Songbirds Decline? Ask RSPB ‘Their’ Sparrowhawks Legally Protected "Since – 1954!"

Songbirds Decline? Ask RSPB ‘Their’ Sparrowhawks Legally Protected "Since – 1954!"

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“This article does state quoting statistics that show sparrowhawk numbers have rapidly increased as songbird numbers have dreadfully decreased.”
Daily Mail: 2010 March 9th.

“Where ARE Our Songbirds? Since 1954 – Ask the RSPB regarding – ‘Their’ legally Protected Sparrowhawks.”

Photo: Robin chick. Perky inquisitive Robin red breast – 1960 Crowned Britain’s National Songbird.
‘Male and female sing identical round the clock melodious powerful sweet warbling songs to declare their area stopping only when rearing their chicks.’

Help Robins: Slim small bills need beetles bugs flies berries smaller seeds chopped up nuts. Spring Summer protein rich mealworms for them and their chicks.

William Wordsworth 1770 – 1850 “Art thou the bird whom Man loves best, The pious bird with the scarlet breast, Our little English Robin,
The bird that comes about our doors, When Autumn winds are sobbing”

One of our best loved songbirds who sings almost throughout the year. Endearing sociable Christmas favourite.
“Numbers despicably thoughtlessly ‘down’ – To be ‘dead’ in Britain…?”

The rising sparrowhawk population could be to blame for the dramatic decline to all of our best loved garden Songbirds.

Researchers have found a link between the increase in the birds of prey since the 1960s and a fall in the numbers of our Songbirds including – Tree and house sparrows, bullfinches reed buntings along with far too many others.

In Fact – ALL of our British Songbird species…!

Since early 1970s – Songbird numbers has plummeted 40 per cent. Over the same period birds of prey have thrived.

Rising numbers of sparrowhawks were linked to a fall in songbird numbers.

British Trust for Ornithology: Latest report was the biggest study yet on the links between predators and songbirds decline.
It pulled together observations from 200 sites between 1967-2000

“Along with reports from 2,000 volunteers between 1995 and 2005.”

The study also found that rising numbers of grey squirrels and magpies were also contributing to the decline of all of our Garden Songbirds. The report called for – ‘more research.’ –

“Damn It – BY That – ‘Time’ NOTHING – NO Songbirds will be Left at All…”


Famous outstanding gorgeous beautiful song is remarkable powerful melodious dulcet rich varied dulcet singing. For hours on end with an astonishing 260 variations.

“A fast succession of high low lyrical notes few songbirds can match.”

Sings almost as much by day as night. Nest one brood on or near ground in thick vegetation. WAS…

2010: BTO figures disclose between 1967 – 2007 Nightingale populations of England fell by 91%. “Biggest fall in numbers since records began of any bird still breeding in UK.”

Note: “Apart from the Tree Sparrow whose numbers have been decimated by 93%…”
For every 10 nightingales which were singing in Britain 40 years ago – One is doing so now!

‘‘Disgraceful – Slaughter”!

“Decline of coppicing and woodland management. Increased Grazing – “From introduced species – Deer, Fallow, muntjack, sika, Chinese water deer.”
‘Have all reduced density of shrubs and woodland that Nightingales inhabited.’

Note: Deer, Fallow, muntjack, sika, Chinese water deer – Breed all year and likewise are advancing – At – 1 km a Year.
Inevitable effect on ground nesting birds woodlands and trees, flower species. Etc.

Keats ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ gave the poet a vision of the timelessness of beauty. Nowadays More Like a – Catastrophe!
Help Nightingales
: Retain bushy hawthorn waste ground copses. Soil rich beetles insects ants.

Songbirds-Slaughter – Speechless… Who IS? – Doing ANYTHING – To HELP them?

View Topics: ‘Your Lost Birds & the RSPB!’ – Struggling to survive alone here in Britain.  

Killing from predators such as cats, grey squirrel infestation, magpies, sparrowhawks, all hawks, crows, jays, herring gulls, falcons, red kites, owls, woodpeckers, rats, fox, etc. The list seems endless from photographic proof.

‘Predation ‘killing’ is tragically a major problem for Songbirds in Britain.’ Never mentioned or admitted by the RSPB. And – Throughout the world.

The Charter of the RSPB claims the object of the society is “to maintain bird numbers, diversity and national geographical distribution.” The ‘Royal Society Protection of Birds.’ – Really?

Nightingale. – “Enjoy the beauty and soundscape of songbirds.” – “Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses.”

Their help we humans need in clearing up billions of aphids insects slugs bugs creepy crawlies flies moths that we dont want all without pellets or spraying.

Magpie: Latin meaning – ‘An appetite for substances unfit as food.’ Eating Anything. Perfect reference – for magpies –

But Magpies they rarely ‘eat’ that which they KILL. THEY ARE JUST ANOTHER – KILLING MACHINE Of – Our GARDEN SONGBIRDS!

Extinction: Think of it. If ALL dogs OR even cats or any species that – ‘attracts us.’ Were ‘All killed off.’ By other aggressive birds or animals there would be an ‘Uproar and Outrage.’ –

So Why; Just why this dreadful apathy regarding Songbirds?
Really it does puzzle many of us…”

Far too many countries are ‘Catching Killing Eating’ many of our ‘own’ garden Songbirds!
View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

RSPB ‘garden bird’ polls are invalid. In one day – One blue tit say flies all round an area. 25 people in that area ‘count’ this one bird as ‘in their garden.’
False figures are used and relied upon.

“Songbirds can or will only start returning if some predator control IS introduced.” – ‘NOW’ – 2010! Note: “They Cannot Fight Back!”

“Where ARE Our Songbirds? Since 1954 – Ask the RSPB regarding – ‘Their’ legally Protected Sparrowhawks!” – Daily Mail 2010 –

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