Seagulls ‘Live TO 35 Years’ – “Half Million Pairs… 2008” – “Breeding ‘4’ TIMES YEAR” – INCREASE OF 65% ‘IN London – All Cities’…!

Seagulls ‘Live TO 35 Years’ – “Half Million Pairs… 2008” – “Breeding ‘4’ TIMES YEAR” – INCREASE OF 65% ‘IN London – All Cities’…!

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We All – Can Sadly See What Has Become Of British ‘wildlife…’ In Our Parks Squares And Our Gardens.

“Unluckily With These  ‘ONCE’ Fantastic Resources And Only Open Spaces – A Multitude Of Predators AND Scavengers Have Been Allowed (Utterly) TO Breed – AND TO TAKE OVER.”

WHY? IN ALL ‘Our’‘Towns Cities and our Countryside.’

Photo: Herring Gull – Predator – Scavenger Herring Gulls Live To – “35 years…”
Read – 
News ‘tweets’
– 2008.

Herring Gulls – Chasing Catching – AND Eating ‘Ducks’ In Our London Parks. – 29th June 2010.

Since 2001: ‘Blackbirds’ Tragically On Red List Of – “Endangered Threatened Species…” WHY ?

2010: BTO – ‘‘Huge Falls Have Been Recorded For Our ‘British’ – Blackbirds.” – View: – Your Lost Birds & the RSPB.’

2010: Newspapers – ‘A Cat Was Snatched By Herring Gulls.’ Herring Gulls A Month Later ‘THEN’ Snatched  – A Tortoise ‘TO EAT…’

“Seagulls London Half Million Pairs” IN 2008 ! – Excess food – Breeding ‘4’ Times Year – They Live To – “35 Years!” – Exceeding ‘65%’ Increase. 
View below

I used to applaud praise London and many UK Cities Parks Squares and Gardens but all that changed over 30 years ago. – “Ever since they just breed magpies, grey-squirrels, sparrowhawks, parakeets, crows, jays, pigeons, fox, etc !” Forever predators scavengers and – ‘All in uncontrolled numbers.’

‘We also do need Songbirds Sparrows in all our lives.’ – Not just deckchairs, decking, flower baskets, grass and pretty displays.
“All this would take and needs is some care concern and thought.”

“Tragically sparrows songbirds do not stand a chance in all our towns cities as British ‘wildlife’ has been allowed to become only ‘Predators Scavengers.’ This is all we ever do see and hear the discordant clamour resonance of jangling, cawing, screeching, wailing, squawking, shrilling, screaming, whining, squealing.” Along with the Magpies cackling, witches, rattle.

“Do People Bother To Think ‘ABOUT’ What They – ‘ALL’ EAT – AND PESTER ? – IT’S OUR OWN – ‘GARDEN SONGBIRDS’…”

‘All of us really must contribute to help redress this present dreadful imbalance and loss of harmony that’s been allowed to happen. Already barely any one of our lost songbird species is left in our – Towns and Cities.’
That this savage loss gets forever more tragic for those of us aware of songbirds decline and are sick of seeing as it is – Never Addressed!”

Just one way to make our towns and cities more kind and thoughtful is to bring back some of our lost sparrows songbirds, trees and bushes, ‘wildlife’ areas. Help bring back into our parks, squares and wherever any open space is available.

Albert Einstein: ‘Only Two Things Are Infinite The Universe And Human Stupidly And I’m Not Too Sure About The Former.’

Photos: ‘Tree Sparrow’ – Warning Decimated 93% – Britain Cry…

Rich chestnut crown. White collar cheeks with black spot. Gregarious busy very active.

Shyer and smaller than our house sparrow. Tree Sparrows were again – Introduced Worldwide.

More harmonious song with permanently cocked tail. Takes to next boxes. Mate for life.

Disastrous Offensive – Yet Another – Tree Sparrow – UGH! Just Death for them – Why? ‘You may never see them again.’ Do You care?

