Hearing a “Songbird Singing” Gives US A Natural Boost To STRESS – Magpie “KILLING MACHINE” – ‘Of ALL Our’ Garden Songbirds…

Hearing a “Songbird Singing” Gives US A Natural Boost To STRESS – Magpie “KILLING MACHINE” – ‘Of ALL Our’ Garden Songbirds…

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Feeling Stressed? – ‘Then Go Back to Nature’ 2005: Spring –

“It could be time to head for the seaside or the park. More than eight in ten people said getting back to nature helped them beat their daily hassles.” Almost half recommended a walk on the beach while a third headed for the park.
‘One in ten said the smell of grass gave them a lift and one in six got a boost from hearing a songbird singing.’
The survey carried out for beer maker Hoegaarden found.

‘Fast Food Rubbish ON Britain’s Streets’ – Is Creating Overweight – “Super Pigeons” 2005: July 18th Metro –

Pigeons rely on waste to survive, anti litter campaigners warned today. The pigeons are becoming reliant on scrap food because people are throwing
rubbish on the street instead of using a bin.
  A pigeon population explosion has resulted.

Photos: Nuthatch=

Nuthatch – Only British Songbird to descend head down-wards.
Plump and lively running up and down tree trunks.

Habit of wedging nuts into crevices then hammering them open.’
Seldom far from trees and woodland.

2005: Numbers – “Unknown – how bad their numbers are…?”

Nest: Uses mud to smear around tree hole or nest box entrance –
to make smaller.

Amiable glorious minute tuneful Nuthatch – lively running up down and –
Around tree trunks” – Our Only UK Songbird to Descend head down wards!
Present Day Numbers – ‘Unknown?’

“Hearing Songbirds Singing” – Gives our Daily ‘Hassles and Stress’ –
A Back – To Nature Boost!

WHAT A DREADFUL WASTE… 2011: – British ‘wildlife…

British ‘wildlife.’ IS – Mostly Now OF ONLY – Predators and Scavengers. In All our Cities Towns Parks Squares Open Areas and Countryside.
This is all we ever do see and hear the discordant clamour resonance of jangling screeching squabbling wailing squawking shrilling screaming whining squealing cawing. And Magpies cackling – witches rattle.

Magpie: Latin meaning – ‘An appetite for substances unfit as food. Eating anything’ –

Perfect reference – Predator magpies – ‘Being razor beaked dagger clawed.’ Killing machines.
Rarely do they ‘eat’ that which they KILL – Magpies ARE JUST A – KILLING MACHINE Of ‘Our’ – Oh SO Depleted Songbirds!

Magpies; Our Garden Songbirds trying to fight off these killers. Which is all they are. Broken eggs & killed chicks.’ Each and every time!

Magpies; Black and white. Large with a very long tail. Razor sharp beaks, razor sharp claws.
Magpies rarely bother to ‘eat’ that which they Kill – Killing – “Our Garden Songbirds…!

View: Magpies ‘Again’ RSPB! ‘One’ wiped us out Killing – 5 baby Blackbirds – Every Year The Same!

Magpies Again RSPB! – Grandiose ideas don’t help like the ‘re-introductions’ of hawks from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

Along with Wildlife Hospitals re-releasing back healthily into the wild forever more Predators and Scavengers.

The Magpies, grey-squirrels, herring-gulls, red-kites, gulls, sparrowhawks, badgers, jays, fox, etc, etc…


“This against the number of the more delicate songbirds and smaller mammals bought into them.” – That die.

Accepting some form of control is vital.

“Their prey of Sparrows and Songbirds has collapsed and its these species that desperately need the RSPB’s – Protection.”

“Sensible culling of the far too many predators and scavengers which are all catching killing off our Sparrows Garden Songbirds and small Mammals.” Predators cull everything else that their own numbers need to be culled to accept anything else as normal ‘nature’ is delusional.
UK ‘wildlife’ has been allowed to become only the ‘predators and scavengers.’
Q: WHY…?

‘Hearing Songbirds Singing’ Gives Natural Boost To Stress! – Magpies – ARE THE KILLING MACHINE Of OUR – Garden Songbirds!”

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