Mistle Thrush UK- “Most Treasured ‘Wild Ringing’ Virtuoso – Songsters” – ‘Singing Like A Dream’ – Endangered ‘DEAD’ Since 2001…!

Mistle Thrush UK- “Most Treasured ‘Wild Ringing’ Virtuoso – Songsters” – ‘Singing Like A Dream’ – Endangered ‘DEAD’ Since 2001…!

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Mistle Thrush UK

Cream Black-spotted – While in flight showing their whitish outer edged long tail feathers. OUR Endearing AND Charming – LOST – ‘Mistle Thrush’ –
Always Bounding Across the Ground – To Inspect Anything New To Eat. 

Threatened Endangered – RED In Britain – Since 2001… ‘Britain this IS Sinful !’
Heartbreakingly – Dead. – 2009 November 2nd.

Yet another one of our past most treasured wild ringing virtuoso songsters. Singing like a dream.”

But Appallingly Now Most Have Been ‘killed off’ And Are – Silenced Songbirds.
The RSPB’s Red ‘Degradation’ – As Is Their Own UK SONGBIRDS List…!

Ayn Rand – “Man’s unique reward is that while animals survive by adjusting themselves to their background. Man survives by adjusting his background to himself.”

“Nature and ‘leave it to nature’ has never existed.” Mankind has interfered and dictated for all time. Now we must continue – TO CORRECT –

All that we have thrown at and used up from Nature. Having created this, such a chronic ‘Imbalance’ – “Against those species unable to adapt, cope, or compete, and tragically

To Even Be Allowed To Survive For Much Longer. Again and Again Red, Sinful — RED!

Give ‘us’ Strength – DEAD. Piteously ‘Threatened Endangered British Species.’ Yes Extermination. From The Human – Race…

“We Are In Dire Need Of Songbirds – They Eat Billions Of Our Insects, Bugs, Slugs, Aphid Pests – Cleaning Our Soil – Of All Trash Viruses”

Or, Never Experience Again – ‘The Dawn Chorus’ –  When we could spend time at sunrise in parks squares woodland and all open areas. “Springtime when everyone heard and experienced one of the marvels of the natural world.”

“First one and then another bird would start to sing and gradually more and more songbirds would all join in until the air was filled with a cacophony of sound – A Phenomenal Fantastic Soundscape of Natural Beauty.

Most of our Songbirds do not sing in the winter time. They concentrate their energies on the daily battle to find enough food in the day to fuel them the following night then it will survive. ‘If not then they will starve before dawn.’

Our Own Senseless ‘folly’ And the RSPB…? Morosely – Yet EVER ‘Another’ – ON ‘THEIR’ Damn ‘Red’ – Dead List…! FOR ‘NOW’ – AND FOREVER.

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  1. Jim Grassie says:

    Hi, just thought I would let you know I had one adult and two youngsters being fed in my garden today. Maybe a comeback?

    Hello James,

    Thank you we just hope that your chicks made it to adulthood? The facts are terrible as to the amount of predators and scavengers that prey on our so innocent and humble Songbirds.
    Always having done so much ‘for US’!
    Read more of our website as predators and scavengers are at their SONGBIRDS tragically every turn to eat or just kill them…
    And The RSPB? They only take our money to run “Big Business” and PAY Their salaries??

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