Sparrows arrived here towards the end of the last ice age nesting in caves cliffs. “We’ve lived side by side with the Sparrow since man first emerged.”

“Life couldn’t be the same without the Sparrow…!”

‘Every morning at dawn chorus time all across the country they used to form the massed choir.’ Humble Sparrow is increasingly now not even alive.

2010 Tree Sparrow – Extermination Dead 93% – 

View: Songbirds & RSPB… – House Sparrow – 2010 BTO: Numbers DEAD 90%!

Between 1972 and 1996 – Estimates are that 9.6 million – House Sparrows had ‘disappeared.’ – A loss of 65%. These and many more songbirds listed were once part of all our lives. Our ‘common’ garden birds – Along with so many other beautiful songbird visitors from across the sea.

2011: Only – Have ‘present day’ numbers. Percentage loss figures. Read about Songbirds – All Our Tragic Loss.
Use Only ‘Recent’ Data. Mostly ALL IS So – ‘WAY OUT OF DATE’ ?

Retain dense bramble, patches of soil for dust baths and bushes for resting and hiding – For ALL ‘Of our Songbirds’ – From Predators…

Cont: Many saw the devastation left after Dutch elm disease which extended over most parts of Britain seeing tons upon tons of trees being cut down. Whole avenues of trees which had been through, around, all gardens parks open spaces had now gone.
Leaving only an empty bleak open truck scarred landscape.

“Into the 1980’s frightful storms of hurricane force which brought down ever more tons of trees from all over Britain and from every one of our Gardens, Parks, Open Spaces, and from all of our Squares.” – When 18 people died.

1987 October: Trees 18–20 million wasted felled trees from hurricane force 122mph. Half a million homes had no electricity. Insurance costs came to well over 7.3billion. The storms of 1987 were the worse storms that Britain had suffered – Since the year – 1703.’

1990 January: Burns night. Ever more trees felled by hurricane force 100mph – ‘Scotland had recorded areas at even 142mph.’

Knowing seeing year after year beautiful cherry trees in blossom giving out a fragrance that all grew accustomed to delighting in. Every one of those trees known so well was lying with their roots torn to bits up ended facing the sky.
Many people were in tears those days after each of these events, tears shed for those lost trees their beauty and the devastation of a ‘natural’ disaster…

Songbirds and sparrows lost out dreadfully as well; were not accounted for. Never finding out how their own numbers had been affected by these storms. Their own habitat lost by not having as many trees and bushes for them to hide and escape into from predators.

Still this same situation exists today. London’s parks, open spaces; 600 garden squares more than any other city in the world being introduced in the mid-17th century. – ‘Where all songbird numbers have crashed along with the poor old sparrow!’

2008: Hyde Park – ‘Zero’ – ‘NO’ SPARROWS LEFT AT ALL – “AT THEIR LAST COUNT.”

Were in this depleted world of NO Songbirds NO Sparrows TO SEE AND HEAR.’ With so many other species utterly unable to adapt or cope to sustain their numbers.

All of these places are just breeding ever more pests scavengers predators and vermin. A few songbirds hang on managing to survive in isolated pockets.
The RSPB should be truly ashamed…”

Seagulls London Half Million Pairs 2008! – Excess food – Breeding ‘4’ Times Year – They Live To – “35 Years…” Exceed ‘60%’ Increase! – View below –

Albert Einstein: ‘Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds!’


– ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” – Are In dire Need Of Garden Songbirds – They Consume Billions Of ALL Our Unwanted – Slugs, Snails, Creepy Crawly Insects, Bugs, Beetles, Aphids, Spiders, Gnats, Leather Jacket Pests, Moths, Flies; Etc.

 “Cleaning Our Soil Of All ‘Trash’ Viruses.”

Plus All Manner Of nature’s Biodiversity ‘our pests’ These And A Myriad Of ALL ‘OUR’ Creepy Crawlies. ‘That All Eat Our Food Plants.’

“We Alone Have Caused This Through Our Own Senseless Sublime Folly. ALONG with the RSPB Legal ‘PROTECTION’ Of Sparrowhawks” – AND NOW SINCE – THE YEAR – ‘1954…!’

