Wood Warbler – ‘Huge Falls Recorded for Delicate Dinky Warblers’ – Dead – 70%! Help Them…?

Wood Warbler – ‘Huge Falls Recorded for Delicate Dinky Warblers’ – Dead – 70%! Help Them…?

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Wood Warbler

2010: BTO – ”Huge fall in numbers have been recorded for our – Delicate tiny Wood Warblers.” Dead – Down 70%!

‘Breeding Population Decline’ – 1981-2007.

Unobtrusive high in canopies the little Wood Warbler.

So attractive bright lemon-yellow breast throat upper chest green above white under. Largest and yellowest of all Warblers.

‘Highly distinctive resplendent sonorous singing heard from dawn until dusk heart rendering joyful singing for weeks at a time.’

Two high-pitched versions are of fluid metallic trilling songs increasing tempo piping notes of lower pitch to soft piping contact calls.

Quivering long beautiful trill song bell-like notes. Similar Blackcap with longer mellow phrases.

Need Invertebrates – Bugs grubs caterpillars larvae spiders flies worms.

Help: Most Warblers Are – Insectivorous – ‘Eating Insects.’ All Warblers need – ‘Insectivorous’ and ‘Invertebrates.’ All Pests ‘we’ Don’t Want or Like! –

Nests on ground sunk in hollow under log or fallen branch. Domed nest made of grass bark lined with finer grasses hair. Brood 1; 2?

“By September they have begun their long hazardous flight back to central Africa.”
This teeny tiny being flying the thousands of miles to us in Britain and back home again! – WE owe ‘them’ a duty of care here.

2010: BTO – ‘‘Huge falls in numbers have been recorded for our delicate little dinky Wood Warblers.”

‘Breeding Population Decline’ – 1981-2007. Help Wood Warblers: Bushes, tree cover. Insects bugs grubs berries.

George Orwell “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, and he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.”

Fatally Britain – Yet another & another – d e a d. ‘RED’ Sabotage! Dead – Down 70%! When are they going to be – Are They Extinct? – Who Does Care? HELP

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