Dog Walking – “Scaring Harming ‘ALL’ Woodland Birdlife” – Reduction OF Songbird Species… ‘Even When Dogs ARE On A Lead!’

Dog Walking – “Scaring Harming ‘ALL’ Woodland Birdlife” – Reduction OF Songbird Species… ‘Even When Dogs ARE On A Lead!’

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Dog – Walking Scares Wildlife… 2007 October – thelondonpaper –

Walkies Call Makes Songbirds Fly Into Exile. One Of The Most Popular Outdoor Activities In the UK Could Be Harming Woodland Birdlife. It Was Claimed Today.
Dr Peter Banks said his research shows dog-walking leads to a 41 per cent reduction in songbirds and 35 per cent reduction in wild bird species.
“Even When Dogs Are On A Lead.”

This is because birds, who see the dog as one of their natural predators, will leave the woodland when they see the animal.
His research, based on a study of 90 sites in Sydney showed birds may not come back to the habitat, or if they do, they will stay further away from the path.
Banks, of the University of New South Wales in Australia added –

“We Cannot Now Say Any More, That Dogs On A Lead Have No Effect On Our Songbirds – And On All Of Our General Birdlife.”


Creamy-white- eye-stripe meeting across nape. Well developed crown crest.

Characteristic Sweet Plaintive Song Delivered From Deeply Undulating Flight – From Heights Of – 100m ‘PLUS’.

Help Woodlarks: Plant trees bushes – Without use Pesticides.
For – Seeds. Insects spiders.

Decline from “1969” – ‘Depleted Europe.’ 1996-2001 RED! Another soon to be lost? Monstrously Evil. Yet another of the UK’s finest ‘lost’ songsters on the wing!

“As it’s songbirds that need protecting for the last 40 years! Songbirds kept down all our garden pests from slugs, snails, caterpillars, creepy crawlies plus a myriad of our unwanted bug pests…”

People spray with too many poisons and use truly dreadful ‘slug pellets’ that then poisons songbirds and their chicks when fed these dead pests.

‘One pair of blue tits alone need 15,000 insects a season to survive. These numbers of insects taken out compete with all our ‘spraying’ any day of the week. Our costs and shocking cost to songbirds!’ But ‘we’ are the poorer…

British ‘wildlife’ nowadays in all our Parks Squares and any – Open spaces – Breeding and having ONLY larger aggressive ‘predators and scavengers’ – Jays, Magpies, Grey-squirrels, Crows, Sparrowhawks, Herring-gulls, Parakeets, Fox. Etc, etc…

“In our wholly managed man made environment ‘nature’ has never had free reign. Sensible culling of grey squirrels and all other out of control numbers of predators and scavengers is the only true answer left for the benefit of all those more delicate species utterly unable to adapt cope or compete.”

Truth is hard to take, like when we found out chimps do eat monkeys. Mankind (and your letter writer) are living in a fool’s paradise –

Only approaching certain untouchable issues which are not vote-catching or human related until always –It’s too ‘blooming’ late…’

“They want merely to be titillated by animals and wildlife without further thought, leaving a bleakness bereft of any bird life or joyful song from the 100 plus Songbirds that used to clear up all our own garden and countrywide insects bugs pests. All this without spraying with billions tons of poison chemicals!”

Dog Walking ‘2007’ – “Scaring Harming – Woodland Birdlife!” – Reduction of ALL ‘our’ Songbird Species… Dog Walking – “Scaring Harming Woodland Birdlife” – Reduction Of ‘ALL’ Songbird Species…!

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