“Parks have been turned into Wembley Stadiums solely to make money with very high levels of human activity.”

Whatever Happened to – The Protection for Open Spaces – Gone?

For all the good songbirds and sparrows do for us – “Cleaning Our Soil of all Trash Viruses.” Regarding gardeners and farmers biodiversity and the use of – 
Less ‘Chemicals.’
To Get Everyone To Stop ‘spraying’ Out So Many Poisons That We ‘All Then Breath In. TO STOP The USE Of ‘NON’ Organic  SLUG PELLETS – In All Our Gardens. Parks – And Our Countryside.

That then kill our Garden Songbirds when eating and to feed their chicks. Those same ‘poisoned’ slugs flies bugs spiders moths insects that bothered us so!

BBC 2008: Stated – “Seagulls London half a million pairs breeding 3-4 times a year in all ‘urban’ areas.” – ‘Extending their breeding season with excess food around.’ – Seagulls all shapes sizes are just one scavenger that has taken over our cities.  –

“They always return to where they were hatched. No threats from other species Including mankind. At the coast they have ‘one’ brood a year then migrate.”

‘Whoever started the belief that white feathers were ‘lucky’ hadn’t noticed the huge increase in seagull numbers or seen the mess they leave over all our towns and cities.’ Mostly people don’t care as they’ve never known or seen any other birdlife or wildlife.

“Vicious Herring gulls the size of chickens. People being amazed from around 1990 seeing them in all our central Parks open areas attack water birds, pecking through their eyes to kill them. Still seeing the flock pecking at the carcass three hours later.”

BBC 2011 November: ‘Herring gull numbers have been allowed to drastically increase in all urban and countrywide areas.’ Herring-Gulls in our towns and cities now exceed an increase of 65%… Yet another urban ‘flying rat.

Photo: Herring Gull – Predator-Scavenger – ‘Eating’ A Live Blackbird.

‘The Majority Of Complaints Reported From Residents To Britain’s Councils Are Screeching ‘noise’ From 3 am On Wards – Without Stopping.’

And – Their sticky white excrement mess so stringently powerful that it stains their houses paintwork and their cars; which is an expensive financial loss to get repainted or for reselling.

Plus also the herring gulls apparent too easy ‘habit’ of bending ‘lead’ flashing causing damage to an areas roofs.
Which ruins at the same time the roofing felt meaning extra costs to repair for home owners and Council residents roofs.

‘They breed on the chimney pots in the market near us which not everyone or the traders are happy about with the added noise mess and the seagull’s aggression.’

Newspaper photos show herring gulls eating Songbirds along with magpies, crows, sparrowhawks, grey-squirrels, many different hawks,  jays, rats, badgers, red-kites, fox. Etc.

All catching chasing eating what’s left of our – ‘Remaining Garden Songbirds and Sparrows.’

“Government has a duty to make Councils responsible to keep down not just general pests and vermin. But overabundant predators and scavengers.” – “Without sensible culls our Songbirds our Sparrows and small mammals do not stand a chance to survive in this our own present day ‘environment’ that we have created for them.”

All over Greater and Central London in our Towns Cities seagulls in flocks groups flying overhead screeching and calling out, even during the night we still hear this din. Their always on the look out for fast food – alive or dead.  –
With so much food around landfill sites and on the pavements they will become the next urban pigeons to collide with as we walk.

Seagulls London Half Million Pairs – 2008 ! – “Excess Food – Breeding ‘4’ Times Year” – Herring Gulls Live To “35 Years…!”

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    I see that over many years the sparrows and song birds are so much less in London and the UK than from when I arrived in 1963 from Italy.
    All people seem to say is ‘they dont see them like they used to’.
    But no one does help the situation or question the RSPB. Or their own members question them about all this loss?
    I agree with all thats written in the articles, people do not care enough to question.To stop this tragic decline of not now having any ‘dawn chorus’ anymore. Do more and let us Help?


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