Blackbird – ‘‘Huge falls recorded for our well loved British Blackbirds!” 2001 ‘Red dead’ Scandal – Shamed RSPB!

Blackbird – ‘‘Huge falls recorded for our well loved British Blackbirds!” 2001 ‘Red dead’ Scandal – Shamed RSPB!

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB


2010: BTO- ‘‘Huge falls have been recorded for our well loved” –
British Blackbird!

Blackbirds a true – ‘All-year-round’ Garden Songbird with the greatest of songs. They nest in ivy low hedges bushes.
So start planting to help increase their numbers.

Females creamy throat slightly streaked chest brown body who sing quietly.
Males deep black glossy plumage with striking yellow-gold bill and eye ring –

Singing on high like a welcome melodic ‘angel’ in your garden. Superb rich long high and low phrases of fluting endlessly varied ‘kisses’ and whistles.

They mate for life. They – COULD – ‘Live’ 7+ years. If – “Given Help.” Re Magpies – Sparrowhawks – ‘Killing!’

Help Blackbirds: Compost. Add old fruit vegtable garden waste to a –
Soil pile on the ground. They love to forage for slugs worms bugs beetles spiders eating up ALL ‘our’- creepy crawlies.
That we dont want!

Need: Berries cherries leave windfall pears apples. Feed mealworms fatty meat chips sausage bacon chicken grapes – ALL moist and well chopped.

We have to appreciate them – Garden Songbirds and their behaviour ever more. “Awe-inspiring mysterious even to our human understanding.”

‘The Twilight of ‘our’ Songbirds!’ – WHY? Piteously – ‘Threatened Endangered British Blackbird.’ Yes Extermination. From the human race!

Winter Feeding – “Putting out food in the winter months may literally be the difference between life and death for songbirds.” Bread is better than nothing. ‘But seed mixes fat balls peanuts provide a higher energy diet to keep them alive in cold winter months.’
“Make sure that your seeds peanuts come from a reliable source as some harbour infectious fungi which harms all our garden birds.”

‘Feeding birds are particularly vulnerable to predation ‘killing’ by – Hawks cats fox magpies as many killers lurk around on the prowl for their own meal.’

Its essential as well to supply water as Songbirds must be able to drink and bathe. You can use bird bathes or an upturned dustbin lid leant on bricks.
“Remember on frosty mornings to break any ice as provision of water is especially vital in winter when natural sources of moisture may all be frozen.”

As different bird species feed in different ways some on the ground some in bushes or trees then food should be offered at a variety of levels. Well stocked bird table with hanging baskets and feeders plus food scattered on ground below ensures plenty of nourishment for all Songbirds.

‘Site in an open spot away from bushes which can conceal cats waiting to pounce.’ Grey-squirrels are a serous bird table pest. Use reinforced anti squirrel feeders with wire mesh holes too small for them but allow access for songbirds. Not close to the house and well away from marauding cats.

Piteously – ‘Threatened Endangered British Songbird species.’ Yes Extermination. From the human race!

“Pathetically Shameful OUR ‘British Blackbird’ – Red ‘DEAD’ List – Since 2001! Your Deplorable Stinking ‘Neglect’ – RSPB!”

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