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Daily Mail 2003 September:

There’s Something Touching In The Naivety Of those Who Fondly Imagine That Nature Will Always Find Its Own Balance –

“Its all very well telling us that the magpies can’t go on increasing in number if the numbers of their prey – in particular the much prized songbirds – full below a certain point.”

But what will we end up with then? No songbirds and no magpies either.

Whatever the nice symmetry of the ‘natural’ argument, its clear that for whatever reason – Mankind’s intervention, climate change, acts of God – Imbalances do occur.

If Magpies Attack Songbird Nests Breaking The Eggs Killing The Chicks. And I’ve Seen Them Too Often Do It. 

See letter below By – Frederick Forsyth.

‘Common Sense Says More Magpies Means Fewer Garden Songbirds.’ 

Photos: Main DunnockDunnock chick below.    

Shy Quite Dainty Little Dunnock Songbirds – Stay almost horizontal to the ground while jerkily flicking out their little wings.
Blue-grey light and dark brown head and body pink legs. With A – Thin insect-eating bill. ‘Loud and a very bright irresistible and cheerful calling song.’

2010 BTO: ‘‘Huge falls have been recorded for our tiny dainty little Dunnocks!” – ‘Present Numbers?’ – Who Knows OR – Cares…? – 

“History is littered with the mistakes of so called experts be they scientific political medical or just well meant.”

This is how the RSPB will be judged with its love and protection of Hawks – ‘Sparrowhawks!‘ – Write to the Patron of the RSPB the Queen:
“State that since – 1954…” –
It’s far too long and overdue. “To take the legal protection for raptors” ‘Hawks’ – Off ‘NOW’ – Their, RSPB Protected List –

To start ‘saving’ Sparrows and Songbirds thats what their members have paid the RSPB to do. Isn’t it?
Before They Have ALL been Killed Off By – Predators!

DunnockchickNews – 2005 March Sunday Telegraph: Magpie Debate-Week Three. By – Frederick Forsyth.

Your correspondents seeking to defend the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the common magpie offer some impressively weird arguments and largely suggest that magpies should be left alone because other birds also predate. This is like saying that since Peter Sutcliffe had the murder business pretty well covered, it was unfair to persecute Denis Nilsen as well.

“The magpie is ferocious, wary, wily, cleaver, insatiable, razor-beaked and ubiquitous. Unlike the sparrowhawk, it nests in a spine defended fortress in an un-climbable tree and breeds six to seven chicks a year, losing virtually none.”

This leads not to amplitude, but to an infestation. This is why regular culling is necessary to retain the eco-balance.

They will never be wiped out (there are simply too many of them) but they have to be regulated to give their victims a chance.

“Even the witless capons who staff the RSPB have finally conceded this (to a farmer) ludicrously obvious fact.”
Frederick Forsyth, Hertford, Herts.

Dunnocks Extinction? Who Knows OR Cares ? – What Next – Their Extinction… ‘MAGPIES’ HAVE and ‘ARE’ – “KILLING OFF OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS” – From the Year OF — ‘2003…!’

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  1. Lowell Mills says:

    Our gardens are great for songbirds. Feeding them, that is. As a breeding ground they’re generally a complete trap, unless your nestboxes are unreachable by predators. Apart from these, most gardens are much too tidy and nestboxes get put in stupid places: both result in nests being built out of desperation in tiny shrubs and accessible boxes, quickly found by Magpies, Jackdaws and cats. If we let our gardens get a fair bit messier in terms of scrub and weeds, those Dunnocks, Robins and thrushes will breed more successfully! Are you doing your bit?

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