Siskin – ‘Garden Birds Slaughter!’ – Outrageously Sinfully WHY Britain? “Irresistible Twittering Siskins…”

Siskin – ‘Garden Birds Slaughter!’ – Outrageously Sinfully WHY Britain? “Irresistible Twittering Siskins…”

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Topics: Your Lost Birds – & RSPB


Smallest with smaller bills than all of the finches. Captivating looks with great obvious yellow black faces and bright yellow cheeks.

Yellow – Green bars across black wings with a dark streaked belly and a distinctive forked tail.

“Sweet pleasant twittering flocks of Siskins seeing them when they were feeding amongst trees giving pleasure of sights and sounds to –
Everyone every winter time.”

‘Twittering continually to themselves (and their mate) the males perform a series of circling display flights on slowly beating wings.’

The Male uses his raising head-feathers and likes to display a glossy black cap before drooping his wings to reveal a striking bright yellow rump. Along with dark brown legs and bill.

The Female is more heavily streaked. Siskins are related to the Canary.
Nest: Tidy small twigs covered with lichen and lined with feathers, hair, fine roots and stems.

Siskins – Both male and female are highly agile when feeding – ‘Pirouetting’ endlessly on nut containers and being very adept at using their feet to reach for any hanging food.

Need: Seeds especially conifers, alders, birch and pine. Are – Attracted to – ‘Red’ Feeders, peanuts, seeds and fat. Some smaller insects.

We once used them as ‘cage – birds’…! Their ‘Numbers’ – Have Outrageously and ‘Sinfully’ “Decreased… – “Died Off”

Siskin – “Giving Sights Sounds Pleasure – Irresistible Twittering Siskins” – Sinfully Outrageously ‘Decreased…!’ JUST WHY – Has it Happened ‘IN’ Britain…?

Songbirds-Slaughter 2010: The RSPB? – Are Acting More Entrenched Than Ever? – “Sparrowhawks killed all of our sparrows. Along with magpies killing two pairs of blackbirds in our backyard too long ago.” – “Wiping the whole area out.”

“Do the RSPB along with their ‘millions’ of cash in the bank even know what we go through to – EVEN CARE…?”

“This hawk with an 6+ wing span flies with such lightning speed ripping them apart each time scaring the sheer wits out of people.”

“Being left with all the blood gore and mass of feathers just everywhere to clean up. Nothing ever left alive dead sparrows and songbirds each and every time. That it’s utterly tragic – To have to accept – To have to endure time after time…”

Siskin – ‘Garden Birds Slaughter!’ Outrageously Sinfully Have ‘died off’ – “Just WHY – IN Britain…?”

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