONGBIRDS VOTED FOR ONLINE? Such a great and nice post, please let us know how we can do more to get raptors off the protected list? thanks.

  2. g.hagliss says:

    We must all -Twitter Twitter please ‘everyone’ to get the ‘message’ across from this website. We have to HELP songbirds as NO dawn chorus has been heard in central London for far too long. To get back a dawn chorus before there is NOTHING LEFT!!

  3. simain says:

    Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article. Really looking forward to read all your thoughts and much more, more please.
    ‘Save Our Songbirds’ I so agree.

  4. Ron Tedwater says:

    Really nice website. No one is helping songbirds WE ALL AGREE.

  5. VAL PARTAREN says:

    What a nice website I really love reading these articles. I cant wait to see what others have to say.
    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it..
    Such good articles. Where is the help though that songbirds need ??

  6. 6602 says:

    Songbirds slaughter org.. Tiptop 🙂

  7. Sildon-fil says:

    You want my verdict? It’s exceedingly interesting! songbirds-slaughter.org.uk is my favorite website now !

  8. Maggie says:

    If only one waterway in N. America is clogged by Zebra Mussels, should we let them be because, after-all, it’s only ONE waterway?
    If only one lake is destroyed by Eurasian Water-Milfoil should we let it be and allow it to spread everywhere? Because, after-all, it is only ONE lake. Right?
    If only 1/8th acre of property in N. America is overtaken by the Brazilian Pepper-Plant we shouldn’t care at all. Because, after-all, the value of that 1/8th acre of land isn’t worth very much. Right?

  9. William Bennett says:

    Came to this site looking for information and found a lot of hysteria instead. It is a trend I’ve found on a lot of birder sites. Large numbers are thrown around without referencing their sources of linking to the studies involved. A hundred million out of what size population? what are the population replacement rates? A hundred million birds and small mammals. What is the mix. Does that mean 50 million rats eaten each year. There’s just too much missing here for it to a useful site.
    Songbirds-Slaughter: Like yourself we check filter read a diverse range of offered info to reach conclusions from all –
    Dont dismiss ‘latest’ http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk research.

  10. Polskey says:

    You really make it seem really easy together with my own love of song birds cryful decline and what we must do. Helped with one in a million views with advise followed. Who has saved our garden birds? No RSPB. Alone your presentation is excellent and best to give the whole picture.But I to find this matter to be really something which I think I’d never understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely broad for me. I’m taking a look forward to your next input and I’ll make sure try to get the hold of it!

  11. Cats cats cats says:

    Not even until every last land animal (including humans) is gone from this earth, due to cats destroying the whole food-chain, with nothing but cannibalistic cats left walking the land. No exaggeration. Do the math. Ask any TNR group how many cats they’ve trapped. They haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the problem THEY CAUSED and are only exacerbating with their blatant lies and deceptions. Using the birth-rate [of (N/2) X 5)] every 6 months, guess how many feral-cats alone will be born just this year? 375,000,000 (1st gen) + 937,500,000 (2nd gen) = 1,312,500,000.

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