Savi’s Warbler – Sheer magnitude of bird extinctions! “A human-induced mass extinction is taking place…” New agent of mass destruction – Ourselves!

Savi’s Warbler – Sheer magnitude of bird extinctions! “A human-induced mass extinction is taking place…” New agent of mass destruction – Ourselves!

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Savi’s Warbler

Concordant reeling song often given at dusk similar – to Grasshopper Warbler. Faster and deeper resembling Roesel’s Bush-cricket.

Savi’s Warblers: Need Invertebrates –
Bugs grubs caterpillars larvae spiders flies worms.

Help: Most Warblers Are – Insectivorous – ‘Eating Insects.’

All Warblers need – ‘Insectivorous’ and ‘Invertebrates.’
All Pests ‘we’ Dont Want or Like! –

“Spectacular fetching weeny Savi’s Warbler” – 2012 February 14th

DAMN – Ever again – Another On ‘red list’ – Tear jerkingly ‘dead’…
Conclude – Dead
– ‘List…!’

Little Richard“I think people who don’t believe in God are crazy. How can you say there is no God when you hear the birds singing these beautiful songs you didn’t make?”

Migration: Tiny Songbirds and Warblers weighing only a few grams – How do they manage to navigate such huge distances –
To find their way along a compass bearing direction. Being able to detect earths magnetic field?

Somehow experiencing different sensation when facing north or south. Even when the tiny songbirds reach their destination they rely only on memory of visual landmarks to guild them. ‘Songbirds unrecognised abilities and complex aspects of migration.’

We have to appreciate them – Garden Songbirds and their behaviour ever more. “Awe-inspiring mysterious even to our human understanding.”

“All those species unable to adapt cope or compete – To be able to survive to have a future without predation?”

Elbert Hubbard – “Genius may have its limits but stupidity is not thus capped…” – ‘The Twilight of ‘our’ Songbirds.’

Do Cat Faeces Alter Your Mind? Research by Czech biologists Jaroslav Flegr suggests a parasite found in cat litter Toxoplasma gondii causes personality changes and raises the risk of you being in a car crash. Few cat owners will appreciate that the occasional small bird or mammal taken by their cat translates into an immense number when multiplied by the national cat population of over nine million.

“In the last 40 years the age span of cats has increased from eight years to now well over 22+! – Responsible owner awareness is desperately needed and cat predation (killing) of Songbirds must be addressed by them.”

Fitting SonicAlert cat collars brought 65 per cent fewer bird kills in 1999 trials. Cat owners must also provide more toys for their cats as they reduce boredom and may reduce hunting, which in the case of domestic cats is never for food, but purely recreational – ‘Unfortunately for our Songbirds!’ For many owners it’s outright denial!

Cats speed 30-40mph same as racehorse deer bear white rhino! “Killing 100 million Garden Birds small mammals every year.”

That’s without wild cat numbers! In an area their numbers hugely exceed that which could be supported naturally.

It’s true provide toys give cats more attention it helps reduce boredom. Prevent cats hunting Songbirds this is never for food but purely recreational. Fit SonicAlert – Cat collars. Add bells…!

2005 USA: ‘Spent several billions every year on cat food (more than on baby food) doubling every decade.’

2012 February 14: Switzerland: One of the oldest pet cats in the world was put to sleep at the age of 33 years when a vet mistook him for a sick stray.

2012 February 19: Observer “Angry Birds? By John Vidal.

These lost birds have every right to be…
Human greed and thoughtlessness are responsible for the loss of species that could have been saved, and the extinction rate is increasing alarmingly. Here are some we have already lost forever.

“1,000 bird species known by exhibits, written accounts, illustrations, skeletons, eggs or sub-fossil remains to have existed but which have vanished in the last 700 years.”

Julian Hume research fellow at the Natural History Museum. – “The sheer magnitude of bird extinctions that have taken place is shocking.” Many more recently extinct species await description and a number of critically endangered species will probably disappear in the next decade.

“A human-induced mass extinction is taking place…”

“In the last millennium the impact of humans on the natural world has accelerated out of control at a rate unprecedented in the earths long history. Before humans evolved on the planet mass extinction events were caused by things like extra-terrestrial impacts, volcanism and changes of climate and sea level. Now we recognize a new agent of mass destruction – ourselves.”

Conservation International – Will Turner – “When a bird species goes we are all diminished.”

“Organisms are all connected to each other. Lose one species and it can have an effect on many others. When the dodo went it meant that a tree could no longer disperse its seeds. Take one piece out and the entire system becomes less resistant. Gradual loss of species can result in decreased resilience and productivity.” Savi’s Warbler – Need Invertebrates ‘Grubs worms larvae spiders flies’ Insectivorous – ‘Insects caterpillars!’

“The sheer magnitude of bird extinctions that have taken place is shocking. A human-induced mass extinction is taking place… Now we recognize a new agent of mass destruction – Ourselves!

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