Blue Tit – Dead 45%! Rapid serious ‘decline…’ Shocking study shows British Songbirds – ‘Vanishing’ (dead) !

Blue Tit – Dead 45%! Rapid serious ‘decline…’ Shocking study shows British Songbirds – ‘Vanishing’ (dead) !

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Blue Tit=

BTO 2010: Blue Tit-Rapid serious ‘decline’ – Numbers plunge by 45%…!”

One of the many attractive British songbirds were losing. Beautiful yellow to light to darker blues with white patches and streaked feathers.

Regular user of nest boxes check out design to make some. In return you’d get a great all year round garden songster to listen to.

Harmonious happy Blue Tit with short undulating flight.
Nest takes 12 days to make inside trees pipes wall holes and in ground.

‘Our’ stylish splendidly serene confident cheerful songster. One of Britain’s favourites.

But appallingly most being ‘Killed-off-Silenced.’
Especially by rural and urban predation!

Help Blue Tits: Insects grubs spiders smaller seed winter fat balls mealworms cream.

If you’d like to attract blue tits into your garden they especially love peanuts sunflower-hearts millet so to please them add some to your feeders today!

Invertebrates: Caterpillars larvae spiders flies berries fruit high energy-elderberry.

“Enjoy our great lovable little acrobats. Blue Tit adept at clinging hanging onto feeders any which way up and upside down.”

2010 BTO: Warning – Decline of the Blue Tit. ‘Killed-off-Silenced.’Especially by rural and urban predation. Songbirds are all prone to – Killing from Cats, Grey-Squirrels, Magpies, Sparrowhawks, Crows, Rats, Jays, Herring-gulls, Parakeets, Fox. Etc.

“Would astonish many songbird lovers. This – Shocking new study shows many Songbirds are vanishing from Britains bird tables and feeders at an alarming rate!” – BTO.

BTO: Also state – ‘Modern feeders and changes in bird feeding are threatening species.’

BTO: ‘‘Four times as many Great Spotted Woodpeckers now use gardens feeders than at the start of the survey.’’

Great Spotted and all Woodpeckers raid birds nests – Break eggs. And ‘eat’ – Adult and their chick – Songbirds!

Note: “Predators cull everything else that their own numbers need to be culled.” “To accept anything else as normal ‘nature’ is delusional. British ‘wildlife’ has been permanently allowed to become only predators and scavengers!”

Blue Tit – BTO 2010 “Rapid serious ‘decline’ – Numbers plunge by 45%!” – Shocking New Study Shows TOO Many Of Our British –

“Garden Songbirds are ‘Vanishing’ – Dead…!”

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