‘SPARROWHAWK’ ATTACK! – “Poor Sight Of ‘Our’ Robin Red-breast” AFTER ! British ‘Wildlife’ – NOW “Only” Predators and ‘Scavengers !’ Permanently “ALLOWED” — WHY…?

‘SPARROWHAWK’ ATTACK! – “Poor Sight Of ‘Our’ Robin Red-breast” AFTER ! British ‘Wildlife’ – NOW “Only” Predators and ‘Scavengers !’ Permanently “ALLOWED” — WHY…?

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After this ‘Sparrowhawk’ Attack ! “Poor Sight Of ‘Our’ old Robin Red-breast” British ‘Wildlife’ Permanently Allowed – To Become – “Only” Predators and The ‘Scavengers… !’

‘Robin Had Little To Show Of His Old Red Breast’

After Sparrowhawk wing-ding – “He’s All Out of Pluck.”
2008 September 2 – Metro:
By Joe Steele.

IT’S NOT quite a case of who killed Cock Robin? But certainly the mess this bird has been left in would at least indicate he had been in a not-so featherweight dust up.

Poor old robin red-breast is known to have been attacked by a sparrowhawk.

Photo: Click To Enlarge

In the pecking order it appears there was only going to be one winner. But at least the robin lived to fight another day with the help of David and Wendy Baggaley.
Scruffy- as the couple have dubbed him – is slowly regaining his looks.

Mr Baggaley of Halifax said ‘we’ve named him Scruffy because he’s been looking like this every time he’s visited our garden since the attack.’  – ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” 

Despite looking and being wounded the sprightly bird has even retained the love of his pretty partner. Mr Baggaley added ‘his mate clearly still loves him. They have had two broods this year. We have seen them perched together.’

His wife said ‘there were times when we thought he was a goner. But we have noticed a bit of his old self and red tum coming back.
‘I feed Scruffy Marks and Spencer cheddar its what I eat as well.’

“To Accept Anything Like This As Normal and ‘Nature’ Is Delusional – British ‘Wildlife’ Has Been Permanently Allowed To Become Only Predators And the Scavengers !” – WHY…?

“In our wholly managed man made environment ‘nature’ has never had free reign. Sensible culling of grey squirrels and all other out of control numbers of predators and scavengers is the only true answer left for the benefit of those more delicate species utterly unable to adapt cope or compete.”

Truth is hard to take, like when we found out chimps do eat monkeys. Mankind (and your letter writer) are living in a fool’s paradise. Only approaching untouchable issues which are not vote-catching or human related until always – It’s too late…’

They want merely to be titillated by animals and wildlife without further thought, leaving a bleakness bereft of any bird life or joyful song from the 100 plus songbirds that used to clear up all our own garden and countrywide insect pests. All this without spraying with tons of chemical poisons…

“We are in dire need of Songbirds they eat billions of our insects bug slug aphid pests. Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses”


– ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk


British ‘Wildlife’ Nowadays In All Our Parks Squares And Any – Open spaces – Breeding and having only larger aggressive predators and scavengers of – Jays, Sparrowhawks, Magpies, Grey-squirrels, Crows, Herring-gulls, Parakeets, Fox. Etc, etc…

Along with Wildlife Hospitals re-releasing back healthily into the wild forever more predators and scavengers the – ‘Magpies grey-squirrels herring-gulls red-kites sparrowhawks fox.’ Etc… That – All EAT Garden – ‘SONGBIRDS!’

“This against the number of our more delicate songbirds and smaller mammals bought into them.” That die.

SO WHO ARE – Our own and songbirds only hope? As it does not pay anyone to keep ever increasing – ‘Predator Scavenger numbers down.’

“Forever Their ‘Killing’ Of All Other Species – That Their Own Numbers Desperately Need To Be Culled.” – So do get in touch joining only grass root charities –

Doing ‘Recent’ 2014 – ‘Scientific Research.’ Songbirds And Sparrows And ‘OUR’ Only Hope Left… Contact – http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk


– ‘SONGBIRDS’ – http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk

AFTER ‘SPARROWHAWK’ ATTACK ! “Poor Sight Of ‘Our’ Robin Red-breast” British ‘Wildlife’ “Permanently ALLOWED To Become – Only Predators AND Scavengers…!” WHY ?

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