Whinchat – Dead ‘75%’ ! Weeny Whinchat – Who What Do ‘YOU’ Blame FOR – The “Twilight of our Songbirds” 2008…?

Whinchat – Dead ‘75%’ ! Weeny Whinchat – Who What Do ‘YOU’ Blame FOR – The “Twilight of our Songbirds” 2008…?

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‘Little Weeny Enjoyable Whinchat With A Broad Outer Stripe Around Their Tiny Eyes And Neck.’ – Dazzling – Apricot orange-chest. Back white streaked with dark to light brown and a white wing patch. Black bill and legs. 2009 October 6th

Photo Main: Female Whinchat – Male left.

Hops runs on ground with perching on low bushes. Singing huskily from any low branch.
Ground nest of dead grass an
d moss lined with fine grasses, hair.

2008 – 2009: “A Really Disgusting – Sabotaged 75% Decline”…

“Disappeared for many years.” And – A ‘Serious downward trend.’ 

“Our Disappearing ‘Slaughtered’ Whinchat. The Twilight of ‘our’ Songbirds.”
Then It Is Soon To Be – Their – ‘Extinction…?’

Help Whinchats:  Insects, caught in flight like ‘Flycatchers.’ Larvae, seeds, berries.
Need rough grassland and scrubby gorse.

“A Terrible 75% ‘decline.’ Read – DEAD…!” – 

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50 Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

Doug Coupland – ‘Songbirds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being which we may strive to attain.’

Winter Feeding: “Putting out food in your garden in the winter months may be literally the difference between life and death for Songbirds.” Bread is better than nothing. But, seed mixes, fat balls, peanuts provide a higher energy diet to keep them alive in cold winter months.

Make sure that your seeds and peanuts come from a reliable source as some harbour infectious fungi which harms all our garden birds.
Supply water as well as its essential to Songbirds as they must drink and bathe. Use bird bathes or an upturned dustbin lid supported on some bricks.

“Please remember on frosty mornings to break the ice as provision of water is especially vital in winter when natural sources of moisture may all be frozen.”

As different bird species feed in different ways some on the ground some in bushes or trees then food should be offered at a variety of levels.

A – Well stocked bird table with hanging baskets and feeders plus some food scattered on ground below. Ensures plenty of nourishment for all Songbird species.

‘Site in an open spot away from bushes which can conceal cats waiting to pounce. Grey-squirrels are a serous bird table pest. Use reinforced anti squirrel feeders with wire mesh holes too small for them but allow access for songbirds.’

“Not close to the house, and remember well away from marauding cats.”

‘Feeding birds are particularly vulnerable to predation.’ This is killing by cats, magpies and many different hawks, though mainly the RSPB and their beloved ‘sparrowhawk’ is the guilty party. ‘Just so many killers lurk around on the prowl for getting an easy meal’ – A ‘Songbird.’

Whose Numbers Have Already CRASHED…! Remember – ‘SAVE OUR ‘SONGBIRDS’

“Predators such as crows, falcons, sparrowhawks, jays, red-kites, grey-squirrel infestation, etc – Along with far too many pigeons and with ‘Parakeets’ sheer size and noise displacing ‘All’ our songbirds.”

Note: “Parakeets Live From 18 Years To Well Over 25 Years Of Age.” And – ‘The grey-squirrel to well over ‘thirteen’ years of age…!’

Photo left: Whinchat chick –

Piteously – ‘Threatened Endangered Songbird Species.’

“Yes Extermination – From the human race. Our sublime ‘folly.’ And the RSPB – ?”

Morosely – Yet ever ‘another’ ON their damn RSPB Red (soon to be) Dead’ List –

Letter received by Songbirds-Slaughter: –

‘The day the RSPB starts protecting Songbirds is the day I return to its membership.
But it keeps spending its millions on rearing sea kites, sea eagles, peregrines, goshawks, sparrowhawks, buzzards, etc.’

Their members DO NOT spend ‘their’ money on ‘Saving Any Garden Birds.’

Whinchat – Our Disappearing Sabotaged ‘Slaughtered’ Whinchat – Really Shocking 75% ! ‘Decline’ 2008 – “Twilight of our Songbirds” – So – Who, What Do ‘YOU’ Blame…?

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