Brambling – ‘2010 BTO Alert Issued’ – “NO Breeding Birds…!” Extinct – When? “Ask the RSPB…?”

Brambling – ‘2010 BTO Alert Issued’ – “NO Breeding Birds…!” Extinct – When? “Ask the RSPB…?”

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Male summer stunning black head orange breast white belly.
Similar shape to chaffinch.

In flight showing long white rump. Gregarious in winter.

Wonderful sweet Bramblings touching song similar to Greenfinch
of resounding various pitch.

Deep cupped nest built of entwined moss grass and lined with hair feather wool then decorated with bark lichen.

Help Bramblings: Seeds berries and all ‘our’ umpteen thousands of insects. All their Help the Brambling gives us and this without our own ‘spraying…’

2010: ‘BTO Alert Issued’ – 2010: ‘BTO Alert Issued’ – 2010: ‘BTO Alert Issued’ 

“Struggling Low Numbers of Breeding Birds.” Yes – An ‘BTO’ Alert so please reread “Struggling Low Numbers of Breeding Birds.” 
– 2009 November 11th.

Severely Slayed Silenced! Disgraceful Red List – (Of cause)! Brambling Extinct Dead When – RSPB ? “Who Knows Anything…”

Doug Coupland – “Songbirds Are A Miracle Because They Prove To Us There Is A Finer, Simpler State Of Being Which We May Strive To Attain.”

Enjoy the beauty and soundscape of songbirds. Their help we humans need in clearing up billions of aphids insects slugs bugs creepy crawlies we dont want all without pellets or spraying. We need songbirds like we need the bees. But forever – We are the loser.

A great distraction lifting our spirits we are the better for sharing this world with them.”

2006: Research showed that grey-squirrels ‘wiped out 85% of Songbirds as grey-squirrel numbers soared.’ There is no room for complacency about the damage being wrecked by grey-squirrels and their population being allowed to spiral out of control they are a tap dripping out a noxious substance.

This has gone on since 1879 when grey-squirrels were first bought into Britain.’

Brutish grey squirrels are one of the biggest threats to songbirds which are barely hanging on to survival against forever more predators scavengers which councils don’t control or anyone keeps down? – ‘With many other species now threatened with extinction.’

‘We are all now invaded with grey-squirrels, magpies, jays, crows, herring gulls, cats, rats, foxes. Etc. Forever more of them unchecked.’

“Sparrowhawks have wiped us out of our lost Sparrows and Songbirds. Even the RSPB who gave this raptor ‘legal protection in 1954’ – Still refuse to start ‘saving’ Garden Songbirds. And in this day and age when Songbird numbers have crashed to take this protection off…?

“NOT ONE Blackbird chick got born this year or hellish prior 3 years! As usual all too damn sad tragic. Then the blackbird pair ‘that mate for life’ are just gone.”

Give the killing predator ‘victims’ a chance. Do the RSPB care? Nothing since NO Songbirds for anyone to see or hear and for all the good they do for ‘us’…

View: Magpies ‘Again’ RSPB! ‘One’ wiped us out Killing – 5 baby Blackbirds – Every Year The Same!

Brambling – “Struggling Low Numbers of Breeding Birds.” Offensive Red DEAD List – Of cause What Else? – ‘Extinct’ When RSPB…?

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