RSPB? Criticising ‘Them !’ “Magpie Controversy Does NOT Go Far Enough” – Humans  ‘2006’ – Gulping ALL “Available Resources…”

RSPB? Criticising ‘Them !’ “Magpie Controversy Does NOT Go Far Enough” – Humans ‘2006’ – Gulping ALL “Available Resources…”

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Letters Criticising the RSPB And Government Departments about the Magpie Controversy –
“Do Not Go Far Enough.” – ‘2006′
– Winter:

By Paul Roberts.    [Photo: Pelicans And Story – Below]

In the eighties the then Department of the Environment negligently allowed the European Commission to put magpies on the list of protected species of birds. Although  this was later relaxed.

‘This was particularly galling in view of the permitted massacre of migrating birds in Italy and other Mediterranean countries.’

“The RSPB is naive to say that magpies have only increased by 100% in the last 30 years. As – If, the comparison is made with the thirties then the increase is many thousand per cent.

‘At that time magpies were a rarity and even in the country many people had never seen one.’

The relative rarity was said to be due to the efforts of gamekeepers who knew very well about the killing of and egg stealing from garden birds.
With these – Magpie killing ‘habits’ and so rightly regarded them as a pest.

Paul Roberts, Camberley, Surrey

‘New Planets Needed’ – By 2050…! The Independent: 2006 October 25th –

The human race is consuming the Earth’s natural resources so fast we will need at least two planets’ worth by 2050 wildlife campaigners are warning.” In Britain each person uses the equivalent of six football pitches of resources to support the way they live, the WWF’s Living Planet Report revealed.

The report indicates that the world’s ecological footprint – the demand people place upon the natural world – ‘Has more than tripled since 1961.’
And that rising carbon dioxide emissions are the biggest cause of human ecological impact on the planet.

‘Britain has risen from 15th to 14th place in the worlds ecological footprint league table since 2004.’ WWF director of campaigns Paul King said: ‘We urgently have to face up to the fact that we are running up a serious ecological debt and that we cannot continue to exhaust natural reserves without putting something back. It’s time to make some vital choices.’

Mrs Beckett said in Germany: ‘When it comes to our inaction on climate change our generation is in danger of global irresponsibility on a massive scale.’ She used her address to foreign policy experts at the British Embassy in Berlin to call on Germany to use its forthcoming presidencies of the EU and G8 group of industrial nations to speed up progress on the problem.

View: “Pigeon Pie for Lunch” Pelicans ‘eating’ – ‘IN’ St James Park, London SW1

“Gulp! Pelican Pigeon – Eater Strikes Again.”
Evening Standard: 2006
October 22nd
. – By Anna Davies.

‘The pelicans of St James’s Park are making a habit of having pigeons for dinner.’ An Eastern White pelican is caught for the second time snacking on a hapless pigeon in front of witnesses.

Despite experts saying the first incident, which happened on Tuesday, was a one-off?
‘These video pictures reveal otherwise.’

Royal Parks spokeswoman Louise Wood said: The pelicans are well fed-he must just have taken a shine to a live dinner.
‘It is unusual for it to happen twice within just a few days.’

The park today refused to round up its five resident pelicans and keep them in a cage. Ms Wood added: ’Pelicans have been in St James’s park for more than 300 years – that is where they live.  The whole idea is they are not caged’ but maybe starting to eat pigeons because they are becoming tame. She said: ‘Wild pelicans only eat fish, but these pelican are very used to human contact so their behaviour is quite different. They are more opportunists.
Because they don’t have to hunt for fish they will eat people’s leftovers and anything else that comes their way. That pigeon was probably walking round looking for food and was regarded as competition-then became dinner.’

Pelicans were introduced into the park during the reign of Charles II, when they were a gift from the Russian ambassador. Park keepers feed them 12lb of fish and vitamin supplements every day. The pelican-eating pigeon was spotted by Cathan McNaughton on Tuesday and the latest photograph emerged last night. It is not known if it was the same pelican.

Though many bystanders said they are witness to having seen the pelicans eating other waders, the park gardens songbirds and the pink-footed geese in St James Park. “Doing exactly this same thing ‘eating’ them and for far too many years.

One local lady said 40 and more years! Adding – “It’s one way to clear the overabundant and pestering pigeons wanting food. But shocking that the few songbirds left in the park were being eaten, after the magpies and sparrow hawks had wiped the rest out.”

Magpie Controversy Criticising The RSPB And Government Departments” – Do NOT Go Far Enough…! – ‘Humans Are Gulping The Worlds Available Resources’ – “Two Planets Needed By 2050 – ”

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