SPARROWHAWK ‘As Birdwatchers Watch’ – KILLS “RARE Swallow” – Magpie: Latin meaning – AN Appetite For Substances “UNFIT AS FOOD” Perfect Reference FOR KILLER ‘MAGPIES’ And Their Blood ‘Horrors !’

SPARROWHAWK ‘As Birdwatchers Watch’ – KILLS “RARE Swallow” – Magpie: Latin meaning – AN Appetite For Substances “UNFIT AS FOOD” Perfect Reference FOR KILLER ‘MAGPIES’ And Their Blood ‘Horrors !’

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and Finally... 2006 November 15th Metro:

‘Birdwatchers Looked On In Horror – As A Swallow Not Seen In Britain – For ’20’ Years Was Carried Off – In The Claws Of A Sparrowhawk…’

The twitchers had been watching the red-rumpted swallow for 20 minutes when it stopped to rest on a TV aerial.

It was then that the hawk swooped. Group member Mike Sawyer said near Montrose in Scotland. ‘We were horrified.

We had just called other birdwatchers to tell them the news and then had to call back to say it had been eaten.”

A RSPB spokesman added, its just one of those things…!

‘We All Need Songbirds in Our Lives.’ – 2006 November W&V:
As I wholeheartedly agree with the letter – Songbirds Under Threat, ‘Not Just From Pelicans’ W&V, November 3rd –
‘As to the real reasons that all our parks squares and any bit of open space are utterly depleted these days of all songbirds, sparrows, or any other wildlife.’ 


‘MAGPIE’: Latin meaning – ‘AN APPETITE For Substances ‘UNFIT’ AS FOOD. Eating Anything.’ Perfect Reference – ‘FOR’ – KILLER ‘MAGPIES.’

“I ALSO AGREE It IS All OUR OWN FAULT – In Letting Predators Namely – JUST ‘SOME’ ARE – Grey-Squirrels, Magpies, Sparrowhawks, CATS, Crows, Jays, Fox, RATS TAKE OVER AND – That’s Without EVER MORE ‘Feral’ WILD Cats.”

That They ARE ALL Killing Songbirds. Along with the loss of habitat the Songbirds AND Sparrows have had to contend with that their own numbers have drastically all tragically plummeted.

‘Ever – SINCE THE YEAR “1954” The RSPB Have Giving The sparrowhawk Legal Protection’ – While we have since SEEN AND ‘LOST THE SPARROW’ – ALONG With So Many Of Our Once SO BEAUTIFUL Songbirds Which ‘their’ (THE RSPB) Sparrowhawks – ALL ‘EAT.’ Note the word ‘sparrow’ here!

“They Ought To Be (the) RSPB Truly Ashamed As Yet (Ever Again) – They Show Their Ill Thought Out Doctrines. ASK THEM As – Just ‘what do they the RSPB do with all their money?’ – As sparrows and songbirds under the RSPB have – ‘NEVER HAD ANY’ – ‘Protection’ – what so ever…!

I also used to be one of just so many who travelled in from Romford, in Essex ( now many years ago ) to feed the multitude of sparrows in St James Park and these became quite famous in  the press. Sadly all killed off by sparrowhawks AND magpies. We are all witness to that. SO JUST WHY DOESN’T the RSPB EVER DO ANY ONE THING? WE “ALL” HAVE TO QUESTION THIS APATHY – do something RSPB?

“Or would that upset all their raptor loving members at the expense of the tragic continued loss of our songbirds?”
Especially in all our towns and cities where sparrowhawks and other raptors are watched over and fed and encouraged to breed by the RSPB.
D.Oliven, Horley Surrey

Photos: Waxwing –

Glorious prominent crest reddish-brown to grey with black throat small black mask round eyes. Body all shades of pale grey with red wing-spots.

Beautiful Waxwing with yellow wing and tail tips.

High chatterer song call notes. 

Need: Bushes trees and berries.

Summer influx changes certain area figures but not consistent. “Waxwing – Scandalous – Less than 100 Britain…!” cry.

‘Magpie’: Latin meaning – ‘An appetite for substances unfit as food. Eating anything.’ Perfect reference – For killer magpies.

Magpies rarely ‘eat’ that which they KILL –
Now ‘Extinct’ 
‘Dead’ – Songbirds…!

SPARROWHAWK KILLS ‘VERY’ – ‘Rare Swallow’  “As Birdwatchers Watch 2006 !” – “Very Rare Swallow Killing” – ‘Blood Horror…!’

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