Reed Warbler – Cuckoo ‘Baby’ kicks “Reed Warbler Eggs” Out Of ‘HER’ Nest ! – Unluckily a cuckoo host ‘species’…

Reed Warbler – Cuckoo ‘Baby’ kicks “Reed Warbler Eggs” Out Of ‘HER’ Nest ! – Unluckily a cuckoo host ‘species’…

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Reed Warbler=

Singing From Within Reedbeds – A Genial Gentle Rhythmic Song.
Highly Busy Active AND – ‘WONDERFUL’ – “Little Reed Warblers.”

‘Their nest an elaborate basketwork structure ensures their eggs do not fall out even when heavy winds sway the reeds.’
Suspended between supporting reed stems.

Photos: Reed Warbler – Unluckily Cuckoo Host Species…
Feeding A ‘baby’ Cuckoo…!

‘This tragic time Reed Warblers spend feeding ‘Round the Clock’ a ‘baby’ cuckoo
being tricked into believing she is the bird’s mother.’

Cuckoos have no maternal instincts the mother laid her eggs into the Reed Warblers nest to fool her into believing they were her offspring.

“The baby cuckoo then hatched and disposed of the Reed Warblers real offspring by kicking her eggs out of the nest.”

It will then rely on its foster ‘mum’ for around 25 days. This is Over –
Twice as long as the bird’s actual young chicks would!

Cont: Protecting Nesting Songbirds – Main purpose of a nest is to protect its contents – fragile eggs need protection from breakage.
Warmth to develop properly. Hidden as best they can from predators. Bad weather. 2009 October 19.

Nests vary enormously in the complexity of their construction and range of sites selected. Building a nest appears to be an instinctive activity.
It is powerful urge which is brought on by raised levels of blood hormones in response to increasing day length in spring.

Abraham Lincoln – “I Am In Favour Of Animal Rights As Well As Human Rights – That IS ThE WAY OF A WHOLE HUMAN BEING.”

“Fewer Animals – Less wildlife – Less Natural Habitat – And – More Pollution…” – ‘Humans’ Epitaph.

Remember: If insect bugs have been sprayed or slug pellets used to eradicate slugs snails aphids spiders leather jackets plus all manner of nature’s biodiversity ‘our pests’ – Those poison sprays and pellets will then kill off the whole blackbird robin wren or any other songbird family !

‘Being Humbled by Garden Songbirds Trees and Nature – Are you…? Then join grass roots charity

Photo: Reed Warbler –

Killing from predators such as – Grey squirrel  magpies, crows, sparrow-hawks, all hawks, jays, herring gulls, falcons, owls,
red kites,
woodpeckers, cats, rats, fox.
Etc, etc.

‘The list seems endless from photographic proof.’

Nest an –Elaborate basketwork structure ensures eggs do not fall out suspended between supporting reed stems even when winds sway the reeds heavily.” – A Cuckoo host species!

“Garden birds cannot fight back! Destined to become extinct?”

Feed – Seed mixtures easy to make bird cake – buy suet or any good fat mixed with seeds dried fruit cooked-unsalted-rice mild-grated cheese cooked or raw pastry so no need to throw away.

Bread seems like a good idea but can harm them as quickly goes mouldy.
Mould can give breathing problems.

Stale food breeds bacteria which can also poison our – Ever Less Of ‘Our’ – ‘Garden Songbirds.’

“Here we are a remarkable species with an extraordinary capacity to appreciate what this planet is; Its uniqueness in the universe yet we stubbornly don’t want to solve its problems. We are not hopeful though there is more awareness.

‘But our actions demonstrate that we are still ploughing on in the opposite direction as more than half of all primates are endangered.’

We never hear the forest is ever expanding or that there are more of monkeys or whatever species than before.

“It’s always negative. The reality is not looking good at all. In fact its very bleak. There are individual projects and fantastic work going on but stand back and look at the whole picture the story is the same wherever you go.”

“Fewer Animals – Less wildlife – Less Natural Habitat – And – More Pollution…” ‘Humans’ – Epitaph.

 “We Could Turn Things Around – But Will We Do So ? Things Are Drastically and Apparently Wrong In Many Animals Around Us –
That should teach us that we are part of something much bigger and that we should be taking better care of it” –
But will ‘we’ or do we ever want to learn by our mistakes.

Reed Warbler – THIS ‘Baby’ cuckoo – ‘Kicks Her Eggs Out Of The Nest’…! As Unluckily the “Reed Warbler – is A cuckoo Host Species…!”

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