RSPB 2007 said…

RSPB 2007 said…

RSPB 2007 Said…

“Unfortunately where migrant birds are found on the edge of their
range there is often
little that can be done in terms of –
effective conservation action…”

2011 November – The Field: He said it…

In a remarkable article Dr Mark Avery former RSPB conservation director suggests a quota system for hen harriers –
On grouse moors where harrier numbers could be capped perhaps by egg pricking or translocation of young birds.

‘Dr Avery regrets – That he did not move the hen harrier (hawks) issue on while working for the RSPB and also admits his own part in implying that all gamekeepers are bad guys.’

Elbert Hubbard –
‘Genius may have its limits but stupidity is not thus capped.’ 

“All this does raise the important question that if raptors (hawks) or other predators are found to be affecting Songbird populations as well, then similar measures should be considered.”
2012 – Winter Newsletter –

Main Photo: 1 of 5 Dead baby Blackbirds. Catastrophically All Killed by ‘one’ Magpie – April 2010!

View: Songbird ‘life’ London – Magpies ‘Again’ RSPB! ‘One’ wiped us out Killing – 5 baby Blackbirds – Every Year The Same!

2010: Songbirds-Slaughter; Most books and Mostly ALL Online Data – IS SO ‘Utterly’ – Out of Date Concerning Songbirds Recent ‘present day’ Numbers! Just WHY RSPB – ‘IS IT TO BE’ – “The Twilight Of ‘our’ Songbirds… And Their Death?

Photo: Waxwing= ‘Our’ Despicable Folly our Own Sublime Disaster – “Less than 100 UK!” Dismay – ! TO BECOME EXTINCT?

Waxwing – God ‘HELP’ Them! Who ‘else’ will…? View Topics: Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Glorious prominent crest reddish-brown to grey with black throat small black mask round eyes with their body all shades of pale grey with red wing-spots.
Waxwing Beautiful – Outstanding with yellow wing and tail tips.
Fabulous exotic unbelievably beautiful – High chatterer song call notes.

Summer influx changes certain area figures but not consistent. Need: Bushes trees berries.
Waxwing – Scandalous – Less than 100 UK! … Waxwing… cry.

‘Magpie’: Latin meaning – “An appetite for substances unfit as food. Eating anything.” Perfect reference – For killer magpies.

Magpies rarely ‘eat’ that which they KILL – Razor sharp beak. Razor sharp claws – Weighing little.


Waxwing – “Glorious reddish-to-grey prominent crest black mask round eyes throat – Body all shades pale grey red wing-spots and yellow tail wing tips”

‘We started this site with true sadness and passion to try and help towards – Saving tragically the dying off of Songbirds!’ – And regarding ‘predation’ –

“Killing of Songbirds by more aggressive dominant birds animals. Mankind. Scandalously – By trappers and poachers.

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year!
Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

“In my lifetime I’ve become sick of Forever Hearing – ‘You don’t see them like you used to’ – Whenever the dire lack of Songbirds and Sparrows are mentioned.”

Help – Join only grass root charities. Only the Charity

“Are spending money On – Recent Scientific – Up To Date’ Research.”

Leonard Bernstein“To search for the truth one has to be drunk with – Imagination.

WAXWING – ‘Our’ Despicable Folly our Own Sublime Disaster – “Less than 100 UK!” – Utter Dismay – ? TO BECOME EXTINCT?… Cry.

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