Bullfinch Dead 65% – RSPB Britain “repellent incompetence” 2009 – Sparrowhawks Grey-Squirrels – Cause 100%  Breeding Failure 2006 !

Bullfinch Dead 65% – RSPB Britain “repellent incompetence” 2009 – Sparrowhawks Grey-Squirrels – Cause 100% Breeding Failure 2006 !

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“Bullfinches are fantastic chubby – looking little fellows.” – 2006 May 30.
The males having a vibrant reddish orange breast. While the females are mostly varying shades of brown and white.

‘Once could be seen everywhere but particularly around woodland edges.’

2009: Bullfinch Numbers – In Britain ‘down.’ Dead 65% !

UK – Disasterous AND Detrimental…

Lamentable ‘what a carry on!’ – About Saving Our Songbirds ?
Really WHO IS ? the ‘RSPB’? Just Repellent – ‘Incompetence.’

RSPB legislation on raptors (hawks) has to change. Today their stance is even more tragic. They should be truly ashamed of the present day loss – 

“Of every one of our – ‘Sparrow and Garden Songbird numbers !”

‘Elsewhere in many civilized countries the limited sensitive culling of particular predators is regarded as an act of ‘conservation.’

Rather than in the eyes of the RSPB an intolerable outrage. Restoring a balance of species though population control has thus been made unthinkable despite the fact that – ‘It would be sound conservational practice to do so.’

“If, we are to help songbirds survive let alone increase their numbers society must wake up to the fact that predators need to be controlled. Bird protections continue to ignore the huge increase of top of the bird ladder-birds of prey raptors (hawks).”

‘In fact the RSPB actively encouraged and engineered the protection of birds of prey! Which are just that, they prey upon killing other birds and mammals. When the obvious is so patiently clear this does nothing to enhance the RSPB.’

2006 May 30: Prof Roy BrownBirkbeck University of London.

“In areas of high grey-squirrel density more than 93% of small birds nests are being raided –

When this is combined with Sparrowhawk activity it can result in 100% of breeding failure for our Songbirds.”

“Songbirds Can Will Only Start Returning IF – Predator Control IS Introduced Now!

Gandhi wrote – “The morality of a country is judged by the way it treats its animals.” – Then we should think carefully about the way we are treating ours.
Our wildlife and especially our wildlife that is just hanging on.

‘All those so many species unable to adapt cope or being able to compete’ –
To be able to survive to have a future without predation ?

Culling of certain species and lifting of sparrowhawks legal-protection from RSPB – Ever Since the Year ‘1954 !’ – Was To Be Introduced NOW ?

“I’m afraid people only miss someone or something or pay attention only when ‘it’ has finally gone…”

Bullfinch – RSPB Britain – ‘Repellent Incompetence!’ – 2009 Dead 65%! – “Fantastic chubby-looking little fellows” –

Sparrowhawks and Grey-Squirrels – Cause 100% Breeding Failure – 2006 ! – God Help Them — ‘Songbirds…’ Who else will — ? ?

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