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Public Health Laboratory Service: 2002-2003 ‘CHANGE IN PECKING ORDER’…! While Sparrows are fast disappearing from London gardens it seems they are being replaced on council estates, in parks on city streets by thousands of pigeons and even – THE FAR LARGER WOOD-PIGEONS.

A report by the Public Health Laboratory Service has identified six infectious disease organisms known to occur in pigeon droppings, all of which may be transmitted to people. These organisms – the best known being salmonella – can cause pneumonia, severe intestinal illness and diarrhoea.

The Risk OF Infection IS Greatest FOR Children, who are most likely to touch bird faeces on the ground, but people of all ages.
Who may be consuming hand- held food are at risk. Pigeons may be passing these diseases onto other birds.

The sheer number of pigeons packing into some areas increases the transmission of disease and parasites from bird to bird.

‘A survey carried out in Trafalgar Square in August 2002 found that only one per cent of people thought that the pigeon numbers should be allowed to remain the same.’

Photos: Robin=

One of our best loved songbirds who sings almost throughout the year.

Numbers despondently down in Britain. Like All Of ‘our’ Songbirds…!

“Perky resounding melodious Robin red breast crowned in 1960 – “
‘Britain’s National Songbird’ –

Endearing inquisitive ‘our’ friendly sociable darling little Christmas favourite.

Male and female sing identical round the clock melodious powerful sweet warbling songs to declare their area stopping only when rearing their chicks.

Help Robins: 
Slim tiny bills need beetles bugs flies berries smaller seeds well chopped up nuts.

Spring Summer – They need protein rich mealworms for their chicks.

“One of our best loved Songbirds who sings almost throughout the year.”

William Wordsworth 1770 – 1850: “Art thou the bird whom Man loves best, The pious bird with the scarlet breast, Our little English Robin, The bird that comes about our doors, – When Autumn winds are sobbing.

“Although we love the sound of birdsong if were lucky enough to experience it nowadays. Its such a risky activity for all songbirds as they have just so many predators.” By singing they are attracting attention to themselves. Vocalization though has other functions which (did once) outweigh the risks.

Robin Numbers? “Despondently down in Britain.” Help – Join Only Grass Root Charities – http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk

Alfred A Montapert ‘Animals are reliable many full of love true in their affections predictable in their actions grateful and loyal.
Difficult standards for people to live up to.’

Winter Feeding – “Putting out food in your garden in the winter months may be literally the difference between life and death for songbirds.” Bread is better than nothing. But seed mixes fat balls peanuts provide a higher energy diet to keep them alive in cold winter months.

“Make sure that your seeds peanuts come from a reliable source as some harbour infectious fungi toxins which harms and can kill all our Garden Songbirds.”

‘Supply water as well its essential to Songbirds as they must drink and bathe.’ Bird bathes or use an upturned dustbin lid supported on bricks.

SO – Whats ‘New’ About The LOSS? Of ‘ALL’ OUR – British Songbirds! Who Exactly IS Doing Anything? Then Ask – ‘Where ARE the RSPB…?’

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