MAGPIE Ferocious Razor-Beaked – 2005 URGENT ‘RSPB’ Warning… Magpie INFESTATION – “MAGPIES INSATIABLE ‘Songbird’ DEATHS!”

MAGPIE Ferocious Razor-Beaked – 2005 URGENT ‘RSPB’ Warning… Magpie INFESTATION – “MAGPIES INSATIABLE ‘Songbird’ DEATHS!”

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Lesser Redpoll 1970s – Numbers Down. (Meaning ‘dead’). To ‘One-Tenth In Number – Considerable Concern Regarding The Species.” 2010 June 6th.

Photo Main: Lesser Redpoll female. Summer males red forehead black bib pink cheeks throat breast and rump. Feeds amongst alders, spruce and birch trees. Delightfully hanging upside-down for seeds. Also (for us) our beautiful petite little ‘dead’ Lesser Redpolls eat ‘Billions’ of our summer bugs and insects.

‘The most smallest most brownish cream streaked of four different redpoll finches.’ Performed truly elaborate rattling song-flights over their breeding area.

Yet the delightful resounding little Lesser Redpoll has only recently been moved to this – Loathsome Red ‘Death’ –
List Species Of Conservation Concern.” – Question: CONCERN…! – To ‘who’ Exactly?

Photo: 1 of 5 Dead Baby Blackbirds.
Catastrophically All killed By ‘one’ Magpie – In April 2010

View: Songbird ‘life’ London –

Magpies ‘Again’ RSPB! ‘One’ wiped us out Killing – 5 baby Blackbirds – Every Year The Same!

View Below: Magpie – YouTube Video.

Remember – There are plenty of ways you can help Britain’s Songbird population.
Only join grass root Charities –

Songbirds-Slaughter Read: Garden Bird tweets –

Magpie Infestation 2005! “Even Witless Capons RSPB Staff’’ Concede – This Obvious ‘Fact’ – By Frederick Forsyth –

“Unlike the sparrowhawk it nests in a spine defended fortress in an unclimbable tree and breeds six to seven chicks a year losing virtually none.”

“This leads not to amplitude, but to an infestation. This is why regular culling is necessary to retain the eco-balance.
They will never be wiped out (
there are simply too many of them) but they have to be regulated to give their ‘victims’ a chance.

“The Magpie Is Ferocious, Wary, Wily, Cleaver, Insatiable, Razor-Beaked and Ubiquitous.” – By Frederick Forsyth.

Below is footage from YouTube: ‘Showing the destruction.’ – The brutality that our British Garden Songbirds are subjected to Daily – By Magpies…”

Worldwide This Detestably Daily Goes On Happening. Along with our ‘own’ Garden Birds being caught by ‘Hunters.’ Poachers nets. ‘And trees covered in glue lime sticks.’ – In far too many countries Songbirds are being ‘eaten.’ Sold on for money by just too many people – ‘humans’...?”

Read: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

In this unnerving video you can witness a Magpie catching killing and then eating a live Songbird.

‘Ferocious Magpie Infestation!’ Insatiable razor-beaked – Breeding ‘7’ Year AND Losing None! – ‘Urgent 2005 Culling Demanded – An RSPB Warning.

2000 – 2005 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – NEVER Ending ‘Death’ – “For Our Garden Songbirds.”
Magpies (?) Means “INSATIABLE DEATHS to all Garden Birds. And Magpies ‘Their’ INFESTATION… (?)

PLEASE NOTE: The Charter of the RSPB claims the object of the society is – “To maintain bird numbers, diversity and national geographical distribution.”
The – ‘Royal Society (For The) Protection of Birds.’ Q: – Really?

View: RSPB Admits ‘No Research Predation!’ – ‘Conservationists’ taboo… Colossal Killing of Garden Birds!

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Note: This video is alarming, contains graphic images and some may find it upsetting.

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