ARTIC SEA ICE DISAPPEARING FAST 2004 – SEEN – ‘IN ONE YEAR’ – “SHRUNK 14 PER-CENT” + Same Old Bag for ‘45’ Years…!

ARTIC SEA ICE DISAPPEARING FAST 2004 – SEEN – ‘IN ONE YEAR’ – “SHRUNK 14 PER-CENT” + Same Old Bag for ‘45’ Years…!

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Arctic Sea Ice Seen Disappearing Fast. Daily Mail 2004 September 15th:

Arctic sea ice has shrunk by 14 per cent in a year – which is a clear result of global warming, according to experts.
For the first time, the year-round sea ice was seen melting in summer as well as winter.
One satellite image showed a hole one- and-a-half times the size of Wales had developed in the summer ice north of Alaska.

‘Normally the perennial sea ice shrinks by 1.5 to two per cent per decade, but it reduced by 14 per cent between 2004 and 2005.’

Shrinking Arctic ice means less sunlight gets reflected and more gets absorbed, exacerbating the problem of global warming. NASA scientist Josefino Comiso said – ‘The winter warming signal is finally coming out. The greenhouse phenomenon is actually becoming apparent in the Arctic.’

The melting ice threatens many species in the area, including polar bears which hunt on the ice.
The loss of winter ice is also bad news for the ocean and sea mammals.
“This is because when it melts in the summer it provides crucial breeding ground for plankton – the bottom rung of the ocean’s food chain.”

‘SAME OLD BAG FOR 45 YEARS’… H&H 2006 September 1st:

I’m pleased that the subject of plastic bags keeps raising its head in your Newspaper pages.

Also that there is general awareness of this never – ending waste we humans keep inflicting on our planet.

I have had a Marks & Spencer plastic bag for over 45 years. And as I have noticed their ‘now’ environmentally-aware campaigns I wrote to the company telling them of this very old and still in service strongly made bag.

The bag always receives attention in any M&S store and I always do mention its age to people who inquire trying to set a good example.
I’ve also suggested (too many times) to their assistants.

‘That continually throw far too many new bags at everyone that they might set another ‘example in 2006.” –
nd make a charge for all the bags they do supply.’

Having written in about this forever ‘waste’ four times to their M&S head office I’ve never received a reply. I assure readers that it is no problem to fold up flat and to carry around a few old plastic bags as an alternative to always – requiring new ones at the till.
Shops should charge for them with a ‘donation’ going to an environmental charity.

‘In lazy countries like ours we are using up billions of plastic bags every day and wasting dreadfully nearly the same amount in oil.’  Think – Care – Do – Something… ?
 – Jennifer Baclaire, London

‘TREE COVER ?’ 2006 September 1st:

To make London more attractive like Paris and many other cities, and so that bicycles are not chained to them or propped against them all trees should be surrounded be an attractive metal protection.

This would also give much-needed space to prevent things being pinned to trees.

This long overdue protection could also carry a small and attractive ‘sign’ (if need be) for a local shop to support the scheme.

If Paris and many other cities can give their trees this added protection from people bikes and dogs, so then why cannot Camden, Westminster, Kensington. Et al ?

J Sargeant, London NW8

“ARCTIC SEA ICE – SEEN DISAPPEARING FAST” – Plus The – ‘Same old bag for ’45’ Years!’
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