Starling – 80% Dead! “An Endangered threatened species” UK – Fiasco! EVER AGAIN DEAD – “Predation ‘RSPB’ Britain”

Starling – 80% Dead! “An Endangered threatened species” UK – Fiasco! EVER AGAIN DEAD – “Predation ‘RSPB’ Britain”

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Numbers 2010 BTO: Starling – ‘Serious 80% decline’ –detrimentally have got ‘scarce!’ White speckled winter plumage –
From spring iridescent. ‘Singing’ these songs of –

‘Squeaky creaky odd rattling sounds long gurgling babble and sliding whistles.’

Brighton Palace Pier built 1863-66:
Starlings started using the furthest end of West Pier huge metal skeleton deserted dilapidated ‘bird cage’ Concert Hall soon after the ‘Great Storm of 1987’ – That had bought down tons upon tons of trees and bushes all over Britain.

Thousands of Starlings flying in from over 20 miles away arriving from all directions to roost for the night. To roost over water all held closely together giving them in their numbers – ‘Protection from predators.’

Gathering in enormous ‘murmurations’ above their roosting sites sometimes numbering hundreds of thousands.

“A cacophony of sound giving us amazing winter flock aerial spectacles of flying hanging patterns twisting turning into a sculpture of coordination.”

Thousands of birds rocketing through out of sky a theatrical beat into a white noise soup of flying starlings floating in sky performance until they settled down for the night around 10pm. Before dawn the whole roost leaving in waves of breathing clouds of deep black Starlings.

Palace West Pier – Now like a ghost of an empty white beached metal whale. Starlings flock aerial spectacles wickedly tragically have passed into history.”

2011: “Who could have ever believed our bustling strutting noisy old gang ‘pest’ would ever be classed as NOW” – ‘Doomed!’ Brood 1: 2?

2010 BTO: Starling serious 80% decline! Of – High conservation concern. An – ‘Endangered threatened species.’
Shocking substantially monstrously such a ‘carry on’ – And On OUR UK AND ‘Your RSPB’ Red-List!

Help Starlings – Fill up birdbaths or a level dustbin lid with water. “It was great fun to watch them squabbling while having a bath with them all sounding so happy…” Used nest boxes. Feed cut up scraps nut fatballs fruit seeds berries insect larvaeBrood; 1. 2?

“Gutsy old Starlings will make a comeback ONLY IF sparrowhawks and magpies Present Day NUMBERS Are CULLED – Predation Britain!
And that their future numbers are controlled. THIS HAS to be Carried out for the Greater Good – For All Of Our ‘whats left’ Garden Birds.”

“2010 BTO: Starling – ‘Serious 80% decline’ – !”

“Of – High Conservation Concern.” – To who exactly?
An – ‘Endangered threatened species’…

EVER AGAIN DEAD Red-List. ‘Predation Britain.’

(RSPB) Royal Society Protection of Birds. Their deliberate denial forever evading the truth of predation (Killing) on all of our remaining Songbirds and Sparrows under threat. Amongst many other species –

From – Predators such as magpies, sparrowhawks, grey-squirrel infestation wild cats – All hawks, crows, jays, herring gulls, falcons, red kites, owls, woodpeckers, rats, fox, etc.

The list seems endless from photographic proof.

“Predation ‘killing’ is tragically a major problem for Songbirds in Britain. Throughout the world.”

As well as – Far too many countries are ‘Catching Killing Eating’ many of our ‘own’ Garden Songbirds!

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

Starling – ‘Squeaky creaky odd rattling sounds long gurgling babble & sliding whistles’ – An Endangered threatened species in BritainShocking fiasco…! “2010 BTO: Serious 80% Decline!” Red – Starling – DEAD Songbirds Britain.

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  1. Linda breslin says:

    I have two birds that I’m not familiar with living near my garden. Brown with White spots making rattling sounds. They seem almost like the starling song bird. I can’t seem to find the exact picture of them. I also have magpies, black birds and swallows. I live in countryside Derry n.Ireland. Hello and thank you. We haven’t come across these birds (as described) as British Garden Songbirds. Has anyone any idea?

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