BBC AND RSPB – Bill Oddie Types FULL of Half Truths! – “Biased” Pseudo-scientists – SEEKING ‘Suburban Popularity…’

BBC AND RSPB – Bill Oddie Types FULL of Half Truths! – “Biased” Pseudo-scientists – SEEKING ‘Suburban Popularity…’

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‘A CONSERVATIONIST NO MORE.’ Shooting Times: 2008 December – By: G.Morris, Suffolk

Having planted trees in my village in the early 1970s, created a four-acre wildlife reserve in the 1980s and annually coppiced firewood in nearby woods for many years.

I used to feel proud when people on occasion said ‘I hear you are a bit of a conservationist.’

“IN The EARLY ‘1990s’ – My Wife AND I SAW OUR VERY FIRST Sparrowhawk.”

Appeals to the RSPB (which in those days we trusted totally) to consider the need for control of the rapidly increasing hawk population proved fruitless and their reasoning suspect.

“In the late 1990s, badgers wiped out hedgehogs and decimated bumblebee nests in our mini-nature reserve as well as doing damage to farmland and village gardens.”

‘We raised the matter with our local Wildlife Trust but there was a – Horrified reaction when we suggested the need for badger control.’

With so-called professional environmentalists, the RSPB the BBC the Bill Oddie types full of half truths and seeking suburban popularity. “I now find the title of conservationist rather distasteful.”

‘I prefer conserve or plain countryman.’ Despite not participating in field sports we are now subscribers to Shooting Times rather than national wildlife magazines. As we prefer the wise countryman’s logic of ST’s contributions to the biased pseudo-scientists. G Morris, Suffolk

View: Your Lost Birds – & RSPB – ‘Note Warning’ – The ‘Tree Sparrow’ Dead 93%…!
Along with – Far too
many other once ‘common’ Garden Birds!

Photos: House Sparrow – 2010 BTO Numbers ‘Down’ – DEAD 90%! Utterly Sickening!’ In Britain Nearly ALL Are – DEAD – WHY…?

Grey crown. Bustling perky gregarious jolly little House Sparrows. Cheerful and chirpy song and Cockney chirrups.

From 1840 taken all over the USA Boston New York and around the world. ‘They’ All Manage – To Retain British Sparrows? Not killing them all off!

Maybe ‘they’ just kill off – Keep down their own ‘predator’ species?

Or their Sparrowhawks – DONT have the legal criminal ‘protection’ placed by the RSPB since 1954…!’ For Sparrowhawks – in Britain.

Criminal; Sparrowhawks EAT ‘OUR’ – ‘Sparrows!’ & Songbirds  – All ‘our’ Now Dead House & Tree Sparrows…!

Help: House Sparrows: Allow patches of weeds and unmown grass to attract seeds
and insects.

Feed: Sunflower seeds fruit millet. Moist cut up chicken sausage meat bacon.

Have: Some really dense bushes scrubs for Sparrows to forage roost and hide in from predators.
Need to raise their family under house eaves. Stop blocking them up!

Avoid: Chemicals-sprays pellets killing soft-bodied bugs young House Sparrow chicks eat.

House Sparrows struggling to survive alone here in Britain. Q: WHY this disaster in the UK?


2010 BTO: Numbers Down 90% UK – Slayed, Monstrous. On guess what – Damn Forever this – Sickly ‘Red-Deadly List’.

Albert Einstein – Only TWO Things ARE Infinite – The UNIVERSE AND HUMAN Stupidly AND I AM ‘NOT’ TOO SURE ABOUT THE FORMER”.

NOTE: Along with just – Far Too Many Other Once – ‘common’ – British ‘Garden Songbirds.’

Biased Pseudo-Scientists” – RSPB BBC Bill Oddie types Full of Half Truths – ‘Seeking Suburban Popularity…’

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  1. Loweills says:

    Given that Chris Packham refers regularly in his rants on Springwatch to recognised independent scientific research while The Shooting Times refer to real anecdotal stories and implemented Tory policy dating back decades, years rather then I’ll take my chances with the BBC thanks very much.

  2. Cinematte says:

    I also SO agree. Thanks as the “The Shooting Times” has loads in it of real sense that make really GOOD common sense about the reality of the humans and our race. WERE encroaching into the awful bother that we cause to lost garden birds; please do refer more to the anecdotal stories and implemented hopes and maybe dreams that we hold out for our environment??

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