Grey-Squirrels – “2001 The Enemy Within Europe” – Daily Telegraph “Dreadful ‘Apathy’ RSPB Regarding Garden Songbirds” – ?

Grey-Squirrels – “2001 The Enemy Within Europe” – Daily Telegraph “Dreadful ‘Apathy’ RSPB Regarding Garden Songbirds” – ?

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Grey Squirrels The Enemy Within – The Daily Telegraph: 2001 February 3rd

All Photos: ‘RED Squirrel.’ Above – MOVING AN ORPHANED ‘Related Pup.’

A-social females will adopt orphan related pups. “20 YEARS of RESEARCH Showed this Intelligent behaviour.” They live in compete isolation.

The only time they will allow another red squirrel on their territory is the one day a year when the females are ready to mate or when they are nursing their pups.

Full story: Garden Bird tweets’ – RED Squirrels ADOPT ‘Orphaned’ Related Pups!
“Written down As – THIS ‘Intelligent Behaviour” –

View: Lost Birds: Garden Birds Millions Killed AND ‘Eaten’ – BY  ‘CARNIVOROUS’ GREY-Squirrels “Culling Desperately – ‘IS’ NEEDED !”

Grey-Squirrels 2006: Research Showed – “That They Wiped Out ‘85% Of Songbirds ‘AS’ – Grey-Squirrel Numbers Soared.” – ‘There is no room for complacency about the damage being wrecked by grey-squirrels and their population being allowed to spiral out of control.’

‘With Many Other Species Now Threatened With Extinction.’ They Are A Tap Dripping Out A Noxious Substance –
“This Has Gone On Since 1879 When First Bought Into Britain.

Brutish grey squirrels are one of the biggest threats to Garden Songbirds which are barely hanging on to survival against forever more – ‘Predators and Scavengers’ which councils don’t control or anyone keeps down?

“We are now all invaded with grey-squirrels, magpies, sprrowhawks, jays, crows, herring-gulls, cats, rats, foxes, forever more of ‘them’ unchecked.”

2010: Forestry Commission said there are only 140,000 red squirrels left in Britain.
With more than 5 million greys – a number which continues to rise.

GANDI wrote ‘The more helpless a creature the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.’

2006 May 30: Prof Roy Brown Birkbeck University of London – “In areas of high grey squirrel density more than 93% of small birds nests are being raided. When this is combined with Sparrow hawk activity it can result in 100% of breeding failure.”

Songbirds Can AND Will Only Start Returning If Some Predator Control IS Introduced ‘NOW !’ IN 2006180 Million Songbirds Killed By Cats And Grey Squirrels.’

“This should serve as a wake up call to all those who do not believe or want to believe that Songbirds are doomed under the RSPB.”

Think of it. If ALL dogs OR even cats or any species that – ‘attracts us.’

Were ‘All killed off’ by other aggressive birds or animals there would be an almighty ‘Uproar and Outrage?’ 

So Why – Just Why This Dreadful Apathy Regarding Songbirds? It Really does amaze many of us!

‘RSPB admits gulls get all the advantage of tons of waste food. Yet fails to reason this is giving ‘non predator or aggressive species’ any hope or help.’

2005 February 10: ‘Defra announced the removal of house sparrows and starling from general licences ‘to kill or take so called pest species of birds’ –
From off their register.

“So How Is It That We Were Writing To The ‘RSPB’ Having Noticed The Rapid Decline Of These And All Other Songbird Species From All Urban Areas – For Over ’25’ Years ‘Prior’ To – 2005…?” Without any consideration or acknowledgement ‘ever’ From them… the RSPB ?

Grey Squirrels – 2001 The Enemy Within Europe !” Daily Telegraph 2001 February – “Dreadful Apathy Regarding Garden Songbirds” – From the RSPB…?

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