EXTINCTION FILE ‘2008’ – “Desperate Fate of Species” – Animal LOSS Current Rates – “GREATEST IN HISTORY Of EARTH…!”

EXTINCTION FILE ‘2008’ – “Desperate Fate of Species” – Animal LOSS Current Rates – “GREATEST IN HISTORY Of EARTH…!”

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EXTINCTION FILE: 2008 March – Metro

‘It Sounds Like The Story Line For – The Next Instalment of the Jurassic Park Movie Series – AS Scientists Develop A DNA Bank For Animals Which Are ALL – Facing Extinction.’

But the ‘Frozen Ark’ is real. It will preserve the genetic blueprints of endangered species and could one day be used to help bring creatures back to life after they have died out.

“Thousands of animals are expected to disappear over the next 30 years – Including a quarter of mammals and 12 per cent of birds.”

Now the joint initiative between the Natural History Museum the Zoological Society of London and Nottingham University will store frozen tissue samples from thousands of rare animals.

The first to enter the genetic bank vault will include spotted seahorse Arabian oryx Socorro dove and Partula snails.

A Spokesman Described The Work As Of ‘Immeasurable Value.’ He Said – “The Current Rate Of Animal Loss – Is The Greatest In The History Of The Earth.”

‘Without it our descendants would be left only with brief descriptions in scientific papers and specimens in museums.’

The Fate of Species IS Desperate… Songbirds-Slaughter – 2010: – EXTINCTION FILE

“WHO IS – DOING ANY ‘ONE’ THING – http://www.songbird-survival.org.ukARE THE BEST

Since Scientists Began Recording Extinctions In 1500AD – 680 Animals Have Been Recorded As Extinct.
They Are The Dodo Californian Grizzly Bear and the Passenger Pigeon.
The Group of Animal’s That Has Lost Most Species Over the Last ‘500’ Years Is The Gastropoda (snails etc) WITH 260.

“Birds Rank Second With 129.” – For Every Species Alive Today It Is Estimated 1,000 More Have Lived Previously And Become Extinct.’
There have been ‘mass extinction’ – where a lot of species disappear over a short time. Scientist’s believe we have already entered the sixth.

Over the past 600 million years it is estimated that between one in ten species have become extinct every year. When the beautiful hulu bird died out in the early-part of the 20th century, its own species of louse (rallicola extinctus) died out as well.
‘It is almost impossible to record accurately the number of extinctions because not every species on Earth has been discovered.’


Photo: Firecrest= Gorgeous jewel bronze-coloured patches fiery orange crown stripe stark contrasting black white eye stripes.

Flutters almost humming bird-like feeding at the end of branches. Half size of the wren 5-7g.
Song floating pitched high twittering. Similar to Goldcrest but louder without the ending flourish.


“Trappers Push Songbirds Closer to Extinction” – In Far – ‘TOO MANY’ Countries – ‘Black Market in Songbirds Continues to Thrive.’ – 2008 March.

View: News ‘tweets’ 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

Some Of Our Native ‘GARDEN’ SONGBIRDS Are Being Driven To The Point Of Extinction By Trappers Because – Their Melodic Calls Make Them To ‘some people’ Prized ‘Pets…’

Linnets which are high on the list of collectors’ “wanted” wild birds, are becoming increasingly scarce in their natural farmland habitats.

Because of the Linnets attractive song, the male linnet is valued as a cage bird. Goldfinches, redpolls and bullfinches, are also prized because of their striking plumage.

‘Experts fear that if the black market in songbirds continues to thrive it will help push some species’ –

Particularly those already battling against habitat loss – Over the edge.

Photo left & main photo: Linnet – Exquisite slim little – Linnet Finches.

Males gloriously marked powder blue head crimson forehead and chest.

Chestnut mantle streaking white throat and underparts. Resonant rich sonorous singing and twittering as they fly.

‘Nest a cup of grass moss twigs lined with hair and wool’ – AND, “ONCE ‘we’ Used As Cage Birds Because Of Their Heavenly Melodious Song.”

HELP LINNETS: Small seeds-dandelion oil-rape especially summer insects. Bushes and dense hedges.

Piteously – ‘Threatened endangered British species.’ Yes Extermination From the ‘human’ race – Our Sublime Shame And ‘Folly.’ And the RSPB ?
Morosely – Linnet Yet ‘another’ On damn this – ‘Red Death RSPB List…

“Current Rate of Animal Loss Greatest in History of Earth” – ‘Desperate Fate of Species’ – EXTINCTION FILE 2008 !

– ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk


 “Trappers Push Songbirds Closer to Extinction” – IN FAR TOO MANY COUNTRIES – “Black Market In ‘Our’ Garden Birds – Continues To Thrive…”

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