Humans Take Over The Planet “As Animals ARE Wiped Out” – Either ‘Dead, Dying or Doomed’ – ‘2008…!’ Free-range ‘GREY’ Squirrel MEAT

Humans Take Over The Planet “As Animals ARE Wiped Out” – Either ‘Dead, Dying or Doomed’ – ‘2008…!’ Free-range ‘GREY’ Squirrel MEAT

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‘Dead, Dying or Doomed.’ – Animals Wiped Out as Humans ‘2008′ – “Take Over the Planet” –
Metro: News 2008 
May 6 – By Miles Erwin.

Mankind Today – Stands Accused Of Wiping Out More Than A Quarter Of Animal Populations On The Planet In The Past 35 Years. As the number of humans has grown from 4 billion to 6.5 billion, the spread of other creatures has declined by 27 per cent.
– According to a disturbing new 2008 report.

Mammals such as the hippopotamus minus 96%. Polar bears and chimpanzees -55%.
Sea creatures such as the swordfish and hammer-head shark -78%. With freshwater species such as the river dolphins face extinction because of loss of habitat and hunting.

The decline will only get worse because of climate change brought on by human activity, campaigners warn. The figures come from a study of 4,000 species by conservation charity WWF.
Its Living Planet Index shows the number of populations of land-based species has fallen by 25% between 1970 and 2005.

“The biggest drop was among tropical land species which tumbled by 55%. The potential loss of animals spells bad news for humans.” WWF Director-general James Leape said.

And added – ‘Reduced biodiversity means millions of people face a future where food supplies are more vulnerable to pests and disease.’
Biodiversity minister Joan Ruddock said: “Supporting wildlife is critical to all our futures.
“The rate of wildlife loss needs to be slowed in both the UK and internationally.” – 2012 May 30th

Photo above: Our Nearly – Extinct – ‘Red’ Squirrel.

– ‘2008′ May 12: ‘Shoppers Go Nuts for – Grey-Squirrel Pasty.’

Grey-Squirrels have long been on the menu at some top restaurants-but now they have found their way into the humble pasty. And it seems shoppers can’t get enough of the healthy meat which tastes great. It is good for the overall environment and is free range.

Butcher David Simpson, who sells the pasties in Fraddon, Cornwall, said:
‘People like the fact it is wild meat, low in fat and local- so no food miles.’

David Ridley owns a fish and game store in Northumberland is also surprised by the success of grey-squirrels, which apparently tastes like wild boar or duck. I wasn’t sure at first, and wondered would people really eat it. Now I take every grey-squirrel I can get my hands on.’
I’ve had days when I have managed to get 60 and they’ve all sold straight away.

‘It’s moist and sweet because diet has been berries and nuts.’
There are about 2.5 million grey squirrels in Britain and killing them for food could help control numbers as they are over-running the native ‘red squirrel.’

Keith Viner, former chef of Michelin-stared Pennypots in Cornwall. Said: Southern fried squirrel is good. And tandoori style works well. It’s especially tasty fricasseed with Cornish cream and walnuts. But the one everyone seems to like is the Cornish grey-squirrel pasty.

Raced to Death. 2008 May 16: Daily Mail

Commercial horse racing is barbaric. Two in every three of the 15,000 foals bred for the racing industry every year don’t make the grade and are killed and made into pet food or sold off. About 375 race horses a year are ‘raced to death’.
A horses heart beat can increase tenfold during a race causing them to collapse and die.
– R Brendan, Surrey

Horses for Courses? – 2008 May 16: Metro

Schattenlady, the racehorse featured in yesterday’s Metro, was indeed lucky to escape injury after colliding with the side railings, unseating her rider and taking a tumble. Sadly, this reaction in thoroughbreds is not uncommon. They are highly strung and can become frightened during a race. In an attempt to escape they make for the side railings.
This year’s Grand National witnessed McKelvey unseating his rider and colliding with the railings, being killed in the process. Horse racing is not the sport of kings, it is operated by a cynical, moneymaking industry that puts profit and glory before the welfare of the animals.
– F Pereira, London SE 27

The Sport of Kings? 2008 May 16: Metro

While the photo of Schattenlady is portrayed in a flippant manner, the seriousness of racehorses being killed on courses around the world is an important animal welfare issue that needs to be dealt with by the sports regulators.
More than 200 race horses have died on racecourses or shortly after due to their injuries since March 2007 – nine have been killed this month alone.
It’s time to bring this to the attention of the public who, if they were given the facts about the racing industry, might choose to boycott betting and attending
race meetings
– Dene Stansall, Kent

2008 May 9 H&H Series: ‘Removing Our Ancient Trees Should Only Be Last Resort.’

Hampstead residents want to keep their beloved trees out of the hands of profit-seeking developers.
They are in shock after seeing ancient trees being cut down to make way for new homes and swimming pools.

Last week John Weston from the Heath and Hampstead Society demonstrated the lack of regulation governing the felling of trees in the area, its not only new development that is putting trees in danger.

‘Insurance companies are also calling for trees to be cut down because of fears of subsidence.’

Mr Weston said: ‘One of the problems is the super-safe attitude adopted by insurance companies. Finding a crack in a building is not difficult and they are too quickly attributing this to trees.
But building in Hampstead date as far back as 1690 and there have been trees in Hampstead ever since. If subsidence was that much of a problem these historic buildings would not still be standing.’

‘It is hoped that new protocol introduced by the Forestry commission and the GLA will bring about more co-operation between the council and insurers.’

The Joint mitigation Protocol being published this month, will demand better evidence that trees are causing subsidence before they can be chopped down.

Later this year the Woodland Trust is also launching a new campaign which will ask people to report threats to trees. The campaign called WoodWatch will urge people to join forces with others concerned about the preservation of trees and will offer them access to resources to help them fight the threat.

Diana Millis said for the Woodland Trust. ‘We are particularly concerned that ancient trees are not removed due to the perception that they are dangerous.
‘Ancient trees harbour a unique array of wildlife and it has been estimated that Britain may be home to about 80 per cent of northern Europe’s ancient trees.

“Ancient trees are often thought to be dying or dangerous if they have dead limbs or decaying trunks. But often ancient trees can be made safe without needing to remove the whole tree.”

“Dead, Dying or Doomed Animals Wiped Out !” – As ‘Humans’ Take Over The Planet – Shoppers Go Nuts for Squirrel Pasty… – Raced to Death – The ‘Sport of Kings…?’ – News 2008 –

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